Interior design in shades of gray

Psychology interprets gray color in the interior as the color of calmness and wisdom. For registration of repairs, they began to choose it relatively recently. A light, translucent gray shade today is associated with a good sense of taste, it is a substitute for the once-actual beige color. It harmoniously combines with various furniture, sets off bright interior items well, and live plants look favorably against its background. Thanks to the neutrality that gray gives, bright accents can be added, thus making the renovation unique and recognizable.

Gray interior

Years earlier, beige was considered relevant for home decoration. It comes in many shades, from translucent to light chocolate, allowing for a variety of color solutions. Today gray has taken over the role of fashionable, stylish, modern color. Previously, this design could be considered cold, boring, monotonous and unemotional. Today it is characterized as a stylish, laconic color inherent in expensive things.

Of course, there are a huge number of shades of color, but among them several of the most attractive stand out.

  1. Pearl gray in the interior. The pearl is famous for its unique iridescent surface, which people have learned to successfully imitate. Beautiful overflows of gray can be used for furniture, decorative elements of the interior, and the ceiling.
  2. French gray in the interior. This shade is incredibly tender, which is why it got its name. It is perfect for rooms where you need to create coziness, but at the same time emphasize the impeccable taste of the owner.
  3. Warm gray in the interior. It does not have to be cold, this color also has warm shades. As a rule, it does not have the usual blue tone, but a little yellowish. Outwardly, changes are practically not visible, but the atmosphere immediately becomes more friendly, hospitable, homely. This option for painting walls or furniture is suitable for those who love beige or other light shades in the interior, but want to try something new.

Pictures and catalogs on the sites of building stores do not always correctly convey the saturation and shade of color, so it is better to choose a palette live.

Gray floor in the interior

If doing all the repairs in translucent gray tones is too much for you, then you can start with some individual elements. For example, a colorless floor will become a distinctive feature of the room and will refresh its appearance. The most popular flooring today is laminate.

Among its main features are:

Gray laminate in the interior will visually increase the space of the room and make it more spacious.

Gray furniture

The shades of this color are ideal for modern living rooms. If white is more often used to create a background, expand space, then gray tones give the room a special charm. Cool shades are suitable for more spacious rooms, where a sufficient amount of light enters through the windows. On the contrary, warmer colors are suitable for small rooms, where it is required, first of all, to create coziness and lightness.

As for the purchase and selection of furniture, here your imagination is not limited by anything. Gray has become so popular that it is as easy as possible to find furniture in this color, it is presented in any online store or retail outlet.

  1. Gray sofas and armchairs are very practical, therefore, purchasing them, you will not regret your choice. They look laconic, stylish, and immediately attract attention. Depending on the fabric, these furniture can be very easy to maintain. The gray sofa in the interior does not require special care, only periodic cleaning with chemical agents, which is carried out every few years.
  2. Chairs and tables. Colorless chairs go well with wood countertops or other furnishings. They can be made of plastic or fabric, have wooden or metal legs. Naturalness is in vogue, so gray furniture in an interior made of wood, metal and fabrics will become an expressive accent.

Carpets and textiles can be classified in a separate category. As a rule, they dilute the interior, so it is better to choose textiles in a contrasting color for gray furniture. To successfully cope with this task and not overdo it, contact the designer, consult with experts, or simply search for interior samples on the Internet.

Gray tiles in the interior

Decorating a bathroom in light shades is not a new idea. However, earlier this niche was completely occupied by beige color schemes. Today, the most popular tile color option is gray. Here you can vary the tones, pick up darker, richer hues, or focus on the layout of a light room. When renovating a bathroom, it is worth considering the peculiarities of furniture and bathtubs, choosing the right tiles for them.

For example, you purchased a dark gray tile. So that the bathroom does not look gloomy, you need to choose the rest of the room components as light as possible. In this case, there will be a contrast, thanks to which the general appearance will acquire an idea, will be original.

The most important thing is to correctly calculate the amount of tiles required so that it is enough to cover all the walls. The area may differ in different apartments and private houses. To calculate it correctly, be guided by the following points:

For example, take the average size of a square bathroom. The walls are 2.35 meters high and 170 centimeters wide.

one. Multiply 2.35 by 1.70 to get 3.9 squares.
2. We round the resulting number to 4, take into account a small margin.
3. Next, we multiply the resulting square by the number of walls: 4 by 4, and we get 16 squares.


Also calculate the floor area: for this we multiply 1.70 by 1.70 and get 2.89. Round to three squares. The total is 19 square meters of the bath.

It is advisable to round off the figures obtained, since during the laying process, the tiles can crack, fall, break. Therefore, you always need to have at least one extra square in stock.

Thus, you can calculate the area of ​​any room and calculate the required amount of paint for walls, wallpaper, tiles and other facing materials.

Gray wall in the interior

Sometimes an interesting, unusual solution is used in the overall design of an apartment – one wall is painted gray. This can be wallpaper, decorative tiles, or just paint applied to the aligned wall. Typically, this idea helps to highlight some of the accent pieces of the interior. For example, a bright sofa or a dining area can be located under a gray wall.

Coloring several walls in a different color also helps to visually divide the room into zones without erecting additional walls.

The combination of gray in the interior

In some cases, it is inappropriate to make absolutely the whole room in one, gray color. For example, you want to prepare a stylish nursery or make a warm, cozy living room by combining different shades with each other.

The combination of gray with other colors in the interior is possible, since this tone is very calm, neutral, which allows you to create unique combinations.

The most suitable for combination with gray are:

Of course, in some individual cases, any of the above combinations may be inappropriate. That is why it is important to consult with professionals, choose colors correctly, be able to combine them correctly. A designer’s interior is significantly different from an amateur one.

The combination of gray in the interior of the kitchen

The kitchen should be practical and versatile, but stylish and modern at the same time. Gray kitchen furniture has several advantages:

Gray color in the interior of the kitchen can be combined with different materials and shades. Light wood is best suited for such furniture, which creates contrast.

Gray bedroom interior

The sleeping room should be dominated by calm shades that tune in to rest and relax. Combining gray in the bedroom interior with other neutral tones is a great solution. Please note that textiles predominate in the bedroom, and less lit rooms are usually chosen for it. Therefore, it is important to think about good artificial lighting, and not choose too dark shades for decorating the room. For example, a gray bed in the interior can be covered with dark textiles. In this case, you can leave the rest of the furniture dark, and lighten the walls or paint them in a different color.

Gray room design

Correct and competent combination of different colors, shades in the interior is a difficult job. As a rule, designers work on interior design for a long time, trying to take into account all the nuances, to make combinations of different shades harmonious. Seeking a professional is always a good decision, especially if you want a well-thought-out, functional and well-organized space.

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