Design of the corridor in the apartment:
long corridor design and other options

The first impression of a home is made by a corridor, so its design must be thought out to the smallest detail. Here we leave outerwear, shoes, umbrellas. It is important to correctly position the furniture so that the room looks uncluttered.

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Corridor renovation

Corridor repairs are done last. During work, construction debris accumulates here, dirt accumulates. When the room is freed from all that is superfluous, start the design thoroughly, because this is the first room when entering the house. If the bedroom is a personal space, then everyone can see the corridor.

First, measure the area, draw up a work plan, calculate the amount of materials required. You should not buy with a large margin – this is an unwise waste of money. Unused materials are usually left behind unnecessarily. Consider the amount of furniture and decor items. Use only the essentials. If the wardrobe does not fit, replace it with a coat hanger and a shoe rack.

Repair work must start from the ceiling. Its decoration depends on the style, the size of the room, the allocated budget and the taste of the owners. You can make repairs easier or implement the most daring decisions of designers.

Cost of implementation of objects turnkey

White box
от 299$
for м2
от 499$
for м2
от 850$
for м2
Premium (+all)
от 20$
for м2

Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Corridor interior

In recent years, minimalism has been popular in modern design. Simple functional furniture, lack of luxury items, proper lighting are all that is needed for this style. The color scheme is rather scarce. There are 2-3 shades. For those who like to stand out, other directions should be considered.

Country style will fill the space with the beauty of the village, unity with nature. Walls are often equipped with natural wood, natural stone. The flooring is also wooden. The design uses products with a floral pattern. Furniture in milky, olive, coffee colors. The interior is dominated by natural colors.

Repair in a high-tech corridor implies built-in objects, smooth surfaces. The floor is made of plain tiles or self-leveling. Colors prevail – gray, blue, white, green. Bright accents in decor items are allowed. Suspended or stretch ceilings. The presence of niches and metal decorations.

Loft style is an industrial trend. Brutal brick, concrete walls, imitation of stone and plaster are relevant.


  • high ceilings and good lighting;
  • wooden, metal floor;
  • exposed wires;
  • modern expensive furniture;
  • lack of unnecessary items;
  • natural materials and metal are used;
  • plastic is not appropriate here.

This style is loved by creative people.

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Types of ceilings

Curly ceilings are made of plasterboard. It can be combined with other materials. A structure of different heights is created, in several levels. The last level can be made from a stretch fabric. Then add spotlights – they look good over a large area and make it possible to zone the space.

The ceiling is usually made in white. If this solution seems boring to you, you can use a different color scheme from bright, dark or muted shades. The main thing is that it looks harmonious with the walls. The interior is perceived not as separate elements, but as a whole. If the design of the ceiling is complex, then the decoration of the walls is simpler. Everything should be smooth and tasteful.

You can make an ordinary flat ceiling. It can be in three versions:

  • from drywall;
  • tension;
  • prepared and painted.

For a small hallway, this is the best solution. The tensioner is the fastest to install. Has an inexpensive cost. If the area is small, the canvas will be without joints. It is better to choose a matte structure, satin.

Budget materials for ceiling decoration

The ceiling must be made of practical, durable materials. It is necessary to create the perfect combination with the entire style of living Hardware stores offer products in different price categories.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the corridor, repairs can be made on a budget. Use PVC boards. They are cheap, they are glued with ordinary glue. Can be mounted on a non-plastered surface. Large selection of colors. If the walls do not have enough height, then use mirrored tiles. This is the budget version of the mirrored ceiling.

Plastic panels with transverse laying will visually expand the space. They are attached directly to the surface or hangers. Tastefully selected colors will help you create an attractive corridor design in your apartment .

Materials for renovation

Drywall is the most demanded material. It is easy to install, no need to level the surface. With plaster, you can model any shape, create several levels, complement it with interesting lighting. Strong, durable, environmentally friendly. Provides sound insulation in the room. Best used for high ceilings.

Mirrored ceilings will increase the area, make the room more spacious. The light reflected in the mirror will create original lighting. Resistant to moisture and mildew. Perfectly combined with other finishing materials. Such a ceiling is very beautiful, but requires careful maintenance.

Stained glass mosaic on the ceiling will make the interior of the corridor rich and exclusive. The unique ornament will impress with its beauty and personality. Backlighting will create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, giving the room a certain color palette. This is an elite finish. Stained-glass windows look harmonious in expensive modern apartments.


