How to soundproof an apartment

Soundproofing an apartment or how to achieve acoustic comfort

If you know in detail about the personal life of your neighbors and are worried about the mystery of your life, you need to know how to silence the apartment on your own or which specialists to turn to to solve the problem of high audibility.

полная шумоизоляция современных квартиры


So far, there is no thin soundproofing material in the construction industry. If it were invented, then the problem of noise would be solved at the stage of planning and construction of buildings. While this is not possible, residents of panel, block and brick houses get rid of sounds with special materials that reflect and absorb sounds. Interlayers with a thickness of at least 40-50 mm are considered effective.

If you are interested in how much soundproofing an apartment costs in Kiev, it is recommended to contact an experienced company. This approach will allow for last word isolation.

Noise, its sources and methods of protection from third-party sounds

Soundproofing walls is a common requirement for modern high-rise apartments. Residents of apartment buildings are faced with the problem of high audibility through walls, floors, ceilings and window openings. In order to provide a comfortable atmosphere, many equip rooms not only according to the trends in interior design , but also strive for acoustic comfort by installing soundproofing systems.

In order to skillfully choose a way to eliminate the problem, you should understand what is the sound insulation of walls, materials for reducing audibility and the rules for their installation.

Acoustic engineers distinguish between two types of sounds that bring discomfort to residents of high-rise buildings:

The first step is to eliminate the flaws of the builders. Check how sounds penetrate. Inspection of outlet openings, electrical junction boxes, water and heating system passages, joints between walls and ceiling / floor, door windows is required. Since sound penetrates through thin ceilings and openings, soundproofing of apartments can begin by sealing the indicated areas.

Features of soundproof materials

Thicker walls and bulky partitions to reduce sounds? Modern isomaterials hinder, reduce sounds, while the overlap does not thicken much. With roll insulation, 3-4 centimeters will be added to the wall.

Noise insulation of a wall, materials for which have reasonable prices, can be carried out according to the frame and frameless principle. For self-repair, it is better to choose the latter option. It is simpler and more unpretentious.

Experts offer various ways to protect yourself from noise using the following noise insulation materials.

  1. A plasterboard ceiling with a layer of mineral wool or foam – protects the inhabitants well from sounds, but leads to a decrease in the volume of the room when installing several layers of insulation.
  2. Rolled sound insulation – provides for the laying of soft material, which is distinguished not only by noise absorption, but also by protection from moisture and cold. Such products have a porous, perforated or membrane structure. Easy to fit without special skills and tools. Reduces audibility by up to 60%. Soundproofing walls or ceilings consists of simply pasting the material with glue. The most budgetary and common option is isolon.

Photo Ceiling soundproofing

технология плавающего пола

Photo Floating floor

When choosing insulation solutions and a contractor , it is important to read customer reviews to be sure of the right investment. If the cost of the most effective insulation systems is very expensive for you, you can buy the materials and try to reduce the noise yourself. If quality is above all for you, contact the professionals .


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