How to design a children's room

In order for the child to do useful things and develop while at home, it is necessary to arrange the design of the children's room so that every element of it contributes to this. If the child has the opportunity to take part in the choice of wallpaper or furniture for the room, you should definitely listen to him. This is how your daughter or son will be able to express themselves, express their preferences or, conversely, dissatisfaction.

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Children's room design: nuances and tips

Of course, in addition to the child’s own desires and preferences, one should take into account the parameters and other features of the nursery itself. Each item, be it a wardrobe or a shelf, should be as convenient and comfortable as possible, and at the same time complement the interior of the children’s room.

Always consider the area of ​​the room so that you only equip it with the necessary things that will not clutter up the space. Pay attention to ceiling heights, wall widths, window sizes, and other details. In addition, the right choice of materials and colors will contribute to creating a favorable atmosphere for educational activities and recreation of the child.

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  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

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  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Children's room interior: basic rules

Many of the kids are allergic, which is why the choice of items for arranging a children’s room must be approached responsibly. Give preference to natural materials that will not harm the health of your child. This is especially true for floor coverings, because babies often love to spend time on the floor playing games.

Avoid sharp-edged objects that can injure you. Electrical wiring should also be insulated and, if there are outlets in the room, hidden from young toddlers.

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Convenience comes first

Both adults and children need a comfortable rest. Furniture for a children’s room, in particular a bed, should be ergonomic and comfortable. A compact option for a room is a bed consisting of two tiers. The kid has the opportunity to rest upstairs, and on the first tier, parents can install a desk, drawers and shelves.

Also, the beds are quite functional, under which there is a drawer. In it, the child will be able to store toys or other necessary things. If there is very little space in the room, install a miniature sofa that can be assembled immediately after the baby wakes up.


In order for the child to have his own place where he can learn lessons or engage in extracurricular activities, a special corner should be arranged for him. It is advisable to install the writing table in such a way that a lot of light comes to it. Many parents set up a workplace near the window. During the day, the child can study, read or draw under the daylight, and in the evening he will be helped by a lamp, which should also be placed on the work surface.

Renovation of a children’s room : additional elements

Over time, the fashion for decorating nurseries changes, but there are things that remain unchanged. So, any nursery will not do without a sports corner, if the child does not attend additional sections that develop strength and endurance. The minimum sports equipment should be located in such an area. It can be a wall bar, dumbbells, a jump rope or a hoop.

To prevent the child from being bored in the room, equip it in the style of a favorite cartoon or a kid’s fairy tale. This can be a princess theme, sea voyages, animals, or superheroes. Renovation of a children’s room does not limit your imagination in flight. Consider all possible options with your child, express your preferences to the construction company and enjoy the result after a short period of time.

We decorate a room for a girl

A children’s room for a girl is a real fabulous corner, where a princess from an early age feels safe and comfortable. The space should be arranged so that it is easy for both parents and the girl to clean it. Little ladies especially love to twirl around in front of a mirror, to do hairstyles not only for their dolls, but also for themselves. That is why furniture such as a table with a mirror, an ottoman or an armchair should be added to the interior of the nursery, where the baby can spend time alone with herself, taking care of her own appearance.

As for the colors, it is not worth giving preference to too bright colors or, conversely, dull ones. Designers recommend decorating nurseries for babies in calm, noble colors. These can be colors such as light green, silver, yellow, or cream. To prevent the room from looking too boring, a bright, juicy accent can be made on certain sections of walls or furniture. A soft, fleecy carpet of a small size, which can be placed in the middle or near the bed, will help to decorate and make the room cozier.

Space zoning

Repairs in the nursery where the girl will live should be carried out taking into account the zoning. First of all, you should determine where the child’s workspace will be located, as well as the bed for sleeping. Next, figure out where to place:

  • chest of drawers or basket for toys;
  • area for games;
  • sports corner (optional);
  • wardrobe or chest of drawers for clothes;
  • other pieces of furniture.

When choosing and installing a bed, take into account that children from 4 years old need a bed more than they had before. The standard size that will be comfortable for a girl is 180×90 cm. It is better to give preference to natural types of wood, which can be supplemented with forged elements.

Practicality and aesthetics

A girly space should be beautiful and graceful. Decorating a room with various elements is an important part of the renovation. Choose classic furniture that will not bother the child for a long time, because preferences tend to change over the years.

