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Rozrahunok bathroom tiles: effective pleasures and recommendations

Planned renovation of the bathroom room, a lot of money to borrow the tiles from the bathroom. Even tse in pershu chergu іnter’єr, which is a rainbow eye, so richly respect the choice of design facing material. When you buy, you can put the tiles in the bath. As long …

Residential complex “Irpinsky Lipki”: apartment renovation, development of an individual design project

Since 2004, the NSDgroup company has provided comprehensive repair and maintenance services. Our designers are very helpful, as they respectfully approach the implementation of a skin project. A wide range of services for the repair and renovation of apartments in the residential complex “Irpinsky Lipki”. “Irpinsky Lipki”: designer furnishing of …

Renovation and interior design in ZhKSignature

Photo Repair and interior design in ZhK Signature Renovation is a whole art. A large number of high-tech materials and various components are used here: from simple and affordable to professional and complex. Some of them can be easily used by a person without preparation, while others require special …

“Patriarch Hall”: interior design

  Photo Layout of the apartment The creation of an interior design project is a laborious process that includes the following stages: study of the layout; choice of finishing materials; selection of colors, style; placement of light sources; selection of furniture; decoration of premises. A competent designer is able …

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