Bathroom design: What are the key points to pay attention to?

When a bathroom is being renovated, the owners ask many important, pressing questions related to the interior. What is the best way to furnish a small or large bathroom? What wall color should you choose? What to look for when choosing flooring, furniture? Before embarking on the implementation of ideas, these moments need to be thought out to the smallest detail.

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Bathroom style - from modern to country

Everyone strives to decorate the room in the most appropriate style. This also applies to the bathrooms. The design requires careful thought. Bathroom interiors come in different styles:

1. Classics. Distinctive features – solidity, naturalness, majesty. Furniture – wooden, lamp – crystal. Sink, toilet bowl – made of natural stone. High quality porcelain will do.

2. Modern. Common style. Modern mass-produced products are used. This results in a relatively inexpensive cost. Built-in ceiling lights are often used, division into zones. Furniture, plumbing – comfortable, modern, functional.

3. Ethnicity. Popular style associated with nationality, community. Has characteristic features. The bathroom is designed in the style of Africa, East, Japan, Scandinavia. Typical objects, ornaments, furniture are used. The color scheme is the most diverse.

4. Country. Translated “village”. Unfired brick, natural stone, textiles, wicker baskets, decor with flowers are suitable.

5. Provence. Similar to the previous style, but associated with the French countryside. Provides for the presence of a small window with floral curtains. The presence of romance is felt in the details. There is no place for ceramic tiles, plastic panels. On the walls there is exclusively painted plaster, irregularities will give a special charm to the room. There is enough whitewash on the ceiling. The floor is trimmed with boards, painted with dark colors.

6. Hi-tech. Suitable for active modern people. The style is devoid of romance, filled with electronics. High manufacturability is the main characteristic. Materials – glass, chrome-plated metal, plastic, mirror.

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Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Bathroom renovation: where to start?

It should be understood that, depending on the planned work, repairs in the bathroom can be cosmetic, major. The first does not imply a large scope of work, it is done to “update”, “refresh” the room.

During the overhaul, a wide range of works is provided for replacing walls, floors, redevelopment (merging or, conversely, dividing a bathroom), selecting furniture, arranging a modern interior.

A few general rules that are recommended to be followed when making bathroom renovations:
• the floor is made slightly lower than in the corridor. This is able to protect the apartment in case of water breakthrough;
• the presence of an electric hood is required. Do not bother with the choice of something ultramodern (start relay, contacts for opening the door), a hood with a simple design is perfect. It is desirable that the switch is inside the room;
• installation of a leakage protection system. The condition should be met by default in modern bathrooms;
• sockets. Their number should be calculated in advance. Usually, sockets for a washing machine, hair dryer, electric shaver are installed inside the room, an exhaust switch is placed;
• doors to the bathroom, bathroom must be combined. Better steel handles, gilded spraying wears out rather quickly, does not look aesthetically pleasing, can spoil the impression of a brand new repair;
• grouting. Better two-piece – lasts longer while maintaining a superior appearance.

Bathroom renovation: photo
Not sure which bathroom renovation is best for you? Take advantage of Internet ideas: look on the Internet or special catalogs for photos of bathroom renovations. It’s not a bad idea to go through the construction supermarkets.

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Bathroom interior

Bathroom designs are varied. The choice depends on many factors. The size of the room plays a key role in this.

Small square

If the size of the room is not too large, the possibilities for creating design solutions are limited. You can endlessly “play” with the redevelopment of walls and partitions, it is too costly and laborious. An affordable option is to think over the layout, design of a small bathroom. Visible boundaries can be easily expanded with the help of visual effects, competent placement.

First of all, pay attention to the location of the plumbing. Perhaps the toilet is located far from the wall – you can move it to make space. With the presence of a bathroom, it is advisable to abandon the sink at all. Excess space is occupied by doors that open inward – you should reinstall, think about a retractable version – stylish, comfortable, modern.

Big square

If the dimensions allow, the design of the bathrooms can be very diverse. There are practically no restrictions, except, of course, the financial capabilities of the owners. But in this case, it is worth carefully considering the interior, choosing materials, furniture. You should not stuff the room with different little things.

Choosing finishing materials

Finishing materials must meet the criteria for quality, durability, and be moisture resistant. Over the years of use, marble, mosaic, and ceramic tiles have been able to prove the practicality. With their help, they embody any design ideas, equip a bathroom in any style: from classic to ultramodern.

The tree is suitable for large rooms, but in limited quantities. The material is afraid of moisture, the application requires additional special processing. Otherwise, the appearance will deteriorate soon.

IMPORTANT! When choosing a material, you should pay attention to quality, smoothness. The higher the last criterion, the more traumatic the material will be – in humid rooms this is unacceptable.

Variety of choices

Bathroom decoration is a personal matter, depending on the preferences of the owners. The easiest option is to choose a tile. But lately, designers tend to move away from the stereotypical solution. What are the finishing options available for this room?

