Coffee shop design, cafe design and bar design as a means of generating profit

Creating a design project for a cafe is not about choosing the color of the walls or the font in the menu. By design is meant a set of techniques used to maximize the owner's profit with the lowest possible investment. These may include the size of the premises, the organization of the workspace, and the choice of your style and design.

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Coffee shop design - comfort and coziness

A well-designed interior of a cozy cafe will be comfortable for staff and attractive to visitors. In the format of a cafe, which implies the preparation of not only drinks, but also dishes, it is worth considering a place for storing and preparing food, as well as a place for washing dishes. The design developed for such a cafe, the photo of which is shown next, takes into account all these features.

If we consider the design of a small coffee shop, then all areas related to the preparation of products can be excluded. All that remains is the welcome area, the checkout area and the bar, which can be combined behind the bar counter. If this design is chosen for the coffee shop, then the main hall may consist of a couple of tables and bar stools at the counter. The typical design of a coffee shop, the photo of which can be seen next to it, implies the allocation of space for a toilet room and a small utility room.

The interior design of the cafe depends entirely on the chosen direction in style. It is often recommended to use pastel and light colors. It is psychologically difficult for a person to stay in bright, flashy shades for a long time. The design of a cafe should include both large elements (furniture, lighting, room colors) and small ones (additional light sources, figurines, mobile suspensions, paintings, landscaping elements).

Even an inexpensive cafe interior is designed to be remembered and encouraged to make purchases. The atmosphere of friendliness and unobtrusiveness is quite achievable even in modest areas. The cafe, the interior of which is thought out from the point of view of the staff’s work, will be remembered by the speed of service. The interior decoration, rich in interesting elements, will delay the client to see everything. A place for a photo zone with a memorable decor will bring additional advertising and mentions. An example of this is the interior of a cafe, the photo of which is placed next to it.

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Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The whole package “WhiteBox” +

  • Planning solutions, plumbing and electrical wiring plan
  • All floor coverings
  • Wall painting and wallpapering
  • Installation of fine plumbing
  • Installation of electrical accessories and lighting devices
  • Plinth installation
  • Installation of entrance and interior doors

The whole package “Typical without furniture” +

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Cafe interior - the main places of cost and savings

Separating the directions “design for a coffee shop” and “design of a bar”, nevertheless, they are one and the same direction in the provision of catering services, but in its different forms. Establishments of this kind consist of two obligatory main parts: the premises where the services are rendered, and the auxiliary premises.

main hall

A cafe project, regardless of its size, necessarily includes this part. It can be divided by walls or otherwise zoned into:

  • a welcome area for guests;
  • bar area;
  • checkout area;
  • hall with seats;
  • wardrobe, toilet for visitors.

When designing the design of a mini coffee shop or bar, it is important to assign your place to all these zones. Part of the functions can be performed by the bar counter itself – to combine the functionality of the welcome area, cash desk and bar. In the warm season, it is logical to use the adjacent territory to accommodate guests or a welcome zone. The design of the cafe, the photo of which is shown next, implies just such a merger.

Utility rooms

Considering the interior of a cafe, these include:

  • loading and unloading area;
  • food warehouse, refrigerator (if available);
  • kitchen;
  • service rooms for staff, service toilet.

The design of a small cafe may provide for the merging of several zones, but it is important to remember that there should be enough space for the comfortable work of the staff.

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Bar design – stylish minimalism

What is the difference between a cafe bar interior and a cafe interior layout? A bar usually implies a long bar counter with bar stools. Please note that in this case, the visitors sit quite high, which means that the decorative elements should be placed at the appropriate height.

Often times, the bars have a muted color scheme. Such an institution usually begins its work in the afternoon, which means that you cannot count on natural light. Skillfully using light sources for zoning space, you can highlight the following.

  1. The common area is a bar counter where orders are made and drinks are prepared. The calculation also takes place there.
  2. Private areas are small tables with separate lighting. If possible, such zones can be fenced off with at least an island of artificial greenery. Unfortunately, bars are often too dark for natural greenery.
  3. Entertainment area. Depending on the specifics of the bar, these can be sports machines, game elements (a dartboard, billiards) or an area for joint viewing of broadcasts.

The cafe bar can draw its design both from divisions by interests and from mass culture:

  • sports bars where game participants and fans gather;
  • bars with coworking areas;
  • bars in the style of science fiction and the cinematic universes.

Toilet as a business trigger for a cafe

For the sake of immediate benefit, the owners of the cafe save on the sanitary zone for visitors. These savings are predicated on future losses. The organization of infrastructure in cities is often such that it is difficult to find the most necessary. Searching for a toilet in the city brings visitors to a bar or coffee shop. This is where the unique chance for profit lies.

If the guest is alone, then it may be slightly uncomfortable for him to ask for access to the toilet. Here the task of the staff is to greet him as warmly as possible and, in the meantime, ask what drink to prepare for the client while he is busy. Human nature is such that, experiencing “little need”, we tend to make quick, spontaneous decisions. In 90% of cases, such a person will make an order.

When only one of the company needs to leave as needed, the rest have no choice but to look at the interior, the menu and, in the end, also place an order. In addition to profit, in this case, the cafe gets a reputation as a pleasant place where guests are always welcome and tasty.

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