Features of applying decorative plaster

Increasingly, when carrying out repair work, a special plaster is used, which is popular for arranging not only private houses, but also city apartments. This is not at all surprising, because thanks to her, the room acquires a unique charm, while the coziness and comfort for residents is not lost. This type of plaster is a plastic mixture, which contains mica and various pebbles. Finishing of walls and ceilings is carried out with its use. The best solution would be to entrust this type of work to professionals, but many want to master the skill on their own. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself in more detail with the nuances and features of wall processing.

How decorative plaster is applied

Achieving a unique texture is possible due to the presence of certain fillers in the composition. You can buy a ready-made version in the store or create a mixture with your own hands, which will significantly save money. When creating plaster, you should initially decide in which room the repair is planned, since the quality composition will depend on this. In order to decorate the walls of a dwelling, you can use ordinary putty. Performing work of this type involves the implementation of certain stages, including:

It should be clarified separately that the durability indicators of ready-made store solutions are higher. However, self-prepared ones are also able to serve faithfully for ten years, if the proportions and technology of work performance have been observed. Whether you bought plaster from a store or created it yourself, the way decorative plaster is applied remains the same.

Features of the preparation of walls for decorative plaster

Regardless of the type of material used, there are mandatory steps that do not change.

  1. Preparation of walls (or ceilings) for decorative plaster. At this stage, it is supposed to prepare the toolkit, to glue the contours through the use of masking tape.
  2. Familiarization with the instructions offered by the manufacturer. In this material, you can get information about the consumption of building material for a given area, the amount of water that is supposed to be used, the proportions, the time during which it is possible to work with the building mixture.

This ensures the quality of the work performed. The wall decoration itself begins with the fact that the base has to be prepared. At this stage, it should be borne in mind that there should be no potholes and cracks on the walls, because the uniformity of application depends on this. It is important to pre-clean the old finish and then prime the surface. If the task is supposed to be performed on plasterboard panels, it is imperative to putty the joints and heads of the fasteners. If there are small irregularities, this is not a problem, because a layer of decorative plaster can hide them.

Methods for applying decorative plaster

Regardless of the preferred methods of applying decorative plaster, the use of a trowel and a trowel is assumed. It is also possible to use a trowel. In certain situations, a spray gun is used, which allows the creation of abstractions and patterns through the spray method. Despite the existence of many methods, a single technology is used at the initial stage. Initially, a base layer should be applied, on which the building decorative material will be applied in the future. This layer is always solid. Decorating is carried out immediately, without waiting for it to dry. The methods used largely depend not only on the type of plaster used, but also on imagination and wishes.

Features of applying decorative plaster with your own hands

The procedure seems rather complicated only at first glance. In fact, there is no particular hassle in the process of work. You just have to take a responsible approach to the process and take into account the instructions for the building material. As a result, it is possible to achieve excellent final results.

Making decorative plaster with a rubber roller

The use of rubber rollers when applying decorative plaster requires skill in carrying out repair work. Therefore, for beginners, this is a rather risky operation. Thanks to the application of plaster with a roller, it is possible to form a fairly clear texture on the surface, which is ensured by the presence of special projections and all kinds of grooves on the roller. Wall preparation is not much different from other methods of application. The whole feature lies in the correct use of the tool. It is important to pass the roller along the wall, excluding strong pressing. The work should be as easy as possible, and in the end you can achieve excellent results.

Mosaic plaster ¾ application and preparation

The application of mosaic plaster, thanks to modern compositions, often does not require surface preparation from the performers. Sometimes even laying on a rough finish is possible. It is still better to give preference to ready-made mixtures that are sold in stores, as this ensures the most uniform distribution. Initially, the surface is coated with a primer in a neutral color. Application should be carried out using a special stainless float from one corner to the other. It is important not to allow the mixture to dry out until the wall finish is complete. Otherwise, the joints between different areas will be very conspicuous. The borders should be rubbed thoroughly.

The nuances of applying Venetian plaster

Before applying Venetian plaster, it is supposed to prepare the surface and mix the solution. This is followed by the application of a multi-layer decorative coating, which is carried out in several stages, between which the surface is polished. It is due to this that it is possible to achieve the desired texture. In order to get the desired pattern, you should combine different colors of the composition. Applying Venetian plaster with your own hands is a rather risky event for inexperienced craftsmen, so it’s better to trust the professionals in this matter.

Features of applying decorative plaster “Bark beetle”

Before you start, you should initially complete the preparatory procedures that were described above. The wall should be carefully leveled and then cleaned. Next, a primer is carried out. It is better to use the material that contains quartz sand. Application should be carried out with a trowel in a small layer. After the mixture has dried, you can start decorating. To do this, you need to perform a rotary type of movement with a trowel on the surface. Vertical or horizontal movements are also possible, depending on what kind of ornament you want to get as a result. It is important not to press hard on the tool so as not to damage the layer.

Methods and features of applying decorative plaster lamb

This is a fairly popular type of wall treatment, which is often used for outdoor work. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that many are interested in the nuances of applying decorative plaster “lamb”. The basis of the material has a lot in common with plaster “bark beetle”. The preparatory steps are standard. After the solution is mixed and has a creamy consistency, you can start to work. Application should be carried out with a special stainless steel spatula. In addition, it is necessary to close the elements where plaster is not supposed to be done with masking tape. Since the mixture dries quite quickly, it is advisable to level it and rub it for fifteen minutes. The remaining solution should be stirred periodically by adding water.

Decorative plaster silk ¾ nuances, preparation and application

The application of decorative plaster “silk” has become popular relatively recently, because it is one of the most modern methods of wall treatment. After processing, the wall takes the form of a silk cloth. A normal spatula is used for application, but it will be necessary to level the surface as carefully as possible to ensure perfect smoothness. Thanks to this material, it is possible to obtain a solid surface where there are no seams. There is also the possibility of fragmentary repairs. Since it is a fairly versatile material, it can be used when processing any wall.

How to apply textured plaster correctly

Many are interested in the features of the correct application of textured plaster. When processing walls, an interesting relief appears, which is provided due to the presence of certain additives in the composition. Often marble or granite chips are used. Most often in the process of work, a special embossed roller is used, which allows you to create interesting patterns. In the process of application, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the layer thickness is not greater than the thickness of the granules, which is the key to the strength and durability of the entire structure. Application is carried out in several layers. Mostly white plaster is used, because at the stage of completion of work, further painting in any desired color is possible.

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