We will make a high-quality premium
renovation of your apartment just in time
and with 12 months warranty

according to international standards ISO

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Exclusive design - projects
renovation of your apartment just in time
with designer supervision

showing individuality

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We save your time, money and nerves,
performing the whole range of works
from project to curtains and slippers

for All inclusive lovers

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We are a full cycle company for more than 15 years We offer a comprehensive range of services: we will develop a design project, select furniture and finishing materials, perform construction work, and decorate the finished interior.


Own teams of craftsmen
with experience of 5 years.


Own teams of craftsmen with over 5 years of experience.


You pay in stages according to the prepared estimates and you know exactly what each dollar was spent on.


A personal foreman is assigned to you, who is always in touch.


7 designers with over 5 years of experience will create your unforgettable design.

4 distinctive principles which we adhere to

With your minimum participation
Guarantees are not just words
Guarantees are not just words
With your minimum participation


Responsible persons - 3rd control

A foreman is appointed to the facility, who takes all the trouble on himself. Post-foreman check is carried out by technical supervision and technical director

Unique design

Interior design is a real art that allows you to transform a house or apartment into a room that is comfortable for you

High-quality repair

We do everything on a turnkey basis and take care of the problems that arise during the repair

Custom-made furniture

Only a tandem of high-quality construction work and suitable furniture will make the house or institution interesting and comfortable

Vladimir Vasilievich
Technical director of the construction company NSD group


125 м2
Art Deco style apartment
30 working days
125 м2
125 м2
Art Deco apartment
30 working days
125 м2
126 м2
Residential complex Zarechny. 126sq. Apartment with panoramic views
30 working days
126 м2
91 м2
Str. Dragomirova. Residential complex Novopechersky yard. Apartment for a foreigner
30 working days
91 м2
100 м2
Apartment in a loft for a girl. Str. Reunions
30 working days
100 м2
95 м2
Residential complex Sky Land. Sunny apartment
30 working days
95 м2
87 м2
Scandinavian style apartment
30 working days
87 м2
117 м2
Office for an IT company
30 working days
117 м2
65 м2
Residential complex Lipinka. One-piece dress for a couple
30 working days
65 м2
125 м2
Hofman residential complex. Snow-white apartment
30 working days
125 м2



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Construction company NSDgroup – a modern solution for the arrangement of premises

NSDgroup is a construction company of professionals that works for honor and results. For more than 15 years, experienced specialists have been providing a wide range of services that help save clients time, finances and nerves. We will carry out the renovation of your premises, develop a design project, organize construction work as soon as possible.

Construction company NSDgroup: specifics of services

Our construction company works in three directions:

  • design;
  • building;
  • repairs.

There are no impossible tasks for us. Having collected all the energy and bold ideas together, we work to improve the services provided so that each result exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Creation of design projects

The Ukrainian construction company will develop an individual project for your premises, taking into account all the wishes and possibilities. We offer three areas of design, including:

  • technical design of the apartment;
  • design project + field supervision;
  • standard project.

You can order a design for a fitness club, apartment, house, office, restaurant or any other type of premises. The design includes a large list of works that the Kiev construction company will perform in stages. A detailed list of functions of a particular type of design is located on the page.

Renovation work

A construction company (Kiev) will carry out repairs of cottages, offices, apartments and other premises of the following types:

  • rough;
  • capital;
  • Full construction;
  • premium.

The list of repair services includes rough work, tiling, dismantling and others, depending on the type chosen.


Design and construction company NSDgroup offers among construction services:

  • house box construction;
  • building a house for finishing;
  • construction of a turnkey house.

We will carry out the installation of a monolithic strip, prefabricated, block or slab foundation, we will install external walls, partitions and floors of the room. The construction of the roof, roof, installation of gutters and floors is also carried out. Depending on the type of work selected, the list is supplemented with other services.

Design and construction company NSDgroup is a leader in the construction market

We are a large construction company that is responsible for the result of the work performed and performs them with accuracy and maximum speed, as for ourselves. The specialists of our team comply with all agreements with the client and take into account the smallest nuances. On our website, you have the opportunity to calculate the individual cost of services, taking into account your personal requirements.

The construction company (Ukraine) has in its arsenal of qualified employees who have been working for many years to delight their customers. We value our reputation, and therefore our designers and engineers will complete the assigned tasks with the utmost care and adherence to technological standards.

Designers who have impeccable taste in interior decoration will help to decorate the room down to the smallest detail. Builders and repairmen will build durable and reliable premises that will stand for more than a dozen years without the need for additional repairs. By contacting NSDgroup, you will be convinced that entrusting repair and design work to experienced professionals is the best solution. Examples of our work can be seen on the site.

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