Light sources in apartments are used not only for lighting, but also affect the overall style. Gone are the days when people were limited to only one chandelier. Modern apartments cannot be imagined without original lighting fixtures.

Directional ceiling lights project the eye towards a specific object. You can change the trajectory of lighting. Easy to attach, do not reduce space, suitable for low rooms.

LED backlighting is used for additional lighting and has a decorative function. Uses little electricity. If colored lighting is planned, you need to choose not very bright, otherwise such light will bring discomfort to the eyes of the household.

Lamps built into the top shelf of cabinets, arch, niche look harmonious and save space. They are mounted in a cut-in and surface-mounted way.

Chandeliers with lamps are a classic option. They have been used for many years. Go well with wall lights. To save energy, it is better to choose low wattage bulbs.

Color spectrum

It is better to design a narrow corridor in light colors. White is relevant for hallways without windows. It will add a touch of lightness and cleanliness to the interior, visually increase the area. Compatible with most styles. Beige walls will add warmth and coziness, make the atmosphere at home comfortable.

Gray and its many shades are very popular. Now he is not considered dull and nondescript. Discreet, elegant, soothing, it is used in many modern styles. Easy to match with vibrant colors. It is important to neutralize grayness with decorative elements. Then the corridor will turn out to be stylish and original.

Dark colors are suitable for voluminous hallways. It is better to have a window and good lighting in the room. In black or brown, the interior will look original and strict. Suitable for a bachelor business man’s apartment.

The orange color of the hallway will warm you with warmth and comfort. Warm colors contribute to a good mood and a charge of positive emotions. Reflects the cheerfulness of the owners of the home. The oriental style of the interior is combined with this color. The right lighting will highlight the beauty of the space. Use bright or light colors in apartments where children live. Complement with interesting decor elements. Create a pleasant, joyful atmosphere.

The main thing is not to overload the design of a small corridor with an abundance of colors. The longitudinal strip will increase the height of the room. Don’t use very dark colors.


Floor covering in hallways is exposed to heavy loads. It is necessary to choose a durable, washable material. It is also worth paying attention to the aesthetic appearance: the floor covering instantly catches the eye upon entering the house.

The budget option is linoleum. It has been used for many decades. It is important to apply it if you are making economical repairs to the corridor in the apartment . You can choose any color with imitation of tiles, laminate, wood. It can be thin and insulated. Differs in durability, fire safety. Easy to clean, absorbs noise, non-slip.

Now in many apartments laminate is laid on the floor. It is versatile, suitable for any room. It harmonizes well with other materials. Looks aesthetically pleasing, quick to assemble, easy to clean. Affordable.

Among the natural materials for the floor, parquet has proven itself well. Made of walnut, ash, oak. Wide range of colors and patterns. Creates a durable floor covering. Environmentally friendly material.

The perfect solution would be floor tiles for the corridor. It is necessary to choose one that is resistant to mechanical damage, non-slip, but not rough either. Tiles can be monochromatic, patterned, stone imitation. There are budget and luxury options. The surface must be leveled before laying.

Self-leveling floors are used in luxury apartments. Consist of a chemical mixture. Any creativity can be depicted on them. The drawing will not lose its appearance over the years. The material is durable, waterproof. This floor is cold. You only need to walk on it in slippers.

Repair of the corridor in Khrushchev

Apartments from the times of Khrushchev have a standard layout. The area is distributed sparingly. If you plan to repair the corridor in Khrushchev , you need to think about how to use the space ergonomically. Professional designers know a lot of tricks for the interior of small apartments. Even such a room can be made exclusive and as comfortable as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the area of ​​the corridor, you can remove the interior partitions. For redevelopment, you need to obtain permission. The expanded space gives more opportunities for the embodiment of brilliant ideas. But here we will talk about less costly repairs.

Imitation of brickwork is a good solution to make a modern renovation – the corridor will take on an interesting look. The brick is imitated by wallpaper, panels, plaster. The materials do not contain toxic substances. They do not require large financial investments. You can do it yourself.

Decorative niches will not only decorate the room, but also serve as shelves for vases, souvenirs, books. Built-in lighting will add a touch of romance to the interior. Niches are horizontal, vertical, non-standard shapes. Use mirrors. This is an important element when entering an apartment. The best option would be a floor mirror.

Renovate hallways with taste. Make your home beautiful, cozy, and unique.

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