Exclusive renovation in the Obukhovskaya residential complex: high quality, design solutions

Housing from Kievgorstroy (Obukhovskaya 135) is in high demand among buyers. The houses were built in an ecologically clean area with a developed infrastructure. The living space of the comfort class is rented out without finishing – many prospects open up for the owners to equip everything of their own free will. Do you need a comprehensive apartment renovation on Obukhovskaya? Please contact NSDgroup . Specialists will perform the work quickly and efficiently.

Interior decoration of apartments in the residential complex Ozerny Kiev from NSDgroup

The houses of the residential complex are located along the lake, nearby there is a forest. The buildings are of high quality, built from ceramic blocks, insulated with basalt fiber materials. Nearby are a metro station, pharmacies, gardens, schools, shops – the infrastructure is developed at the highest level.

ЖК Обуховская

The new apartments do not have a final finish, they have a secure front door and double-glazed windows. After purchasing a living space, many owners are faced with the problem of finding a responsible contractor who will carry out turnkey repair work. Most of them have already preferred NSDgroup. The staff includes experienced specialists, several designers who are ready to offer interesting, non-standard solutions for arranging an apartment.

Obukhovskaya 135 – turnkey apartment renovation

If you are the owner of an apartment in ZhK Obukhovskaya 135, please contact NSDgroup. Renovation work carried out on a turnkey basis, we carry out responsibilities for the selection of materials, space planning, finishing work, communication, selection of furniture, the final creation of the finished interior design.

Turnkey repair advantages:

  1. Saving time. There is no need to search for multidisciplinary specialists from different companies. The staff of NSDgroup has masters of different directions who know everything about repairs, they will help you purchase building materials, select furniture, decor items, carry out repairs, install plumbing, and conduct an electrician. Each member of the team is assigned responsibilities – this eliminates the possibility of downtime, speeds up repair work.
  2. Material benefit. We know where to buy quality materials, furniture at affordable prices. Thanks to the developed estimate, you can control the procurement process.

Before starting work, a detailed plan is drawn up, a contract is signed – a guarantee of the completed stages, adherence to technological processes, and the use of high-quality materials.

ЖК Обуховская

Complex renovation of apartments on Obukhovskaya Street 135 a

NSDgroup has many successfully completed projects . Among the clients are residents of the residential complex on the street. Obukhovskaya, 135a. Complex repairs are a priority area of ​​the company’s activity. Its benefits for the customer are obvious. All work is performed by employees of one company. The contract stipulates the contractor’s obligations: to use high quality materials, to prevent marriage, to be fully responsible for the services provided

Obukhovskaya 137: renovation, interior design, selection of furniture

The NSDgroup employs 7 designers with many years of experience. They will develop a 3D project of the apartment, which will help to choose the most suitable layout options, colors, furniture, decor. Modern technologies help to visualize the planned results, design apartments taking into account the wishes of the customer, eliminate the option of disappointment with the renovation.

ЖК Обуховская

Special programs, which have replaced drawings, graphic drawings, help in this. The programs help to quickly develop several options for the future interior, from which the client selects the most suitable one. Modern 3D visualization technologies allow:

With the help of modeling, the designer will select the best option for the color design of the apartment, place accents, correct possible shortcomings, and take into account the wishes of the customer. To develop a 3D model, the specialist is provided with sketches, drawings of the room, on the basis of which he creates a virtual copy of the object. At any stage of modeling, you can edit the results, make adjustments.

Contact us at any time. The calculation of the cost is carried out individually after the appraisal of the apartment by a specialist. We guarantee the timely delivery of the object, meeting deadlines, high quality work, reasonable prices.

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