Tips on how to hide the boiler in the bathroom, and how to hide the gas boiler

The creation of interior design is an important process that includes labor-intensive processes, while it is necessary to have knowledge, experience, and provide a modern approach. Questions such as hiding the boiler in the kitchen, how to hide the refrigerator in the closet, and many other important points are of …

Decorative wall panels and wooden partitions: what to choose for a minimalist room

Wooden panels and decorative partitions are popular finishing materials, with the help of which it is possible to effectively zone the space. Dividing the room into functional zones increases the comfort of stay, allows you to allocate a separate area for each family member or divide the space depending on …

The most popular styles in interior design

  The main color scheme is light. There are various chic decorative elements, including stucco moldings. The main interior styles are also modern classics. Differs in greater restraint. Modern trends in interior design offer a large number of solutions. Starting with the interior styles of apartments , familiar to many, …

Modern trends in interior design

Modern design trends In the coming year, fresh, new trends in the interior are gaining relevance . On the one hand, no major changes have taken place, but at the same time, innovative accents are more significant. Considering the latest trends in interior design , we can say that other …

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