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Over the years of living in the home, looking at the leaking pipes and the dilapidated appearance of the tiles, there is a strong desire to immediately make repairs in the bathroom with your own hands . The joy of moving to a new apartment is overshadowed by problems with plumbing. A dripping faucet, carelessly laid cladding, poor location of the shower room or an acute shortage of outlets are depressing. Where to start, and what needs to be taken into account in order for a do-it-yourself bathroom renovation to be as effective as possible? What should you pay attention to when preparing and in the process of restoration work?

DIY bathroom repair where to start

Coziness and comfort in the house strongly depends on the location of all the necessary things. The perfect bathroom renovation – where to start and how not to make mistakes? How to do it correctly, and in what sequence:

How to make a quality repair in the bathroom, where to start , taking into account the listed points? The main thing is to avoid common mistakes:

The accuracy of calculations, meticulousness and attention to detail will help the case.

DIY bathroom repair – step one

An ancient truth says: before you build a new one, you need to get rid of the old. The upcoming chaos and certain inconveniences are the main stop factors. What’s the first thing to do, and how to survive bathroom renovations with minimal waste? So, let’s begin.

A well thought-out plan is half the battle. We inspect the “combat zone” on our own or with the whole family. Condition of pipes, operation of taps, floor and wall tiles, sink, bathroom, room dimensions. Then, by joint efforts, we draw up a plan of the premises. We draw the location of the shower stall, sink, washing machine, boiler, taking into account the layout features.

Chaos and destruction. According to the recommendations of people who have already done repairs in the bathroom with their own hands , the overall structure will either have to be cut or restored. If you plan to put a shower room, then you need to use a grinder and take out all unnecessary pieces. If you intend to bask in the bubble bath, you should do it later. We remove the old tiles from the floor and walls. In general, we are clearing the place for future work to the maximum.

DIY bathroom repair – step two

When the room is free of foreign objects, you can look around and, if necessary, make adjustments to your plan. Measurements are made for future items, the area covered with tiles is measured. We check the wiring, it will still come in handy for us. We are convinced of the performance of the plumbing. It may be necessary to replace the pipes, which also needs to be added to the list. It is worth considering the preliminary preparation of surfaces for the upcoming repair.

Another plan. Now you need to make your dream, drawn in the diagram, come true. To do this, you need to collect a family council and concretize desires on paper. The more accurate the shopping plan, the fewer surprises there will be in the process. After the necessary building materials have been taken into account, the do-it-yourself bathroom renovation has officially begun. It remains only to go shopping.

Shopping for the benefit. Armed with a pre-written list, head to the building supermarket. It is assumed that the design of the bathroom, the necessary appliances and personal wishes of each have already been agreed upon. This will greatly facilitate the choice and take less time to purchase. Accordingly, the shopping process will not be overshadowed by disagreements on the spot and will be positive.

How to make bathroom renovations – step three

The hardest part comes first. The pipes fell into disrepair and new ones had to be purchased. It is recommended to carefully and meticulously measure the desired dimensions and coverage. Needless to say, before manipulating the plumbing, the water should be completely shut off. Otherwise, you will have to study the topic of how to cheaply make repairs in the bathroom of the neighbors below, after a flood. It’s time to do electrical wiring. We install sockets, sockets for lamps.

Finally a shower. After laying the pipes, we determine the places of drainage. The first one is needed to install the shower system, the second one is for the sink. If the layout includes a shared bathroom, you need to think about a couple more taps. One is for a porcelain friend, the other may come in handy for a bidet. If, of course, there is an opportunity and desire. Reliable plumbing is a cozy home. If, while performing bathroom renovations, you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to seek the help of experienced specialists.

Design. First, we are doing the finishing of the ceiling. Then we do the walls and floors. Let’s say your choice fell on blue and white marble effect porcelain tiles. Taking into account the area of ​​the room and the size of the facing products, 43 pieces were produced. Take 50. After the completion of the repair, the question “why” will disappear. We clean the work surface, put the tiles on the walls, floor and at the same time on various ledges, if any. Along the way, you will need additional materials: paint, putty, waterproofing, curbs.

How to make bathroom renovations cheap and practical

So that the desired renovation of the interior does not cause high costs, it is worth rationally weighing the need to replace household items. If the repair was forced, due to flooding or breakdown of plumbing, the cost of purchasing pipes and new equipment is quite reasonable. If you need to install a shower stall, the old bathroom will have to be demolished, making room for household appliances, a utility corner or other necessary items.

There are many options for wall decoration. Paint, tiles, porcelain stoneware, panels, mosaics. The most economical way to decorate surfaces is an emulsion. Traditional colors for the bathroom are beige, blue, blue, aquamarine. You can get creative and paint the walls in a Gothic style if your family doesn’t mind. Sockets in a modern bathroom are essential, but it is better to install models with moisture protection curtains.

Plumbing is the most expensive repair element. It is worth replacing only the really necessary items. With limited funds, you can restore the bathroom and buy an insert for it. Also, according to this principle, you can select accessories: mirrors, shelves, lamps. It is more profitable to buy everything you need in one store. Bulk discounts will help you save a lot. They will also give you a lift for free

Bathroom renovation in Khrushchev

The specificity of any changes in old houses is not to destroy the load-bearing walls. So, where to start renovating a bathroom in Khrushchev? Before you start anything, it is worth aligning the walls as much as possible. In the best case, you will need a putty. If the walls are completely crooked, a primer and moisture-resistant glue-based drywall are recommended. You can put tiles or plastic panels on the resulting surface.

Plumbing should be changed very carefully. Given the small area of \ u200b \ u200bthe room, repairs in the bathroom of the Khrushchev should start with accurate measurements. When buying a shower stall, it is better to choose smaller dimensions. It is important to carefully study the features of piping and working with old walls.

It takes effort, but repairing a bathroom in a Khrushchev with your own hands is quite feasible. A lot can be done with a smart, thoughtful approach. And if funds allow, then little tricks to visually increase the space will help turn a gloomy room into a cozy and bright bathroom.

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