Calculation of the amount and cost of materials for repair and construction. An exhaustive list of the best services for those planning to start renovating.

We have put together the best online calculators for calculating different types of materials. With their help, you can estimate the volume and, in some cases, the cost of materials.

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    Universal calculators

    Volma . The company offers a selection of materials based on the task at hand – leveling walls, ceilings and floors, tiling or erecting partitions. The service works in a step-by-step mode and is convenient for users with different skill levels.

    Saint-Goben . The calculator offers an estimate of the cost of a complete solution, including soundproofing partitions, acoustic ceilings, floating floor systems, bathroom waterproofing, solutions to improve air quality.

    Knauf . The program allows, depending on the specified parameters, to determine the complete Knauf system and calculate the required set of material. The calculator contains three sections: partitions, wall cladding and false ceilings.

    Universal calculators

    Tile calculators

    Leroy Merlin – 3D room modeling and tile layout. The calculator offers to choose the layout and size of the room, decide on the collection and color scheme of tiles, arrange plumbing fixtures. As a result, you will receive a calculation of the required volume and also a detailed estimate that you can download.

    Kerranova – an estimate of the approximate appearance and cost of a project using porcelain stoneware.

    Kerama Marazzi – calculation of the consumption of tiles for tiling the bathroom, toilet and floor.

    Tile calculators

    Calculation of drywall

    Gyproc . Powerful calculator for detailed calculation of drywall needs. In just a couple of clicks, you can get a detailed calculation of the amount of materials. There are three types of design available for the calculation – partitions, cladding and ceilings.

    Knauf . A universal multidisciplinary calculator that determines the composition and quantity of materials depending on the selected configuration.

    Allcalc . A practical and easy-to-use calculator for quickly calculating the amount of drywall and materials for installing a drywall partition in one layer on a metal frame.

    Calculation of drywall

    Wallpaper calculator . The service will calculate the number of rolls of wallpaper, the price, as well as the remnants of the wallpaper, after pasting all the walls.

    CalcSoft . The wallpaper calculator will allow you to quickly and as accurately as possible determine the amount of wallpaper that will be required for pasting a room or apartment as a whole.

    Zhitov . Key features: Calculation of the number of wallpaper for pasting a room. Determination of the area of ​​the walls, taking into account doors and windows. Calculation of the perimeter of the room.

    Wallpaper calculator

    Paint calculation

    Tikkurila . A simple calculator for calculating paint consumption. It is necessary to enter the height and width of the surface to be painted, the average paint consumption and the number of layers. As a result, you will get the right amount of paint.

    Dulux . Step-by-step calculation of paint consumption. It is necessary to indicate the type of product, as well as the color, after which the system will calculate the amount of paint to be painted in one layer.

    Marshall . A universal calculator that will allow you to estimate paint consumption for any needs in a couple of clicks.

    Paint calculation

    Calculation of suspended ceilings

    Turnkey office . Possibility of calculating various types of suspended ceilings – armstrong, drywall, slatted, grilyato, ecophon. At the exit, a detailed calculation of components in m2 and pieces, as well as a visual diagram.

    Clipso . Calculation of the estimate of stretch ceilings. Three manufacturers are available in the system – Clipso, Descor, PVC. The calculation of the cost of a stretch ceiling includes the price of a canvas, frame, fasteners, lighting fixtures.

    Building Procurement Center . Professional calculator for calculating armstrong ceilings. The system calculates the amount of materials required and the final cost of the ceiling.

    Calculation of suspended ceilings

    Laminate calculator

    Haro . The calculator calculates not only the floor area to be covered with boards, but also the required number of running meters of the plinth. The service will additionally ask a question about the number of doors for which it is necessary to make cuts in order to estimate the required amount of material.

    PlanetaCalc . Online calculator for calculating the required number of boards and packages for covering a room with laminate.

    Stroy-calculator is a universal calculator for calculating the consumption of floor coverings.

    Laminate calculator

    Selection of materials for thermal insulation

    Khauf Insulation . The calculator allows you to determine the thickness of the thermal insulation material in various structures in large Russian cities. On the company’s website, also calculate the required amount of material.

    TechnoNICOL . A simple and functional calculator allows you to quickly assess your insulation needs. The service allows you to select the type and volume of material, as well as estimate its cost.

    Rockwool. The calculator was developed by Rockwool specialists to help in calculating the required thickness of thermal insulation and assessing the economic efficiency of its installation.

    Penoplex is a friendly interface for quick selection of thermal insulation material and material thickness.

    Selection of materials for thermal insulation

    The choice of materials for sound insulation

    TechnoNICOL . The service is intended for acoustic calculation of premises in a simplified mode (for the developer) and in a professional mode (for design). As a result, the user is provided with a small explanatory note and a diagram of the calculated enclosing structure. The note contains the calculated value of the airborne sound insulation index with reference to the normative documents confirming the calculation.

    . The calculator can be used in one of two modes – “step by step” and “professional”. The result of the calculation is the determination of the airborne sound insulation index Rw for walls and, additionally, the reduced impact noise index Lnw.

    Knauf . The “Expert Advisor” service allows you to select calculation parameters in a step-by-step mode. The results are presented in the form of a list of Knauf products and systems with an image, a short description and the ability to go to a detailed description of the product or system.

    The choice of materials for sound insulation

    Calculating the cost of windows

    Twig . An interactive service for quickly calculating the cost of windows. The calculator allows you to select windows based on functional characteristics – energy saving, noise insulation, sun protection, safety.

    Rehau . A simple calculator for calculating the cost of windows and doors. The advantage of the service is the visual clarity of the calculation. When you select the calculation parameters, a visual model is displayed on the right side of the screen.

    Calculating the cost of windows
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