How to calculate a ladder, how to make a ladder with your own hands

Modern mansions are rarely built in a one-story design. Two-story buildings are popular. In tall buildings, a staircase serves as a lift between floors. It must be made strong and stable. Also plays a decorative function in the design of the room. We will talk about how to calculate a ladder and how to make a ladder with your own hands.

If you are ready to work, have enough time, then read the information and you can start working. A ladder with your own hands will cost less than installation by professional designers. You will save part of the family budget. If you have no desire to carry out repairs, you can order the service to build a turnkey house .

Types of stairs

Read all about DIY staircases . Decide on the type of construction (screw, marching).

  1. The screw is used to lift people. It is not recommended to move bulky items along it. It is necessary to take this moment into account before building a staircase so that the expected loads do not destroy the structure. But it is compact, relevant in a limited space. The structure is difficult to make from one tree. A rod or metal pipe must be installed as support.
  2. Marching is put on kosoura, bowstrings. Designed with an interfloor platform, running steps. Easy to manufacture. Ideal for cottages. During construction, one should be guided by established standards.

It is necessary to calculate the stairs , to a staircase in the house with his hands perfectly fit into the overall look of the room, it was a reliable, secure.

How to make a staircase to the second floor

To understand how to make a staircase to the second floor in a private house , decide on the style, focusing on the design of the room. The modern interior presupposes restraint and practicality. Designs with clear geometric shapes are in trend.

In small buildings, it is necessary to correctly decide how to make a staircase to the second floor if there is not enough space.

  1. Frameless designs look easy. Do not overload the situation. The bolts are the support. Screwed into the wall, bowstring.
  2. A ladder with one stringer, which carries the entire load, is suitable for confined spaces. Marches can be of any shape. The design does not make it heavier, it transmits light. The modular design consists of supports, modules, balusters, treads. A staircase is assembled from individual elements. The modules are easy to disassemble. The structure can be dismantled, moved to another place.

The staircase to the second floor with your own hands can be spiral, swivel, straight. It is more comfortable to climb stairs with a large opening. In a small room, you will have to increase the slope or make the march longer.

Before making a staircase to the second floor , you need to pick up materials. A variety of products from home improvement stores will allow you to make a design in a suitable style. When choosing products, you need to focus on strength, durability, and appearance.

DIY wooden ladder

Valuable and simple types of wood are used for wooden construction. Strong, durable – oak, beech, walnut, ash. The finished product is varnished. Suitable for American style, country. Looks aesthetically pleasing. It will last for many years.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder is a great opportunity to master the art of carpentry. Wood is easy to work with. The lightest option is a single-flight design with two bowstrings.

How to make a staircase to the attic from the street

The path to the attic should be safe for human movement, comfortable. Before making a staircase to the attic from the street , check out the types of staircase structures.

  1. The vertical structure is easy to install. It has one drawback – it is not designed for carrying objects.
  2. Marching is the safest. Has the maximum dimensions. Designed straight or with a turn. Suitable for carrying heavy items.
  3. Attached is the easiest option. Suitable for rare use if the attic is not a living space.

We will show you how to make a staircase to an attic made of wood. First you need to make a drawing, calculate the dimensions, purchase material. For steps, boards with a width of 3 – 6 cm are suitable. A 6 cm beam with a section of 14 – 30 cm will be needed for kosour. Guided by the finished drawing, mark the stringers. Cut out the teeth, insert the steps, secure with self-tapping screws.

For the railing, you will need rails and a beam, 5 – 10 cm wide. They must coincide with the line of the stringer. Height of the handrail in the area of ​​one meter The distance between the balusters is from 10 cm. At the end of the work, treat the wood with a solution against decay. Cover with varnish, paint.

Calculate stairs

We will give an example of how to calculate the stairs to the second floor inside a private house. The exact dimensions are determined individually for each object. The recommended width is 130 cm. Plus or minus 20 cm. The width of 150 cm will provide a decent level of comfort for residents and guests of a private house. 120 cm are standard parameters. The minimum width is 110 cm. For a marching structure along the wall, 80 cm – 1m can be used.

The steepness of the structure determines the comfort of movement between floors. The flat shape makes the movement as convenient as possible. But excessive flatness takes up more area. A steep slope will save space. But it will create difficulties for the elderly, children, people with problems of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, it is optimal to calculate a staircase with an inclination angle of 40 degrees. With a steepness of more than 45 degrees, the usual descent is inconvenient. You can go down only facing the stairs.

Calculation of the metal stringer stairs

Kosour serves as a bearing support for the steps. Tilted mounting. The length of the march depends on the angle of inclination. In order for the structure to be strong, it is important to correctly calculate the metal stringer of the stairs .

Span height – the distance from the floor of the lower floor to the floor of the upper (not the ceiling). A clearance is made over the structure for ease of movement. When calculating the height, the growth rates of the tallest family member are taken, plus 10 cm.The recommended working height is 2 m.

Calculation of stairs with a turn of 90 degrees with a platform

лестница под углом

The design with the letter G consists of two marches. They are connected by a platform. Placed at right angles. Use

Used in large rooms. Provide an easy-to-move tilt angle.

