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Доступные цены - это не единственная причина,
почему заказывают мебель у нас


Furniture suitable for you in size and design


We guarantee compliance with the terms specified in the contract


You pay in stages according to the prepared estimates and you know exactly what each hryvnia was spent on.


We cooperate with regular partners and time-tested suppliers


Our designers will create a 3D model of your furniture

Designer furniture from a Ukrainian manufacturer

Designer furniture is very popular among those who seek to equip their own home to their liking. A team of experienced professionals from NSDgroup will help make all your wishes and preferences come true. We offer the manufacture of furniture for:

living rooms and other areas of a house or apartment.

We will find an approach even to the most fastidious clients, as we try to get a result that satisfies all the customer’s needs.

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Designer furniture (Ukraine) from NSDgroup

Designer cabinet furniture is created by our craftsmen according to your measurements. Completely free of charge, we offer the services of a designer in Kiev, who will measure the space you need in order to select the appropriate size for future furniture. To do this, you need to call our numbers or write to e-mail. All contact information about the company is located at the bottom of the page. Provided that you live outside of Kiev, the measurement is carried out for an additional fee. The cost is influenced by the remoteness from the capital.

Designer furniture in Ukraine is made by our employees as soon as possible. Typically, the work takes 2 weeks, but kitchen furniture can take twice as long. The production time directly depends on the type of the selected facade.


125 м2
Art Deco style apartment
30 working days
125 м2
115 м2
Classic in Loft. Combine incompatible
30 working days
115 м2
125 м2
Hofman residential complex. Snow-white apartment
30 working days
125 м2
95 м2
Residential complex Sky Land. Sunny apartment
30 working days
95 м2
40 м2
Red & White, hotel room development, Warsaw
30 working days
40 м2
87 м2
Scandinavian style apartment
30 working days
87 м2
100 м2
Apartment in a loft for a girl. Str. Reunions
30 working days
100 м2
124 м2
Modern apartment for a couple. Sribnokolskaya
30 working days
124 м2
74 м2
Blue Lake. Vyshgorodskaya. Cozy apartment. 74sq.
30 working days
74 м2
18 м2
In Deep Blue. Bathroom
30 working days
18 м2

Frequently asked questions

Sidorov Ivan

Chief engineer of NSD group

How to call a designer for measurement?

1. How to call a designer for measurement In order to call a designer, you need to call the phones indicated on the website or send a message to us by e-mail [email protected]

How much does a designer cost? Is there a fee for the measurement?

The services of a designer and departure for measurement are free within Kiev, subject to the conclusion of an agreement. Departure to other cities is carried out for an additional fee, the amount of which depends on the distance.

Can you make a 3D project for future furniture? Is it paid?

At your request, our designer will create for you a three-dimensional model of furniture in a specialized program. The service is free of charge, subject to the conclusion of the contract.

What is the production time for furniture in your company?

The average production time for furniture is 2 weeks (except for kitchens). Kitchens, depending on the type of facades, from 2 to 4 weeks.

What is the warranty period?

All furniture made and assembled by our craftsmen are guaranteed for 2 years.

I don't know much about kitchen design and engineering. How to optimally arrange all the elements of kitchen furniture?

Our product designers have extensive experience in creating ergonomic kitchens and efficient use of space. Taking into account your wishes and the characteristics of the room, the optimal arrangement of kitchen drawers and their design will be selected.

Custom-made designer furniture: advantages

Each of us wants to equip our home so that it would be pleasant to be in it. However, not everyone has the time and desire to go shopping in search of suitable furniture for the interior. Custom-made designer furniture is the most successful way out of the situation, which has many advantages.

Today the most stylish and original furniture is designer furniture. NSDgroup specialists will be able to implement any idea that you have. Exclusive models from experienced designers are what will refresh your interior and set it apart from everyone else.

An indisputable plus is that you can easily choose furniture for the parameters of the room you need. Designer furniture (Kiev) will allow you to avoid choosing too large or too small furniture. After all, situations often happen when everything looks perfect in the store, and after the furniture is brought home and arranged with each other, there is not enough free space in the room.

In addition, users often complain about the insufficient number or, conversely, the presence of extra shelves and compartments in the cabinets. Designer furniture, which you can buy in our company, is made taking into account all your wishes regarding the functionality and convenience of the future interior element. At the same time, you will get a unique opportunity to choose those materials for the manufacture of furniture, as well as their color, which will harmoniously fit into the interior design of the room and complement it.

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Related services:

Additional services

Do you want to know what your Ukrainian designer furniture will be like? NSDgroup invites you to develop a 3D model of future furniture in a special program. This service is provided free of charge if the customer enters into an appropriate contract with the company.

Designer furniture: photos of finished works

We are open to our customers, so we do not interfere with your desire to see what the finished designer furniture looks like – you can see a photo of our finished orders below.

Designer children’s furniture is one of the most popular orders in our company. We will produce safe and comfortable furniture that will not only decorate the room, but also be a multifunctional element of the nursery interior.

Designer metal furniture is an up-to-date and stylish solution in interior design. This reliable and practical material allows you to operate furniture for a long time and without unnecessary fear for its external condition. The company’s designers will develop for you a unique design of metal furniture, which will be as creative and aesthetic as possible.

Designer furniture made of wood is a timeless classic that gives the room lightness, a sense of unity with nature and high cost. Natural wood species are safe for health, hypoallergenic and simply aesthetic.


In order not to waste time looking for a variety of furniture manufacturing companies, entering “designer furniture to buy in Ukraine” in the search box, we recommend that you contact our company. NSDgroup specialists guarantee the timely production of custom-made furniture that meets the parameters specified in the contract. Each order is paid by the client in stages, so you can be sure of our work.

The quality of the products is due to cooperation with the best reliable suppliers who provide strong and durable materials. If suddenly something happened to the furniture made by our specialists, you can contact us again. The guarantee for furniture of our company is valid for two years.

“Buy designer furniture (Kiev)” is a query that no longer has to be entered in a search engine. NSDgroup will create unique and exclusive furniture that will exceed all your expectations. We love what we create, so we put a piece of our soul into each element. When ordering furniture from our company, you will be convinced of this. High-quality execution and an original approach will bring you an endless feeling of comfort and pleasure!

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