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Loggia balcony design

Balconies and loggias have long ceased to play the role of storage rooms in apartments. Today, special attention is paid to their design during repairs. This small space can be a real highlight. What design of the balcony to choose is up to the owners. With proper planning and design, it can become a separate room.

The question of which design of balconies and loggias to choose is of interest to many apartment owners. Setting up may take time, but trust me, it’s worth it! Photos of the design of the balcony in the apartment will help you make the right choice.
Balcony design inside The
balconies in apartment buildings are small. But even this is not a hindrance to make a beautiful design of the balcony inside. Different wall coverings will help you achieve a stunning effect. One wall can be laid out with decorative stone, and the rest can be painted.
As for the design of the balcony inside, the photos clearly show that you can make an independent room out of it, if, of course, space allows. Or remove the partition by combining the space with the adjoining room, expanding the area of ​​the latter. The design of the balcony, loggia has many options.
1. Nursery. When setting up the playroom, lay a carpet. Hang shelves for toys on the walls. Older children here will be happy to be creative.
2. Cabinet. If the work is connected with a computer, it is easy to equip a personal study on the balcony. You don’t need a lot of space for a table, a chair. A large window will provide a constant source of natural light.
3. Kitchen. An excellent solution for one-room apartments. In this case, the kitchen provided by the project can be converted into a bedroom, and instead of a loggia, a kitchen can be made. True, the difficulty lies in the transfer of communications. This is solved by installing a compact headset. Choose a folding table to save space.
4. Dressing room. Saves space in the room. Arranging a dressing room on the balcony will allow you to abandon the installation of a bulky wardrobe in the bedroom. Be sure to make sure that the shelves are closed with doors, a screen, otherwise things will quickly burn out.

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Balcony design inside: photo

Balcony design from the outside
It is equally important how the structure looks from the outside. Outside balcony design should not be boring. Modern buildings dictate their own conditions for the design of balconies. Metal frames with glass inserts or multi-colored translucent plastic look great. For an old building, a forged lattice is suitable. A flower combination will perfectly complement the decor.
An important nuance is glazing. If the question of insulation is not worth it, and in the cold season it is not planned to use the balcony space, “cold” glazing will do. It will protect against dust, precipitation, wind. Looks great! The following options are relevant.
1. Frameless structures. An obstacle in the form of vertical posts, graceful, almost invisible. Consists of individual canvases that slide on vertical surfaces.
2. Swing doors. Usually wood is used as a material.
3. Swivel, sliding systems.
With “warm” glazing, the most appropriate option is plastic double-glazed windows. They will provide heat and sound insulation. A wide range will enable you to choose the most suitable design. Unusual glass – stained glass, tinted will give a zest. You can use not the whole structure, but its fragments. This design of the balcony in the apartment looks amazing.
Small balcony design
Do not be upset if the area of ​​the balcony room is not very large. The most important rule when designing a small balcony is to use all the space to its advantage. If you need furniture, it is better to give preference to built-in wardrobes located in a niche, folding furniture, tables and so on. It is also possible to arrange a place for rest, work or other purposes. Remember that the most important thing is not to clutter up the place with unnecessary items
Design of a small loggia
Small size is not at all a reason to abandon the arrangement of a beautiful loggia. Here you can arrange a space for relaxation by putting a couple of ottoman armchairs and a low table. The design of a small loggia assumes maximum space savings. On the walls, you can equip open shelves, a free corner can be set aside for a rack or a small cabinet. If desired, it is easy to arrange a work area. Just before that, take care of insulation, additional lighting.
Narrow balcony design
The design of a narrow balcony has its own characteristics. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the room, standard furniture will have to be abandoned – here it simply will not fit. It is most expedient to carry out redevelopment by combining the loggia with the room to which it adjoins. Another option is to equip a flower gallery here and plant your favorite plants.

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Tricks from designers will help to create the appearance of a wide space:

  • removal will help expand the usable area;
  • when glazing, give preference to sliding windows;
  • light bamboo blinds, light-colored roman blinds are suitable as curtains;
  • light finishing building materials expand the room visually;
  • the color design of the balcony will visually increase the space in the same style as the room to which the balcony is adjacent;
  • the glossy surface looks very impressive, attractive, is capable of reflecting light, “pushing” the walls.