The calculation of a staircase with a turn of 90 degrees with a platform is a doable task. If the calculations are made correctly, the design will be convenient and comfortable. Compliance with the rules will ensure safe operation.

X is the length of the opening;

Y is the height between floors (from floor to floor);

Z is the thickness of the material of the steps;

E is the width of the structure;

Photo Stairs at a right angle

Calculation of stairs with a turn of 180

The design of the letter P consists of two parallel spans. They are connected by a platform for turning. Convenient for small spaces. When calculating a staircase with a 180 turn, it is necessary to select parameters that contribute to a comfortable movement without disturbing the usual rhythm of a step. It is recommended to make the step width of at least 14 cm in the narrowest section. Construction operations and calculations are carried out according to the L-shaped turn scheme.

лестница с повортом на 180 градусов

Photo Sketch of the stairs

Calculation of stairs with a platform

Accurate calculation of the ladder with the platform is a guarantee of safe movement. The length of the platform should exceed the distance of two steps, more than 1.4 m. Width – correspond to the parameters of the flight of stairs.

Consider how a wooden staircase with a do-it-yourself platform is assembled.

  1. First, the platform is installed on the support pillars from the timber. The pillars are mounted in the corners in a vertical position. The lower ends of the timber abut against the floor. The upper ones are in the overlap.
  2. Install stringers. Fix the steps. It turns out the bottom span. Installation starts from the bottom.
  3. The upper flight is designed in a similar way.
  4. The final stage is the installation of the railing.

Calculation of a wooden staircase

Wooden elements bring comfort and coziness to the home. With their help, you can implement interesting design solutions. Perform different design options.

The first step is to determine the type of construction. Separate the installation area. Take measurements between floors, the perimeter of the staircase. The type of product depends on these indicators.

The calculation of a wooden staircase allows you to determine the number of steps, rises, angle of inclination, length. Depends on the appearance of the product, features. The drawings will show the final appearance of the product.

расчет лестницы на второй этаж

Photo Internal staircase

Calculation of a metal ladder

The metal structure is robust, durable, unpretentious in operation. Calculation of a metal staircase is the basis of the project. It is difficult to do quality work without it. When making calculations, it is necessary to take into account the height of the floor, the volume of the separated space for the installation of the structure, the purpose of use, the expected load, the angle of rise. You need to carefully consider all the details:

Consider all the nuances to make the design durable. Effectively served as a moving element for decades.

Calculation of a spiral staircase

When calculating a spiral staircase , be guided by the main criteria – functionality, reliability, beauty. The length of the steps is from 80 cm. The width of the step in the center is from 20 cm. At the widest point, no more than 40 cm. When calculating, take into account the number of marches, the shape of the steps, and the length. The structure can be made of wood, metal, combined. When creating a project, consider:

Calculation of a concrete staircase

The concrete structure is resistant to increased loads. Does not loosen during operation, does not creak. Not subject to combustion.

The weight of the structure can be up to 2.5 tons. Stone trim will make the product even heavier. Before installation, you need to think about the structure of the base. The erection begins with the assembly of the formwork. This is followed by installation, binding of fittings, filling. Marshes can be given any configuration.

You can do the calculation of a concrete staircase yourself or entrust it to professionals. The optimum tilt angle is 35 degrees. Limit maximum 45 degrees. The smaller the angle, the greater the consumption of building materials. Width 0.8 – 0.9 m.The standard height of the steps is 17 cm.

How to make stairs

как сделать ступеньки

Now let’s figure out how to make steps . The risers are placed in the openings of the kosour. Then the steps are installed. When calculating the width, focus on shoe size 45. The recommended parameters are 28 cm. With deviations of 2 cm. The same value is taken for the riser. This design is convenient for an adult and small children. The minimum width is 10 cm. But moving along such narrow ones can provoke injury.

The calculation of the number of stair steps depends on the height of the structure and the height of the riser. It is better to make them odd, of the same width and height. The optimal distance between adjacent steps is 15 cm.

How to attach a railing for a staircase

как сделать поручни для лестницы своими руками

Photo Drawing of fastening of handrails for stairs

The railings provide ease of movement. Protect people from falling down. Serve as a support during the ascent. There are curly wooden, flat, carved, forged, steel elements. They should be combined with the appearance of the stringers and steps.

It remains to figure out how to make handrails for the stairs with your own hands . Supports with balusters require accurate marking. Railings are mounted in two ways:

Installation can be done with nails, screws, dowels, bolts, glue. It is recommended to maintain a distance of 60 cm between the posts. The optimal height of the railing is up to 1 m. At least 90 cm. The space between the balusters must be filled. The handrails should be smooth and even.

Wooden balusters come in different sizes. Installed at the top and bottom of the structure. Connected by pillars. Before fixing the railing for the stairs, it is necessary to process the handrails, balusters. Sand and varnish. Drill axial holes with a drill. Grind the rail and grooves in the handrails with a milling machine. Screw the rail to the balusters, put on the handrail. The ends of the handrail should be in close contact with the posts.

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