Coffee shop design, cafe design and bar design as a means of generating profit

Creating a design project for a cafe is not about choosing the color of the walls or the font in the menu. By design is meant a set of techniques used to maximize the owner's profit with the lowest possible investment. These may include the size of the premises, the organization of the workspace, and the choice of your style and design.

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Coffee shop design - comfort and coziness

A well-designed interior of a cozy cafe will be comfortable for staff and attractive to visitors. In the format of a cafe, which implies the preparation of not only drinks but also dishes, it is worth considering the place for storing and preparing food, as well as a place for washing dishes. The design developed for such a cafe, the photo of which is shown next, considers all these features.

If we consider the design of a small coffee shop, then all areas related to the preparation of products can be excluded. All that remains is the welcome area, the checkout area, and the bar, which can be combined behind the bar counter. If this design is chosen for the coffee shop, then the main hall may consist of a couple of tables and barstools at the counter. The typical design of a coffee shop, the photo of which can be seen next to it, implies the allocation of space for a toilet room and a small utility room.

The interior design of the cafe depends entirely on the chosen direction in style. It is often recommended to use pastel and light colors. It is psychologically difficult for a person to stay in bright, flashy shades for a long time. The design of a cafe should include both large elements (furniture, lighting, room colors) and small ones (additional light sources, figurines, mobile suspensions, paintings, landscaping elements).

Even an inexpensive cafe interior is designed to be remembered and encouraged to make purchases. The atmosphere of friendliness and unobtrusiveness is quite achievable even in modest areas. The cafe, the interior of which is thought out from the point of view of the staff’s work, will be remembered by the speed of service. The interior decoration, rich in interesting elements, will delay the client to see everything. A place for a photo zone with memorable decor will bring additional advertising and mentions. You can see a great example of such a cafe in the photo below.

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  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The whole package “WhiteBox” +

  • Planning solutions, plumbing and electrical wiring plan
  • All floor coverings
  • Wall painting and wallpapering
  • Installation of fine plumbing
  • Installation of electrical accessories and lighting devices
  • Plinth installation
  • Installation of entrance and interior doors

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Cafe interior

An example of the design of a cafe

To choose the interior of a cafe, you need to decide on the style and direction of the institution. It should include alluring elements, zoning, the right color scheme, and the right furniture selection.

Classic style. A cafe, the interior of which is designed for the use of a large amount of wood, always looks advantageous. Also used are fabric draperies with light shades. Another element is the presence of stucco molding.

Modern style. This cafe interior design is made in gray and white tones with the addition of black, blue, and purple accents. All this is diluted with various highlights and the presence of various technological details.

Minimalism. This inexpensive cafe interior is designed to make the most of all the furniture. In terms of decor, they do not use a large number of components.

Marine theme. This cafe design project is not complete without the use of green and blue interior colors in various variations and shades. It also uses elements from wood, rope, and other nautical themes.

The correct selection of interior decoration will promote the establishment and attract new guests. The design of a coffee shop, a photo of which can be posted on the website or used in advertising, will become the hallmark and distinguishing feature of the restaurant.

Coffee shop design

Кофейня в стиле лофт

The correct design of a coffee house forms its image and reflects the principles of work. The most popular are several design elements that help create coziness and zoning the room.

Small coffee shops usually include large panoramic windows that increase the space and allow you to add lighter. In terms of color schemes, all shades of brown are often used, which give direction to the coffee theme.

Mini coffee shop designs often include chalkboards. They usually display the menu in a style appropriate for the establishment. This adds charm and flavor to the overall space.

The design for the coffee house is selected considering its features. As a rule, in addition to drinks, you can order various types of pastries or other sweets there. Therefore, it is best to use furniture for separate areas with soft and fabric finishes.

Coffee shop design, cafe design, and bar design as a means of generating profit

The design and interiors of establishments play an important role in their popularity and advertising. The design of the cafe should fully follow the concept and direction of work. Therefore, it is best to take the help of professionals to create the interior of a new place or to reorganize an old one.

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Bar design

Бар в современном стиле

The classic understanding of a bar is based on the presence of a bar counter, which must be decorated in accordance with all the rules and considering the concept of the institution. The design of the bar is aimed at a cozy atmosphere and friendly gatherings in a noisy company. It can be designed in several ways.

Modern style. This is a cafe design, the bar of which is decorated with the addition of glass elements, lighting, and various technical components. The chairs next to the counter are made of metal and the colors used are gray, blue, or black.

Minimalism. Such an interior of a cafe, bar, and the entire premises of the establishment is popular and profitable. Visitors are happy to come there to take a break from the hustle and bustle in a pleasant environment.

If we talk about alcoholic bars, for example, pubs, then it is best to use wood in its various shades for the interior.

Cafe design in Kiev

Our experts can help you design and implement the interior of a cozy cafe. We are engaged in planning and will help you choose the design style in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

If you don’t know which cafe interior to choose, photos of finished projects will help you decide. We will tell you in detail what each element is needed for, and what function they perform.

When developing a cafe project, it is worth considering several factors:

  •         the possibility of visual or physical enlargement of the room;
  •         lighting level;
  •         working direction;
  •         find your favorite cafe design, photo, or description for a better understanding.

You can order a registration service from us by phone or by leaving a request on the website. We will help you design a small cafe to attract customers or expand your existing audience.

In the course of the work, we strictly follow the approved project and deadlines. At each stage, we send a report to the client on the progress of the process. To keep the owner informed of all developments.

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