Balcony in Khrushchev: design

Before equipping a balcony, developing an interior design, it is necessary to assess the state of the structure. The houses are old, often in disrepair. Therefore, before coming up with a design for a balcony in Khrushchev, first strengthen the structure, secure it. If there is no glazing, take care of it. Next – insulate walls and floors. After that, you can safely start translating design ideas into reality.

The design of a small balcony in Khrushchev is very different. Alternatively, you can consider arranging a bar on a balcony area. The window sill will become the countertop. If the room is adjacent to the kitchen, it can be easily turned into a dining area. Having installed a sofa, wicker chairs, a table, you can spend time here with friends and family. Among the design ideas:

  • work cabinet;
  • children’s playroom;
  • flower garden;
  • boudoir;
  • workshop;
  • dressing room;
  • gym.

To embody any of the ideas, it is enough to fill the room with the appropriate accessories. With them, the interior design of the balcony will have a complete look.

Open balcony design

A non-glazed loggia can become a cozy place for a pleasant pastime. Even if the structure is open, the design of the loggia can be chosen in such a way that it becomes a real highlight of your apartment. Before starting the design, it is worth removing all unnecessary from the room. Pay attention to the condition of the front wall, if necessary, “update” it. You can use any finishing materials – from wallpaper to artificial stone. The same goes for the floor, decking or tiles will do.

If there is an open balcony, the design must be thought out carefully. It is better to choose simple, concise and comfortable pieces of furniture. For example, a small table, armchairs made of vines. Or poufs, which will be comfortable.

How to decorate a balcony additionally? Landscaping will give special comfort. Remember that the balcony is open, so it is better to choose sun-loving plants that will not wither under the scorching rays. Accessories will be the finishing touch. There are no clear rules here – it all depends on your imagination. Remember that it is better not to overload the balcony with a lot of excess – this will steal the already missing space. Open balcony design in the photo:

Panoramic balcony design

Such glazing is considered the most modern, stylish solution. Such glazing makes it possible to bring the most sophisticated ideas to life. The peculiarity of such a balcony is that the outer walls are decorated with glass. The design of a panoramic balcony can be varied.

Loggia design begins with the choice of materials. Cork, laminate, stone are suitable for the floor. Materials, the texture of which is close to natural, look gorgeous on a panoramic balcony. There are no restrictions in the design of the walls – choose from a variety of colors, wallpapers. If you plan to arrange a greenhouse here, give preference to moisture-resistant building materials. For arranging a room, wood, wallpaper and more are suitable.

IMPORTANT! No need to choose glossy surfaces. The decision is unfortunate. Light will be reflected from the walls, which is already enough when using a panoramic view of the glazing.

Pay special attention to the color scheme. The rules are simple.

  1. When positioned on the north side, use light shades of the walls, darker shades of objects.
  2. Horizontal stripes will visually increase the space, dividing the walls into two parts with different materials or shades.
  3. If there is too much light, it is better to give preference to calm muted pastel colors in the design. A low-contrast drawing will do.

The finishing touch is furnishing. Consider the functions assigned to the balcony. It can be filled with poufs, put on a sofa, armchairs. On the walls – equip shelves. Furniture requirement – lightness, versatility, style consistency

Balcony design: photo

Today, balcony rooms do not play the role of a repository of unnecessary trash, but resemble a separate dwelling. Some of them are in harmony with the design of the rest of the rooms, made in the same style with them. Others are a separate area, with their own characteristic features. A beautiful, well-maintained balcony with a completed renovation is a decoration of the facade of any building. Interior design solutions enable the owners to spend time here.

Any balcony, even the smallest, unglazed one, can be stopped in a cozy place, a work of art, realizing your fantasies. Photos of the balcony design are presented below.

Loggia design: photo

Loggia is a place that can be used not only for drying clothes, storing old things. Having correctly arranged the space, it can be turned into a place where the whole family will be happy to relax, spend time, equip an office, a games room, a home gym. Loggia design can be very diverse.

A little furniture, and the loggia will become a favorite place for leisure. Don’t worry if you don’t have an extra sofa, chair or money to purchase them. You can replace them with improvised means. Chip up the boards, lay down a blanket, lay down pillows – a comfortable lounger is ready. Hand-made gives a lot of ideas for creativity. Hand-made tables, armchairs, shelves will express your individual style. Simple air curtains will add special comfort. Photo of the loggia design below.

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