Development of a design project, repair and finishing work, interior decoration in Lipinka residential complex

The NSDgroup company has been engaged in renovations, creation of design projects and interior furnishings for over 15 years. The company has a large number of successfully implemented projects and thousands of satisfied customers. The company offers a full range of services for the renovation of apartments in Lipkina residential complex, from the selection of materials for finishing and to decorating the area.

ЖК Липинка

Lipinka ZhK: a unique design project for each apartment

Residential complexes Lipinka occupy a lot of territory, but the houses have 5-6 floors. This concept allows you to get rid of the pressing sensation and makes it possible to fill the area with light as much as possible. During the construction, brick technologies and natural certified materials were used to keep the heat inside the building and save on communal services.

Lipinka ZhK has six features:

The presented residential complex has become a new low-rise area, atypical for the capital. It consists of 4 blocks. The first one has 8 five-storey buildings. The architectural concept of the area was developed by SG. Its developers took the global trend as a basis and created comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly housing.

Residential complex Lipinka 2 quarter

The second quarter of the Lininka complex consists of 11 six-storey buildings. This is a worthy continuation of an exclusive European project. The quarter reflects a modern trend in architecture, because its houses have spacious and ergonomic planning solutions, as well as the concept is thought out taking into account the organization of the residents’ recreation.

ЖК Липинка

Residential complex Lipinka 3 and Lipinka 4

The third quarter continues the tradition of low-rise buildings, therefore it consists of 13 houses, each with 6 floors. It also continues the architectural concept of the neighborhood. The fourth quarter consists of 11 houses with six floors.

It is not enough to buy an apartment in one of the complexes; it is important to turn it into a room that you do not want to leave. NSDgroup specialists will help to create coziness, to equip the apartments.

ZhK Lipinka in Kiev: modern design and original interior design

The modern residential complex offers apartments of the comfort class. There are 42 houses in total, and 920 apartments. Living space for renovation is for sale , which is beneficial for owners, because they can independently carry out finishing work and decoration.

If you want to make your dream come true, contact the designers of the NSDgroup company. We guarantee that the finishing will be made taking into account the wishes of the customer, and the design will be thought out to the smallest detail.

NSDgroup employees, developing a project for Lipinka Kiev residential complex, carry out six tasks:

  1. They are developing a conceptual solution for the interior. They carefully analyze the object, select different layout options.
  2. They develop interior design, select furniture, decor. They also create a comfortable space for life.
  3. They show the customer a 3D visualization of the project.
  4. Prepare construction drawings and working papers.
  5. A turnkey project is being implemented.

The company’s clients are residents of the Lipnik residential complex, as well as the second, third and fourth quarters. Entrusting the design of the living space to professionals, you will not regret it. The final result will be 100% perfect, because innovative construction technologies are used in the work.

ЖК Липинка

Photo Interior in Lipinka residential complex

ZhK Lipinka customer reviews

Residential complex Lipinka needs high-quality repairs from a reliable company. In the course of work, NSDgroup specialists are guided by the specifics of the premises. This concept allows you to competently choose finishing materials, create lighting, electrics and take into account all the nuances. In each project, designers create the maximum level of comfort, reliability and versatility.

NSDgroup offers:

A modern, well-designed space in a new house with a cozy and stylish interior is a dream that NSDgroup specialists can easily realize. More than a thousand clients entrusted us with their apartments and were satisfied.

Lipinka complex: price of renovation and design project

When creating design projects for the Lipinka residential complex, the prices for the service will depend on the amount of work, the time spent by the specialist, and the area of ​​the object. Also, the cost is influenced by the type of premises and the number of services provided. For each customer, the final price is calculated individually .

NSDgroup guarantees compliance with the deadlines for the delivery of the object, the provision of personal foreman services and the development of an individual interior design. The staff includes 7 designers with five years of work experience and 94 specialists. Projects are developed taking into account the wishes of the client and include 5 stages:

When the project is agreed with the client, the employees start implementation. Objects are handed over within the agreed time frame, and a one-year warranty is provided for the work performed.

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