  1. Tile. Bathroom design with tiles is considered standard. Today there are many options for this finishing material for every taste and color. The main advantages are hygiene and durability. Ceramic tiles are not afraid of temperature extremes, high humidity, they are easy to care for. New offers from leading manufacturers appear on the market, the choice is really large.
  2. Porcelain stoneware. Outwardly, it resembles a tile, but, unlike it, has improved properties. The material has rich patterns, deep shades, anti-slip structure, so it is more preferable as a floor covering. If the porcelain stoneware is laid correctly, the design of the bathroom will be simply amazing, you can bring the most daring ideas to life.
  3. Marble. With it, the finish of the bathroom looks gorgeous, flawless. Excellent expensive material will make the bathroom look luxurious. If you dream of a chic, sophisticated interior, marble is what you need. True, it is worth considering the complexity of the work, the high cost.
  4. Paint. The most budget-friendly option to renovate your bathroom. But don’t think that painted walls look cheap. If you choose the right paint (moisture resistant), palette, you can create a rather stylish interior.
  5. Wallpaper. Of course, this should not be the usual wallpaper, which is used to paste over the walls of rooms. The humidity in the bathroom is constantly increased, the walls are not protected from splashing water. Therefore, the wallpaper should be chosen as moisture resistant as possible. It is worth considering that it will have to be updated every 3-4 years. But thanks to the finishing material, the interior of the bathroom can turn out to be original and exclusive.

These are far from all the options for finishing the bathroom, they can be listed endlessly. The choice depends on financial capabilities. If your budget is tight, opt for conventional plastic panels. They are inexpensive, they look quite original. If you have the money, you can equip a room with a granite finish. Spectacular modern material – microcement, with the help of which you can create a very original, unique design.

Shower VS bathtub?

Which is better – a bath or shower? Both options have undeniable advantages and disadvantages. It is good if the size of the room allows you to install both accessories.

A bathtub can be in many ways more convenient, more practical than a shower cabin. If there are small children in the house, they will not exchange water procedures, splashing in a comfortable large bathroom for a shower. Adults sometimes want to soak up after a hard day at work, relax in warm water with the addition of aromatic oils, foam, sea salt. It is convenient to wash things, wash your dog’s paws, store things in a niche. Cons of baths:

  • take up space;
  • require more water consumption.

The choice of baths is wide. Products of different sizes, designs (round, corner, square) are presented. Users are provided with a wide choice of material of execution: the usual ceramics, unusual stone baths. Plumbing can transform any interior, become a real highlight.

The design of a bathroom with a shower cabin is no less varied. An excellent solution for rooms with a small area. The cabins are practical. The simplest option would be shower enclosures. The shower area is equipped separately, tiled, complete with a door.

If desired, a bath, shower room is combined. A glass door is ordered separately, the bathtub serves as a shower tray. The option looks stylish. It is convenient, practical and ergonomic.

Finishing touch – furniture

Bathroom furniture is not easy to choose. Selection criteria:

  1. The size of the room. The most important factor influencing the choice. The dimensions of the room determine what kind of furniture is suitable, the arrangement of the elements.
  2. Versatility. It is important that the use of furniture is convenient for family members. So, if there are children in the house, it will be impossible for them to reach the necessary object on a high cabinet.
  3. Form, materials. For a small room, the choice is limited. Compact, small furniture that is functional will do. A wardrobe with a mirror would be an excellent option. It is important that the furniture is not afraid of water and steam.

Taking into account the rules, you can pick up beautiful, functional furniture – it will help transform the design of the bathroom, make it original and memorable.

Which furniture to choose?

There are different types of furniture for the bathroom. But the most useful, most importantly, convenient, are:

  • hanging bedside tables, wardrobes:
  • floor cabinets, pencil cases;
  • furniture on legs.

If the bathroom is too small, hanging furniture is the best option. It is compact and will help save valuable space. Wardrobes, bedside tables are functional, they will help to hide communications, hide unnecessary things. The furniture is relevant for any bathroom.

A base cabinet without legs, with a hole for the sink, will perfectly perform several functions: it will hide pipes, a siphon, serve as a place for household chemicals, and will become an excellent stand for a washbasin.

It is better to choose furniture with legs. It is easier to remove water from under objects, this will significantly extend the service life. The pencil case is ideal for storing linen, towels, soap accessories. It is equipped with many shelves, drawers, baskets. For small rooms, compact sizes of pencil cases are selected.


The final look of the bathroom depends on many things and decisions. When planning your bathroom renovation, be sure to consider how you want the bathroom to look. Be sure to consider the size. Think over the interior in order to make the most efficient use of the usable area. Particular attention is paid to the area around the washbasin. The final look depends on whether you choose a pedestal or a pedestal under the washbasin, or make it mounted. The same goes for baths, shower stalls. A mirror should be combined with the overall design, a wardrobe should be in shape, style should be paid attention to when choosing.

Little things can play an important role in the overall look of the bathroom. The most correct solution is to create a sketch, a drawing of the future room, which will become the starting point for drawing up the final project of a stylish, functional, comfortable bathroom.

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