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Summer is approaching. Vacation and renovation season. Many people ask themselves the question: how to make budget repairs, how to save money on apartment renovations? How to save money on repairs while getting the desired result? Here are some tips on how to cut costs and avoid drowning in renovations for years.

How to make a budget renovation

как сделать ремонт недорого

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For many people, the design and renovation of apartments is associated with high costs for materials, wages of workers. But this is a misconception. To understand how to make a budget renovation , follow some guidelines.

The most cost-effective option is to do the repair yourself. This requires certain knowledge and some kind of experience. If there are none, everything can be learned. The main thing is to have a desire and not be lazy. The internet is full of training videos on the topic of renovation work.

If you do not have a lot of time or are worried that you will not succeed, then pay attention to the list of the simplest jobs that you will definitely cope with. You can independently:

There will be significant savings in labor costs.

Budget apartment renovation

бюджетный ремонт квартиры своими руками

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To make an apartment renovation on a budget, make a plan of work and supplies. Do not buy building materials with a large supply. They will then lie around unnecessarily and clutter up the space. Throwing them away is usually a shame.

Measure the room carefully. Calculate what and how much is needed. Consult with employees of hardware stores if you find it difficult to correctly calculate the quantity.

Each store may have a different price for the same material. Study the offers, choose the best cost. Savings must be approached reasonably. Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t skimp on:

  1. Don’t buy too cheap doors and windows. These goods must be of good quality. They will provide reliable sound insulation, thermal insulation of the room.
  2. When buying plumbing fixtures, choose reliable manufacturers.
  3. Choose quality engineering equipment. Do not skimp on gas, water, electricity, ventilation, and heating systems.
  4. Pick a good wallpaper. Don’t buy the most expensive ones. It doesn’t make sense. But the cheapest are also not an option. Paper wallpapers fade in the sun, poorly washed. Moreover, they are fragile. It is better to choose vinyl: they mask defects on the walls, they are strong enough.

If you bought a new home, and there is not much money left for repairs, you need to take care of the rational use of funds. Renovating from scratch will cost less than remodeling a residential apartment. You don’t have to dismantle old things.

Budget renovation in a new building begins with the planning stage. Decide on the design style. Make an estimate. It is more practical to start with a bath. Further there is a kitchen, bedroom and living room. It is more profitable to buy building materials in specialized hypermarkets and wholesalers. Products of domestic manufacturers are cheaper than foreign brands.

Budget kitchen renovation

бюджетный ремонт кухни своими руками

Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: Budget kitchen renovation

Every woman dreams of a stylish, functional kitchen. It is much more convenient to prepare food in a comfortable space.

To save on tiles, the apron can only be laid out on the working area. The tile for this area must be selected of high quality so that it lasts as long as possible. Leftover good materials are often discounted.

If you want to make a cosmetic budget kitchen renovation, you can paint the old tiles with paint. First, you should degrease the surface, create microcracks with sandpaper. Next, treat the tiles with a primer, apply paint.

Quartz-vinyl tiles are considered a budget option for flooring. It is easy to install and can withstand heavy loads. Linoleum is also suitable.

One large wardrobe will cost less than two small ones. Remember this rule. Discard rounded shapes. They involve a complex manufacturing process and affect the cost. Natural wood is more expensive. Choose furniture made of chipboard, coated with a film. The film can be matte or glossy, in various colors. Budget bathroom renovation

Budget bathroom renovation starts with developing the right strategy when choosing building materials. It is also important to make a list of jobs and follow it clearly. Using a few clever tricks, you will learn how to make an inexpensive bathroom renovation. Paint the walls with paint. Cover the area of ​​high humidity with tiles. Use a moisture resistant paint with antibacterial properties. It will protect the walls from mold and mildew. If the walls are flat, you can paint with glossy paint. This contributes to a visual increase in space. Matte paint will smooth out unevenness.

The old coating can be removed in several ways:

At the end of the process, seal the cracks, level the surface, cover with a primer.

When choosing a tile, pay attention to its characteristics:

When doing a budget bathroom renovation, you don’t have to completely change all the plumbing. You can leave the old bathtub by refurbishing with polyester enamel or liquid acrylic. If the product is in poor condition, you can use an acrylic insert. Fixed with sealant.

Budget bedroom renovation

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Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: Renovation of a bedroom

The bedroom is a space for relaxation. It should be especially comfortable and cozy in it. How to make renovation in the bedroom inexpensively? This task is doable. Minimalism and functionality are encouraged in modern styles.

Budget bedroom renovation – self-leveling concrete. Also inexpensive bamboo flooring. Uneven walls are leveled with plaster. If the curvature is very noticeable, use drywall. It is inexpensive and easy to install. An uneven ceiling can be fixed with a stretch, overhead. LED lamps are suitable for lighting. Mirrors will help brighten the room. Visually increase the area.

Do-it-yourself room repair inexpensive

бюджетный ремонт своими руками

Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: DIY repair

If you want to save your budget, you will have to forget about laziness for a while. Do-it- yourself room renovation inexpensively. Learn to putty the ceiling and walls, install the floor and baseboards, glue the wallpaper. With a limited amount of money, redevelopment is not worth doing. Renovation work starts from top to bottom. It is better to invite an electrician to carry out the wiring.

If you have cast iron batteries, you do not need to change them. Make a loft renovation. Modern interiors welcome these elements.

Budget cottage renovation

It is pointless to spend money on expensive renovation of a summer residence. This is temporary housing, mostly unheated. Temperature changes negatively affect the decoration and furniture. You can bring beauty by making a budget renovation of the summer cottage.

If the house is made of timber, the walls can be left as it is. as it is. It’s fashionable now. The tree looks beautiful in any condition. Just treat the timber with an antiseptic, varnish.

Brick walls are painted with water emulsion. You will save money on plastering. If you decide to glue the wallpaper, choose plain, with a small pattern, abstraction, striped. There will be less waste. Wallpaper for painting is cheaper than usual.

Do-it-yourself repair is inexpensive

Do-it-yourself repairs inexpensively. Be creative. You will spend more time, but you will save a significant portion of your budget. Worker services cost almost the same as consumable materials.

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