How to apply facade plaster?

A modern facade coating is obliged to perform several functions: to protect the surfaces of the building from various destructive influences of the external environment, to strengthen the facade and give it an attractive appearance. All these characteristics are known for such a coating as facade plaster.

Facade works – positive properties of decorative plaster

Photo Facade works

It is possible to enumerate for a long time the distinctive properties of facade plaster, presented in a wide variety on the modern market of facing materials, but it is worth highlighting the main ones: water repellency, thermal insulation, fire resistance, sound insulation and others. Since the outer finishing layer will necessarily be influenced by atmospheric whims, it is also worth highlighting the amazing resistance and durability of facade plasters (of course, of high quality). Let’s take a look at the main qualities of decorative plaster.

All of the above properties make decorative plaster an ideal facade cladding material.

The finished plaster coating can be painted and decorated according to your tastes – choose any color, give a rough effect, etc.

Home renovation – surface preparation

– surface preparation2

– surface preparation 2.1

– surface preparation 2.2

– surface preparation3

Photo Home renovation

To carry out successful plastering of the facade, it is necessary to adhere to the main stages of the plastering technology, one of which is surface preparation. A wall suitable for this work must fit the following descriptions:

Plastering – house wall cladding

Photo Wall cladding

When applying this coating, you must adhere to the following steps:

As you can see, the process of plastering surfaces is quite simple and you can even do it yourself. However, for the best quality of work, we strongly recommend that you turn to the services of professionals .

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