How to make slopes on the windows yourself, options for an apartment

Window slopes are the final part when installing new frames. Not only the beauty of the room depends on them, but also the thermal insulation. The window as a whole does not completely protect from the cold. It is necessary to insulate it with all care to avoid drafts. When it comes to choosing, it is very important not only to know how to make window slopes, but also to choose the type of material for their execution.

How to properly make slopes on windows with your own hands

Installing window slopes with your own hands is a rather laborious process that requires a special approach. However, it is possible to make them by following some rules.

  1. The choice of material. In order for the slopes to serve for a long time and perform their function, you need to know which option is most preferable for a particular type.
  2. Place of installation. For external or internal options, various technologies and methods of insulation are used.

When properly installed, it is important to have all the necessary tools at hand for comfortable work. Different accessories can be used for different materials. There is a general set that you will need, regardless of the type of work.

  1. Spatula for applying plaster.
  2. Grater for leveling the surface.
  3. A plastering trowel that will cover cracks and depressions.
  4. Level to ensure level placement and laying of materials.
  5. Corner leveler. This tool will allow for the smoothest and smoothest application of plaster in the corners.
  6. Electric drill. Simplify the fixing of frames, profiles and materials to the wall.
  7. Construction knife. With its help, it will be possible to cut and remove excess polyurethane foam from the windows. The sharper the instrument, the easier it is to work with.
  8. Brush. This item should be wide for ease of application of the primer to the surface.

To get started, you need to understand and clarify all the issues related to the methods and options for finishes in order to determine how to make the slopes on the windows yourself


Как сделать откосы на окнах самому

How to make plaster window slopes

This finishing method is traditional. Plaster window slopes have a long service life and aesthetic appearance when applied correctly. There is a wide variety of textures applied to the surface. You can make it both perfectly smooth and create various patterns. However, a layer of plaster will not provide a good protection from the cold. In order to fix this, an additional layer of insulation is needed. For the most part, foam is used for this type of finish. It creates a protective cushion and makes it easy to apply.

To answer the question: “how to make slopes on windows and plaster?”, You need to understand the principle of working with it. The whole process of creation implies a dirty and painstaking work that requires a certain amount of experience. It will be quite problematic for beginners to cope with it, since the application of the solution occurs in several layers, requiring complete drying. On average, the entire process takes one or two weeks.

How to make slopes on Styrofoam windows

This material is becoming popular due to:

When installing, it is necessary, first of all, to make the correct cutting of the material. The appearance of the slopes will depend on the quality of the work performed. Before work, the surface of the wall is putty and primed. This is necessary for better adhesion of the material. Styrofoam is set on glue, but for strength it can be fixed with dowels. Then a plaster finish is made using perforated corners for structural strength.

Как сделать откосы на окнах самому

How to make plasterboard slopes on windows

This material perfectly levels the surface. Since its installation is carried out on the frame, it must be taken into account that it eats up a few centimeters from the window frame. This method allows you to create additional insulation by isolating the windows from drafts.

How to make plasterboard slopes on windows? The whole process of work is not complicated, but it requires painstaking work. It includes:

How to make slopes on plastic windows

For such a finish, in addition to the base material, auxiliary elements are also used to close the joints on surfaces and corners. The installation of such slopes is the simplest and does not require special skills. Consider how to make plastic slopes on the windows and what is required for this. To create them you need:

In most apartments, when renovating, they try to move away from wooden frames. This is due to the fact that natural material dries up over time, cracks form in it. This contributes to the appearance of drafts and leakage during rain. Accordingly, the question arises: “how to make the slopes on plastic windows correctly?”

With the help of a plastic panel, you can easily achieve a beautiful result and a flat surface. This material is planted on a wooden frame, and the gap between it and the wall is filled with polyurethane foam. Such a pillow serves as additional protection from the cold and is a kind of insulation. All joints between panels and corners are closed with special fittings.

DIY window slopes for external and internal work

Exterior and interior finishes differ from each other. They require a different approach when choosing a material, as well as a method of installation.

Internal window slopes are located in the room itself and have a decorative function. They also provide airtightness to the entire window opening and reduce the amount of drafts.

External slopes have a protective function. Without them, any frame will not only be blown through, but also wet from the rain. Thanks to them, thermal and sound insulation of the apartment is provided, as well as protection from temperature drops in the room.

Materials play an important role. If the house has wooden windows and walls, then it is best to use the same materials for the slopes. This choice will allow the structure to have a finished look and avoid subsequent deformation.

If the installation takes place on a brick or concrete wall, then the simplest and most reliable version will be plastic, plaster or drywall.

Как сделать откосы на окнах самому

How to make slopes on windows outside

When choosing a material, you should take into account the factors that will affect it. For exterior finishing, the following indicators are taken into account:

To answer the question: “how to make slopes on windows from the street?”, You need to understand the principle of their installation. To ensure reliable protection, it is necessary to carry out high-quality insulation. The following materials are used for it:

The installation itself must be carried out efficiently, excluding the presence of gaps and cracks. This will ensure the greatest tightness and the absence of the possibility of mold in the joints. When using plastic, it is fastened with glue. It is applied tightly, without gaps, for the best hold. The tree for the slopes is nailed or planted on self-tapping screws.

How to make slopes on windows indoors

It is important to use materials with a flat surface to ensure the beautiful appearance of these elements. This will ensure ease of use, and the windows will have a finished look.

When plastering or painting slopes, it is best to use materials that can be washed. This approach will make the slopes on the windows smooth, keep the surfaces clean, and provide protection from damage.

The cost of finishing slopes by professionals

If it is not possible to make the slopes on the windows yourself, you can contact the professionals . The NsdGroup company guarantees the quality of the work performed. You can make slopes on the windows and get acquainted with the prices in Kiev on the company’s website in the appropriate section.

The following indicators affect the cost of work performed:

Therefore, when answering the question: “how much does it cost to make slopes on the windows?”, It is important to understand that the price for finishing work will be calculated individually.

Designer services are also provided. With its help, you can create a unique renovation of the premises, which will meet all the wishes of the customer. A detailed discussion of the planned work will exclude undesirable design and the use of inappropriate colors.

NsdGroup provides not only high-quality construction and finishing works, but also accepts applications for turnkey apartment renovations . This type of service implies a rough and fine finish with all communications.

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