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Kitchens, nurseries, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms,
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Furniture suitable for you in size and design


We guarantee compliance with the terms specified in the contract


You pay in stages according to the prepared estimates and you know exactly what each hryvnia was spent on.


We cooperate with regular partners and time-tested suppliers


Our designers will create a 3D model of your furniture

Custom furniture from NSDgroup

Furniture is an irreplaceable household item. It is used every day: they sleep, put things, store objects, prepare food. The absence of a sofa, table, cabinet negatively affects the perception and functionality of any room – an apartment, a private house, a commercial office, a study. Anyone will be uncomfortable.

The finished products offered by the salons are sometimes not able to bring comfort. Choosing, buying, installing, turns into disappointment. There are many reasons: small living space, existing structures, non-standard design. The search takes time and energy.

NSD-Group offers high quality custom-made furniture made by experienced professionals. Employees perform assigned tasks, adhere to standards, use the best materials. They guarantee customers reliable, beautiful products.

Прайс-лист на ремонт квартиры по видам работ

Custom-made cabinet furniture: an expression of individuality

Often, furniture stores offer the same type of model, for certain living spaces. Manufacturers are guided by general parameters, but this is wrong. Most property owners own small apartments. You have to sacrifice useful space to install a cabinet, sofa, table.

Perhaps the exhibited models do not fit the interior of the room: in terms of color, style, decor elements. Finding the right items takes time, nerves, and energy.

The ideal option is the manufacture of cabinet, upholstered furniture to order. The production is carried out by a team of real professionals – designers, ergonomists, measurers, wood carvers, assemblers. Together, they will develop an individual design for a headset or sofa that meets tastes and preferences. The resulting products will accentuate the interior and harmoniously fill the space.

We recommend ordering furniture from NSD-Group. We give confidence to the customer: he will become the owner of a unique headset, one of a kind. We take into account preferences, desires, design features of the premises, area, purpose.

Frequently asked questions

Sidorov Ivan

Chief engineer of NSD group

How to call a designer for measurement?

1. How to call a designer for measurement In order to call a designer, you need to call the phones indicated on the website or send a message to us by e-mail [email protected]

How much does a designer cost? Is there a fee for the measurement?

The services of a designer and departure for measurement are free within Kiev, subject to the conclusion of an agreement. Departure to other cities is carried out for an additional fee, the amount of which depends on the distance.

Can you make a 3D project for future furniture? Is it paid?

At your request, our designer will create for you a three-dimensional model of furniture in a specialized program. The service is free of charge, subject to the conclusion of the contract.

What is the production time for furniture in your company?

The average production time for furniture is 2 weeks (except for kitchens). Kitchens, depending on the type of facades, from 2 to 4 weeks.

What is the warranty period?

All furniture made and assembled by our craftsmen are guaranteed for 2 years.

I don't know much about kitchen design and engineering. How to optimally arrange all the elements of kitchen furniture?

Our product designers have extensive experience in creating ergonomic kitchens and efficient use of space. Taking into account your wishes and the characteristics of the room, the optimal arrangement of kitchen drawers and their design will be selected.

Custom-made furniture: the main advantages

Some users are skeptical. They think it’s pointless and expensive, the shops are filled with different products. Samples of good quality are presented in the salon, they are inexpensive. The situation is different today.

Custom-made plastic, metal, wooden furniture is a smart solution. The buyer, having an idea of ​​the ideal headset, orders and picks up the ideal product that meets the expectations of the interior. There is an opportunity to create a dream interior.

Customers benefit in all respects: spaciousness, versatility, durability.

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Related services:

Custom-made cabinet and upholstered furniture: dimensions matter

It was said above: custom-made furniture will fall into place, providing comfort to users. Now you can order items for home, office, ergonomic, compact, neat. Potential owners will avoid an unpleasant situation: they bought a cabinet, a wardrobe, and they require more space. We have to say goodbye to an interfering old product.

To order furniture sets – to save items dear to your heart. The multifunctional company NSD-Group will help you organize your environment with beautifully and usefully spaced structures. It covers a wide range of works: interior design, renovation of all levels, custom-made furniture.

Custom-made wooden furniture: a wide range of products

Furniture salons offer a wide selection of various upholstered, custom-made cabinet furniture. Employees create any pieces of furniture needed by the owners of apartments, private houses:

  • sliding wardrobes, walls, pencil cases;
  • sofas, armchairs, couches, poufs, ottomans;
  • children’s headsets;
  • walls, bedroom sets;
  • nightstands, night tables;
  • kitchens;
  • dressers, sideboards, wall cabinets for the bathroom.

The catalogs contain colors, materials. If desired, the client orders accessories, decor elements. Additionally, the features, the square of the room, office are taken into account. The main goal is the most useful and economical furnishings.

NSD-Group employees will create furniture that suits the customer according to the parameters set forth. They will become the owners of items that meet their requirements, an ideal presentation.

Ergonomics is the main trend of our time

Furniture ordering solves many problems. The most important thing is useful product placement. They should not take up useful space or be inconvenient.

Main goals:

  • free movement around the room;
  • conveniently, compactly store the things of the owners;
  • combine the functions of two or four objects (walls, headsets with sleeping places).

NSD-Group employees will make custom-made wood furniture of any complexity, responsibly approaching the tasks. They present high quality products made from the finest materials. Also, employees follow current trends: products are perfect for any modern interior. The designs will be in perfect harmony with objects, decorative elements.

Furniture and high quality

Buyer’s desire: furniture, the order of which will cost a budgetary amount, serves for a long time. Furniture makers accept requests, selecting the best materials that preserve a presentable appearance and functions. The requirement is relevant when arranging bathrooms with specific reigning conditions: steam, water, household chemicals. Custom bathroom furniture is a great solution.

NSD-Group offers customers quality materials. Wood, plastic, fabrics comply with state standards, are immune to external influences. Cabinet, upholstered furniture to order will last a decade.

Manufacturing process by professionals

Making custom-made furniture seems like a complicated, time-consuming procedure. It seems to the owners: it is easier to buy any ready-made structure, saving time. But the matter is simpler.

  1. The client should contact the NSD-Group manager or come for a personal conversation. Details, scope of work, customer requirements are discussed with the management. Agreements are secured by an agreement. The day of calling the measurer is appointed. The service is free within Kiev. The arrival of a master is desirable: he will measure the corners of the wall, especially for custom-made bathroom furniture.
  2. The measurer comes to the client’s house, takes the necessary measurements. In addition, a designer comes: there is an opportunity to decide on a specific style, direction of the interior. The main thing is to be as responsible as possible, to take into account every millimeter. Then the headset, wardrobe, sofa, bed will take the designated place.
  3. Innovative techniques are essential design tools. Experts will create a project for the premises, arrange objects in a three-dimensional modeling program. At the start of work, the client will see the result in advance, make changes.

Once approved, employees proceed to implementation. Manufacturing will take a couple of weeks for custom-made cabinet, upholstered furniture, two or four for the kitchen. The finished structures are accompanied by a two-year warranty.

If you want to get advice on how to order furniture, you should call the number listed on the NSD-Group website. The manager will take the call and describe in detail the technical issues.

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