Clothing store design - nuances and features

For most customers, especially the beautiful half of humanity, not only the assortment of fashionable, beautiful things provided at the outlet is important, but also the design of the clothing store. According to statistical studies, the competent design of the premises can increase the level of sales by twenty percent.

  • From 27 USD / m2 design project development
  • 7 Designers with an absolute sense of style
  • More than 350 projects in 15 years of work
  • 60% customers come by recommendation

Clothing store interior - highlights

For the correct selection of the style in which the interior of the clothing store will be sustained , it is required to proceed from its direction. For example, the design of a men’s suits salon must be restrained, strict, and the design of an evening dress boutique can be luxurious and festive. You need to choose the finish based on the main target audience. That is, if a point of stock items is planned, there is no need to decorate it with stucco or ethno-motives.

It is also recommended to choose a color scheme based on the products sold:

  • the business suits department is best done in gray shades;
  • for everyday outfits, many prefer calm, pastel colors: beige, milky, light green, blue;
  • for sportswear, a brighter, juicy color palette is applicable: deep blue, yellow, red.

When creating a design for a clothing store, the main thing is to strictly maintain a balance and not to decorate, finish too flashy, so as not to distract the attention of customers, to distract them from the product.

Women’s clothing store design

The showcase plays a major role in the design of a women’s clothing store . Its purpose is to intrigue passing young ladies, as if to invite them to look inside. The showcase is the face of the boutique, which allows you to get acquainted with the best products available in the range. But here you also need to be careful: you should not expose too expensive samples for demonstration, this can scare off the middle class of clients. An extraordinary, original showcase, stylish interior of a women’s clothing store will surely attract new customers. The design of a women’s clothing store, the photos below will demonstrate interesting, memorable options.

Cost of implementation of objects turnkey

White box
от 299$
for м2
от 499$
for м2
от 850$
for м2
Premium (+all)
от 20$
for м2

Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Boutique interior - design nuances

When designing the interior of a boutique, it is important that it be unique, unlike other showrooms and shops. It is possible to combine several styles here, for example, classics with glamor or retro with modern trends. Eclecticism will help to create an exclusive author’s decor that clients will love and remember.

If the interior of a small clothing store is being developed , it is better to opt for light shades of your own, they will help to visually increase the space. Dark colors can be used on some items.

Bright, product-specific lighting will help focus consumers’ attention. Shelves and mannequins are illuminated from below, and the overall illumination can be somewhat subdued.

As you can see, the design of a point of sale selling wardrobe items is a very delicate and responsible business, which is better to entrust to professionals.

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