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aerated concrete, ceramic block or brick

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  • Specialists with 15 years experience
  • With us you will save up to 20% on the purchase of materials

Turnkey house on an individual project

We are used to associating the concept of “home” with the warmth of the hearth and the comfort of family life. But in the context of the rapid development of the technological process, a private house should be not only warm and comfortable, but also energy efficient, reliable, durable, environmentally friendly and fireproof. A turnkey house from NSDgroup is the implementation of an individual project for your mansion in accordance with European quality standards, in accordance with all international operating rules.

The best architectural concept, the best proposals for the planning of premises and the arrangement of the territory, unique design solutions – this is what we are ready to offer regardless of the area of ​​the territory, the peculiarities of repair and construction work and the budget.

Cost and complete set of works by type

From 9 000 UAH/m2
(with materials)
  • FOUNDATIONS tape monolithic or prefabricated
  • EXTERNAL WALLS gas block
  • COVERINGS monolithic reinforced concrete
  • PARTITION Bricks
  • ROOFING metal or bituminous shingles
  • FLOORS poured floor slab
From 17 000 UAH/m2
(with materials)
  • FOUNDATION tape monolithic or prefabricated
  • EXTERNAL WALLS gas block, ceramic block or brick
  • COVERINGS monolithic reinforced concrete or prefabricated floor slabs
  • PARTITION Bricks
  • ROOF STRUCTURE wooden truss system
  • ROOFING ceramic, bituminous or metal tiles; flat roof membrane
  • FLOORS screed for laying the floor covering
  • INTERNAL LADDER monolithic reinforced concrete
  • WINDOWS, BALCONY DOORS energy-saving double-glazed windows, 5-chamber profile
  • INTERIOR FINISH gypsum machine plaster, preparation of walls for wallpapering
  • EXTERIOR FINISH decorative plaster, clinker tiles
  • BOILER piping of the boiler, gas boiler
  • HEATING radiators, underfloor heating
  • VENTILATION ventilation device channels and chimneys
  • POWER SUPPLY Power cable routing
  • SEWERAGE plastic sewer pipes with sound insulation
  • RECOVERY around the perimeter of the building
From 1400 UAH/m2
(with materials)
  • FOUNDATIONS monolithic tape, block, slab
  • EXTERNAL WALLS aerated concrete, ceramic block or brick
  • COVERINGS monolithic reinforced concrete or prefabricated floor slabs
  • PARTITION Bricks
  • ROOF STRUCTURE wooden truss system

What is the advantage of building turnkey houses?

Turnkey house construction is not a tribute to fashion or a desire to stand out with your status. This is the only cost effective and practical solution. The correct organization of complex design and construction work will save more than 15% of the purchase of finished housing of the planned area. Plus, all the hassle of budgeting, preparation of projects and, most importantly, construction, repair and ordering of the territory falls on the shoulders of the contractor.

Turnkey construction is a guarantee that the erected building will meet your requirements in everything and meet high standards of comfort and safety.

Modern megacities are developing so quickly that international companies and local investors are fighting every hour for the entire free territory. Therefore, the construction of houses in Kiev should not be postponed until “better times”. The private sector of the city and the suburbs is a tasty morsel for both city residents and foreigners, which means that it is better to start planning the future mansion now.

Do not worry that the choice of a land plot, design, construction and repair work will take a lot of time and effort. The cost of building a house includes all processes, starting with the search for a building site, issuing the necessary package of documents and ending with the commissioning of the object.

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Brick is the key to durability and practicality

The brick house is extremely durable. A stable foundation will provide the building with durability, and solid walls will provide aesthetic appeal. In the construction plan of a brick mansion, you can easily embody an architectural idea of ​​any complexity.

Another advantage of brick walls is a high degree of resistance to fire, temperature changes and external noise.

You can attest to the wealth of the owner through the use of baked clay bricks in construction. A red brick house always looks expensive and high-status. In addition, the use of this kind of raw materials will help save on exterior decoration and subsequent costs for maintaining the facade of the building in proper form.

See the quality of our projects

125 м2
Art Deco style apartment
30 working days
125 м2
125 м2
Art Deco apartment
30 working days
125 м2
126 м2
Residential complex Zarechny. 126sq. Apartment with panoramic views
30 working days
126 м2
91 м2
Str. Dragomirova. Residential complex Novopechersky yard. Apartment for a foreigner
30 working days
91 м2
100 м2
Apartment in a loft for a girl. Str. Reunions
30 working days
100 м2
95 м2
Residential complex Sky Land. Sunny apartment
30 working days
95 м2
87 м2
Scandinavian style apartment
30 working days
87 м2
117 м2
Office for an IT company
30 working days
117 м2
65 м2
Residential complex Lipinka. One-piece dress for a couple
30 working days
65 м2
125 м2
Hofman residential complex. Snow-white apartment
30 working days
125 м2

Frequently asked questions

Sidorov Ivan

Chief engineer of NSD group

How to start building a house documents?

Order a house project, or you can have a minimum of drawings of the "working documentation" of the layout and facades for submission to Artbudcontrol

How to start building a house on an empty lot?

Carry out axles on the site

The stages of building a house include:

site selection and layout;
installation of the foundation;
creation of internal partitions;
roofing device;
installation of ventilation, waterproofing and air conditioning systems;

How long does it take to build a house?

from 3 to 12 months, it all depends on appetite

Turnkey cottage: construction technology

The fundamental factor in drawing up a building plan and its implementation is the architectural idea and design concept. In the construction of turnkey houses, the main thing is to find a golden mean between practicality and originality of the layout, the elegance of the facade and the strength of the frame being erected. Each person has his own understanding of the comfort and economy of the future home, which are successfully embodied in houses of various modifications proposed by our team of experienced architects, engineers and designers.

Depending on the construction technology, we can offer capital buildings from such versatile materials as gas block, red brick and foam block. The choice of building material is decisive not only for how functional and energy efficient the future house will be, this factor largely determines the cost of building a house.

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