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Repair calculator: a modern tool for customers and professionals

To independently calculate the cost of repairs, advanced construction companies have introduced a modern service – a repair calculator. The program saves the customer’s time, does not require the analysis of bulky price lists. An apartment repair calculator with materials helps to determine the acceptable type of repair and to estimate the costs in a particular case.

Estimated online repair calculator (Ukraine)

Before starting work, the customer is interested in the issue of calculating the cost. If there is no way to contact construction teams, an estimate calculator comes to the rescue. Free software is available on the websites of construction companies. A few minutes – and the client receives mathematical calculations.

For different companies, the repair calculator (Ukraine) may slightly differ in functionality. A high-quality service takes into account all types of work and analyzes the current price dynamics.

Working with the application takes place in 7 simple steps.

  1. On the website of the construction company, select the “Calculator” section.
  2. Indicate the type of development: secondary housing, new building, country house, office space. The type and age of the buildings determine the specifics of the renovation.
  3. Отметить вид ремонта. Нужен капитальный или косметический ремонт? Возможен ремонт отдельного помещения (санузел, балкон, отдельная комната).
  4. Обозначить виды работ. В случае перепланировки – демонтаж перегородок. Квартиры в новостройках не требуют демонтажной подготовки. Большинство стен необходимо выравнивать перед чистовой отделкой. Калькулятор ремонта квартиры (Киев) вычисляет стоимость дополнительных услуг. К дополнительному сервису относят вывоз строительного мусора, доставку материалов, уборку помещения.
  5. Отметить объем работ для пола, стен и потолка. Предлагается выпадающий список работ с интерактивными окнами. Опции можно добавлять или убирать в зависимости от бюджета заказчика.
  6. Enter the area of ​​the premises, the height of the ceilings, the total area. The repair calculator in an apartment with high ceilings or in confined spaces automatically introduces a correction factor of 1.5.
  7. Press the button “Calculate”. The finished document in pdf format is ready to download or print.

Apartment renovation calculator: advantages and disadvantages

Using the service has a number of advantages:

  • speed of calculations saves the customer’s time;
  • the program has a simple and straightforward functionality;
  • the software is universal for all types of buildings and premises.

Specialists of construction companies monitor the relevance of prices in the program. The service has errors in calculations, therefore, it gives approximate results.

Inaccuracies in the work of the calculator are associated with incorrect measurements of the premises. It is not possible to list all types of work in the program. The apartment renovation calculator does not take into account the nuances of renovation: the number of electric points, doorways, plumbing installation.

A standard apartment renovation calculator (Ukraine) gives an error of up to 10% of the price. The exact amount is negotiated on the basis of the design project during a personal meeting with the master.

In case of unwillingness or impossibility to work online, an apartment repair calculator has been developed, which can be downloaded to a smartphone, tablet or computer. For example, the MagicPlan service generates a room layout based on panoramic photos. The schematic elements are combined in a general drawing. In manual mode, windows, doors, stairs are added.

Homestyler Interior Design allows you to experiment with room colors, finishes, furniture arrangement.

Calculator of materials for repair: types, possibilities, prospects

The calculation of the quantity and cost of materials is carried out using universal or specific services.

Universal programs (Volma, Knauf) offer a complex of materials depending on the construction task at hand. Services work in stages. The simple interface is understandable for experts and beginners.

  1. The specific calculator of materials for renovation takes into account the type of materials and premises.
  2. Tile calculators (Kerranova, Kerama Marazzi). The functionality allows you to model a room in 3D, arrange plumbing and decide on a color scheme.
  3. The drywall calculation service (Knauf, Gyproс) takes into account the quantity and intended purpose of the material.
  4. Wallpaper calculator (CalcSoft) gives the number of wallpapers, price, material leftovers. Advanced services define wall area and perimeter.
  5. Paint calculation is performed using Marshall, Tikkurila applications. The number of applied layers, color, surface area are taken into account.

Calculator of building materials for apartment renovation “Stroy-calculator” is a universal service for calculating the number of floor coverings.

A professional calculator for the cost of materials for repair takes into account the consumption of components and their cost. The economic component is calculated based on the average cost per unit of goods.

Separate programs are designed to calculate the number of heat and sound insulation blocks in accordance with current regulations.

The repair calculator (Kiev) calculates a preliminary estimate. If the budget suits the customer, you can get a free consultation of the NSDgroup company’s master at home. The calculation error is minimal, the quality of the repair is guaranteed. Experienced specialists will answer all pressing questions.