If the little lady especially loves some cartoon or fairy tale character, buy decorative elements with him in the room. Wallpaper or large furniture, which is decorated in a certain style of the hero, is more difficult to replace over the years, but small figurines or the same bedding are much easier to replace.

Decoration of a children’s room for a boy

Specialists of a construction company can design a children’s room for a boy in any style. Most often, parents prefer options in a modern style or high-tech. The space for the boy can be decorated in any theme. It can be:

  1. space;
  2. sea ​​travel;
  3. computer games;
  4. football;
  5. cartoon or comic book characters;
  6. cars.

If your child dreams of becoming a pilot or astronaut, conquering the sky or its limits, give him a piece of his dream. Children’s room for a boy can be made in blue tones with elements of futurism. Walls can be trimmed to resemble the side of a spacecraft or the cockpit.

In addition, children’s panels perfectly complement the panels. For an amateur astronomer, on such an element, you can place a map of the starry sky or certain constellations. If your child is not interested in any of the above hobbies, furnish the room in a classic style. Shades of beige, brown, gray, green or blue will definitely appeal to a boy of any age. They are able to calm down and not distract the child.

Furniture and play area

Just like girls, boys need to be provided with all the conditions for a comfortable stay in a private room. In this case, the set of furniture is almost no different from what young ladies need. Install a wardrobe for your baby’s clothes, a chest of drawers for toys, and a desk in the room. A sports corner for boys is especially important, because physical activity develops in them such qualities as endurance, strength, courage, which is extremely important for future men.

If possible, set as much space as possible for your baby to play. Considering that boys love to play cars and other games that require a lot of space, it is worth giving them the opportunity to enjoy children’s pleasures.

How is the design of the nursery

The design of the children’s room, regardless of whether it is for a girl or for a boy, occurs in stages. First of all, specialists create the layout of the future premises. A plan is applied to a sheet of paper, according to which the repair will be carried out. A diagram is created that demonstrates the placement of each item that will be in the room. Thanks to the development of such a plan, the possibility of making mistakes or unnecessary actions during the repair process is minimized.

The second stage involves determining the color scheme of the nursery. Here, the designer, together with the client, determines which basic shade will prevail in the design, and where accents should be made. In addition to this point, it should be noted that lighting plays an important role in arranging a room. Light sources should be located in such a way that the child is comfortable in the room both during the day and at night. In addition to bright accents in the form of furniture or individual decorative elements, light reflections attract attention.

The last and final stage of the renovation involves the selection of furniture. If there is little space in the nursery, choose compact and multifunctional items. The bed should be soft and appropriate for your child’s height. Make sure that opening and closing cabinets does not cause injury or inconvenience to the child.

Examples of room decoration for children

Our company has been specializing in construction work for more than 15 years, so experienced specialists during this time managed to equip children’s rooms, the design of which was developed taking into account all the wishes of customers. The photo below shows the design of the girl’s room, which was brought to life by the employees of the NSDgroup company. Calm tones, complemented by red accents, created an atmosphere of comfort and a fairy tale for the young princess. A miniature chest of drawers with a mirror will allow the little beauty to take care of herself and keep all the most necessary things and accessories at hand.

The children’s room, the photo of which you see, is perfect for teenage boys. Restrained colors do not make the design heavier, but, on the contrary, create an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. Wardrobes and a large soft bed make you feel comfortable and cozy.

This children’s room, which is designed in the style of a modern loft, is truly versatile. Calm, warm shades make the child want to spend as much time as possible in his cozy “nest”. A work corner, a comfortable bed and design elements make the room multifunctional and fabulous in a special way.

Bringing your ideas to life with NSDgroup

We are a company with many years of experience that carries out repair and construction work in Ukraine. Thanks to the skill and experience of our employees, any corner of your house or apartment will turn into a place where you want to spend time constantly, enjoying the delights of a home environment.

In addition to nurseries for one child, we are able to develop the design of a children’s room for two children and carry out repair work, taking into account all your wishes and financial capabilities. Having chosen the best option for you, we will complete the work as soon as possible. Clients who have already used our services are satisfied with the work done and are pleasantly surprised by the result.

In a room equipped by NSDgroup specialists, your child will be able to spend time without any obstacles. We guarantee the most comfortable conditions so that the kid can play, learn lessons or just relax in his room with pleasure. You can calculate the approximate cost of work on our website.

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