How to insulate the ceiling with foam

As everyone knows, the temperature in the room is an important factor affecting the pleasantness of spending time in the house, therefore, special attention should be paid to thermal insulation. The greatest heat loss is carried out through the ceiling, therefore, when repairing the ceiling, almost every home owner makes its insulation.

How ceilings are insulated

Photo Warm ceilings

The most popular materials for insulating ceilings are polystyrene and mineral wool. Let’s compare them.

So, mineral wool is an inorganic fiber that does not emit any harmful elements, is not toxic and is relatively cheap. The advantages are undoubtedly very important, but there is one significant drawback – poor hygroscopicity. With high humidity, mineral wool significantly loses its thermal insulation properties, and this already affects the temperature in the house.

Unlike mineral wool, foam as a finish shows a more complete set of positive qualities. It does not need thorough vapor and waterproofing. But here, too, one cannot do without cons – this material is very flammable and costs more than mineral wool. Also, some experts claim that the foam emits harmful substances into the atmosphere. This statement is rather controversial and unproven, so you shouldn’t dwell on it.

Properties of foam as insulation

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When carrying out finishing work with the help of polystyrene, one should remember its advantages, but do not forget about the disadvantages. In general terms, we have already indicated the most significant pros and cons, however, it seems to us that this issue should be studied more closely.

Advantages of foam:

As you can see, there are many advantages. But, when performing interior design at home, you should also know the disadvantages:

Having weighed all the advantages and disadvantages, one conclusion suggests itself: the scale with pluses outweighed the scale with minuses. So, do not be afraid to make  renovation  using this material – if you do not care about the price of insulation, it will be an ideal option.

Foam insulation methods

Photo Methods of foam insulation

There are several methods of foam insulation. Let’s take a look at one of them.

Most often, insulation is used in private houses with a cool attic, where the ceiling is connected from below to wood beams with OSB or plywood. Insulation stages in such a situation:

In this example, we have shown the general principle of foam insulation. However, in different situations and approaches are different, so it is still better to consult with specialists .

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