How to start repairs in a new building

Apartments in new buildings are rented out without renovation and preliminary finishing. The developer does not waste time on internal work with a low return on investment. Decorating apartments increases the cost, which can scare off a potential buyer. The nuances and tips on how to start repairs in a new building are described in the article.

How to start repairs in a new building without finishing

С чего начать ремонт квартиры в новостройке

Photo Renovation in a new building

The correct answer to the question of where to start repairs in a new building is: “with the registration of the act of the initial inspection of the apartment.” Developers neglect the document, trying to hand over the object as soon as possible. Upon acceptance of the apartment, the owner records all defects and claims against the construction company. The elimination of the detected deficiencies is paid by the contractor during the warranty period. Correcting poor-quality construction work at its own expense will increase the cost of repairs from scratch in a new building .

When planning repairs in a new building, where to start and when, you need to clarify the shrinkage time of the building. Different types of buildings settle in different ways. Brick houses “sit down” smoothly, but for several years. New panel buildings shrink sharply during the first year. Monolithic-frame structures gradually sink down without distortions. A simple cosmetic finish for the first time will solve the problem of how to make repairs in a new building . Otherwise, expensive high-quality works may suffer: chips, cracks in the ceiling, distortions appear, wooden floors begin to “walk”.

How to start repairs in a new building for owners of apartments in frame buildings? The frame type assumes a free layout of the premises. The correct sequence of repairing an apartment in a new building of this type begins with a competent arrangement of rooms and installation of partitions. Bringing an apartment to a residential state will require significant investments.

Panel structures provide for inexpensive interior decoration, installation of electrical and water supply lines, and rough leveling of surfaces. The owners immediately understand where to start repairs in a new apartment , they do it faster and cheaper.

In brick houses, gradual renovation of an apartment in a new building is preferable : where to start in this case? You should start by preparing the premises for finishing. It is better to postpone capital improvement of housing. If the owner of the apartment wants to move in as soon as possible, repairs are carried out using preventive “floating” techniques.

Stages of repair in a new building

Ремонт в новостройке последовательность

Photo Stages of repair

If it is necessary to dismantle or install ceilings, the stages of repairing an apartment in a new building should include the approval of changes to the typical layout. Special permission in the BTI requires manipulations to change the area of ​​bathrooms, work in the area of ​​load-bearing partitions or facades, and transfer of a gas stove. Regulatory documentation prohibits:

    • swap the placement of the kitchen and rooms;
    • swap the bathroom and living quarters;
    • combine kitchen and living quarters in gasified houses;
    • lay ventilation openings and channels;
    • install heating radiators on the balcony;
    • lay windows in the room;
    • overload bearing floors.

The repair sequence in a new building includes 5 main stages

  1. Drawing up a manipulation plan. Competently planned repairs from scratch in a new building – where to start , what materials to buy – is the key to its successful and timely completion. It is important to decide on the style of the apartment, the purpose of the premises, the equipment of the bathroom and the kitchen. Thinking over the placement of electrical outlets, devices, lighting will allow you to correctly mount the electrical wiring. The layout of rooms and premises can be designed independently or with the help of a specialist. At the initial stage, construction companies offer an estimate with a list of materials and cost. Based on preliminary calculations, the customer understands the amount of the required amount.
  2. Checking the curvature of surfaces, the quality of electrical wiring and hydraulic communications. Builders understand the procedure for repairs in a new building and the need for work prior to finishing. At this stage, the placement of the main nodes is adjusted in accordance with the drawn up plan. If necessary, doorways are displaced or moved. The quality of installation of windows is checked. The developer company can save on double-glazed windows. If the customer so desires, they are replaced, cracks and voids in the slopes are sealed.
  3. Phased renovation in a new building includes initial and final finishing. First, procedures are performed, after which a thorough cleaning and removal of construction waste is required. According to the planning project, partitions are being installed or dismantled. Channels are channeled for communications. Install a shield, perform electrical wiring. At the same time, an Internet cable is being laid, the security system is connected. Some apartments require additional soundproofing. Water supply pipes are removed from the riser. After the work done, you can start leveling the ceiling and walls, installing windows on the balcony. Soundproof blocks are laid in front of the floor screed, if necessary, they are insulated. The screed will require additional purchase of construction fittings. Then work is carried out in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen: water supply, sewerage, plumbing is installed, tiles are laid. The room is ready for “finishing” finishing.
  4. Room decoration. Walls are painted, wallpaper is glued, flooring is installed. The presence of a design project will speed up the progress of work and will allow you to immediately calculate the required amount of facing materials. Interior doors are installed. Household appliances are connected. Plinth, door trims are attached. The electrical fittings are screwed on.
  5. Furniture arrangement, room decoration.

How to start repairs in a new building without finishing? With the search for a construction company providing repairs in a new building . A comprehensive package of services from one company, from drawing up a design project for the premises and ending with the arrangement of furniture in the finished object, will cost less.

Often the question is ” renovation of a new building: where to start?” worries customers on a budget. Independent drawing up of the desired layout of the premises, the marking of the electric points and the furniture arrangement project will reduce costs. On the Internet you can find advice on repair, options for estimate documentation and photos of design solutions.

How to start repairing a new building with your own hands

Этапы ремонта в новостройке своими руками

Photo DIY repair in a new building

When deciding to make repairs in an apartment on your own, it is important to understand the sequence of repairs in a new building .

If the budget does not allow hiring a team of specialists, you can do some of the work yourself, and involve one or two builders in the procedures at specific nodes. How to start repairing a new building with your own hands? With drawing up a work plan. A detailed floor plan is drawn up manually or with the help of office programs.

Armed with a tape measure (preferably a laser), measure the parameters of all rooms, kitchens and bathrooms: for calculations, you need to know the length, width and height of the walls. The area of ​​all rooms is calculated. Measurements of door arches and window niches are made. The height of the ceilings in each room is measured. To simplify self- repair from scratch in a new building will help the numbering of all walls in the project and on stickers.

The drawing of the room should contain a list of all plumbing fixtures. Household appliances powered by electricity and water supply are noted (boiler, washing machine, dishwasher). When independently planning the cultivation of water supply lines, 3 nuances should be taken into account.

  1. The distribution of the pipeline along the most direct route, without turns and joints, will save costs on unnecessary materials.
  2. The plumbing must not be laid over obstacles on the floor, sills, doorways.
  3. In a drawing, it is best to highlight water pipes, gas pipes and electrical wiring with different colors.

In a similar way, the drawing indicates the wiring of the electrical wiring with the indication of the electric points.

Economical renovation from scratch in a new building provides for the competent purchase of building materials. You can print a table with a list of components, enter the prices of stores in the appropriate columns. The optimal solution is a gradual procurement according to the work schedule. When calculating the amount required, add 10-20% to fit. Some stores provide a return service.

The sequence of repairing an apartment from scratch does not change when you do the work yourself. Dismantling of structures, partitions, part of the balcony, low-quality double-glazed windows is in progress. In inexpensive new buildings, it may be necessary to dismantle and replace heating radiators. It is better to invite specialists at the stage of plumbing and electrical work. Further, the sequence of repairs in a new building provides for the alignment of the planes. After complete shrinkage of the building, you can start finishing.

Do-it-yourself repair stages in a new building will be more extended in time, since a team of several people performs part of the work in parallel.

It is easier to break down all the stages of repair in a new building into small tasks. This approach will prevent force majeure. You should start independent work on condition of knowledge of how to make repairs in a new building, and the ability to do this.

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