Design of a one-room apartment:
renovation specifics and interior styles

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Design of a one-room apartment: features and interior styles

One-room apartments are in demand and popular. This is due to the affordable cost of housing. After the purchase, new tenants start to face problems. The first is the design of a one-room apartment. Many people often wonder how to decorate the interior in a modern, beautiful, and most importantly inexpensive way.

An important feature of small apartments is functionality because usually, the entire space is a living room, bedroom, work, and dining area. You can do anything there: eat, read, relax, work. In order to competently make a design for a 1-room apartment, some factors should be considered.

The main task of any designer is to visually expand the space. If not one person lives in the apartment, but a family, and also with children, the task is automatically complicated. It is necessary to organize the space so that each family member feels comfortable.

Interior of a one-room apartment

Initially, you need to choose a style for decoration. It can be absolutely anything, it all depends on your taste preferences and desires. To better understand the concept and choose the design of a one-room apartment, photos with descriptions will be the best example.

An example of the design of a single room in the style of minimalism

  • Minimalism. It is a mistake to believe that this style is associated with Spartan conditions. The utility factor must be considered here. All furniture should fulfill its function and not just stand there. For example, a sofa can be converted into a bed. This will help save space and floor space. In terms of color schemes, laconic colors and a minimum amount of decor are usually chosen.

Interior of a studio apartment in the loft-style

  • Loft. This style is gaining more and more popularity among young people. It can be perfect for a young couple or a single person. In general, this style assumes large areas, however, you can use individual elements that will make accents and references.

Scandinavian-style room decoration with zoning

  • Scandinavian style. This solution assumes the presence of light shades for the decor and a lot of light in the room. It will be a good option for a small apartment, as it will visually expand the space.

An example of a Provence style kitchen interior

  • Provence. Its use is entirely dedicated to creating a romantic mood. To create the interior of a one-room apartment in this style, it is necessary to use light colors and delicate decor options. The main area in this style is the kitchen. It will become so comfortable that you just don’t want to leave.

All of these examples are suitable for rooms of any size. Photos of apartment designs: LCD Boulevard Fountains, Eco Life, Blue Lake, st. Shcherbakov. The main thing is to decide on a budget and create a work plan to make repairs in a one-room apartment. Even in small spaces, you can create a cozy setting with the maximum level of functionality.


Cost of implementation of objects turnkey

White box
от 299$
for м2
от 499$
for м2
от 850$
for м2
Premium (+all)
от 20$
for м2

Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The choice of paints for renovation in a one-room apartment

When decorating the design of a one-room apartment, an important role is played by the color scheme. It should not be dim so that the space does not decrease even more. White paint will do. The main task of this shade is to visually expand the space. Light colors are also needed for furniture and decoration.

You can also focus on brightness. Buy a colorful sofa and match everything else. The color of wood or stone will do. Making repairs to a one-room apartment and using shades of yellow or blue, any apartment will become cozy and fashionable.

Repair in a studio apartment

Any finishing work begins with preparation for the process. To do this, you need to decide whether redevelopment will be carried out. How long the repair will take will depend on this process.

Then you need to prepare the room. This stage includes the dismantling of doors, the removal of old coatings, and the removal of debris. It is very important to carefully remove all the elements so that they do not interfere with the process. The next item is installation work. At this stage, the wiring of pipes, an electrician, the installation of partitions, a new entrance door, and windows are installed. After all the work is completed, a rough finish is underway. It consists in preparing surfaces for laying decorative elements. To do this, you need to level the walls and ceilings, putty them and carry out tiling work.

At the stage of finishing, the renovation of a one-room apartment turns into a creative process. It is necessary to choose materials and colors to create a unique style. Most often, owners use the minimalism style. It is very popular and involves the use of only those interior elements that will definitely be used.

If you want to hire specialists to renovate a one-room apartment, a photo of the room can be very useful. They will show the level of lighting that comes from the windows, whether it is possible to increase the space with redevelopment, and how to use the usable area.

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Design of a one-room apartment: the specifics of renovation and interior styles

Creating an interesting design for a one-room apartment is a kind of challenge for any owner. The main task is to accommodate everything you need on the existing square. It is necessary to correctly carry out zoning so that everything looks as harmonious as possible.

Design of each zone and life hacks

Renovation of a 1-room apartment follows the principle of creating a living room. The interior of the room is selected so that it is fully suitable for receiving guests. However, it is necessary to provide a place to sleep. It should also be complete and user-friendly.

Since such a room should have a place for rest, sleep, and work, zoning comes to the rescue.

This process consists in visually dividing the apartment into several zones:

  •         bedroom;
  •         kitchen;
  •         living room;
  •         working.

There are numerous options and life hacks on how to design zones and come up with a design for a one-room apartment.

Podium. This life hack will help you separate your room and dining area. The elevation, as it were, raises one area above another. Also, this technique is suitable for rooms with a combined balcony. In the resulting niche, you can make a work area, and leave the rest of the space for sleeping and relaxing.

Accent wall. Typically, this selection helps when creating zones for movie viewing. Cabinets and equipment are installed along with it, which harmoniously fit into the overall interior.

Decorative brick. This material for decoration will be an excellent solution for a loft-style interior. Bricks can be used to highlight the dining or living area. Large minimalistic lamps, shelves, paintings, and many other elements go well with them.

Glass partition for space zoning

Partitions. This technique is very popular. Since it helps to create a demarcation between the zones and does not make the space heavier. For these purposes, you can use racks, curtains, and drywall. Tall glass partitions have become popular. They are made of wood and do their job well.

All these elements are selected at the discretion of the owner of the apartment and depend on the area for work.

One-room apartment project

A one-room apartment, the design of which can be varied, is a great field for creativity. Our experts will help you create a project and choose the required interior option. All planning is carried out in stages.

  1.   Measurements. It is necessary to measure the entire room for the correct placement of furniture and the creation of accent elements.
  2.   Technical task. It includes all the wishes of the customer and the style of design and other information that will help in the work.
  3.   Creation of a volumetric model. It will show you how the apartment will look after repairs and furniture placement.
  4.   Style approval. The client must clearly understand what design of a 1-room apartment he wants and what color scheme to adhere to.

Contact our design company for help, and we will carry out all the necessary repairs and interior selection for your apartment.

How do we work on the design of a one-room apartment?

If you need a design for such real estate as a studio apartment, please contact NSDGroup. We work quickly, professionally and offer loyal prices.

We work according to a certain scheme when the customer needs the design of 1 room apartment. The main steps of our work are as follows:

Meeting with the customer. We discuss all the details – what you want to see as a result, what colors, what style, and much more.

Development by specialists of a design project and 3D visualization. The customer can immediately approve or ask for various adjustments, which are promptly carried out.

Choice of services and additional, if needed. We are ready to develop not only the design of a one-room apartment, photo examples of which you can find on this page, but also offer the selection of materials, accessories, furniture, architectural supervision, and much more.

Directly repairing a one-room apartment, a photo of the finished version of which the customer has already seen on visualization. It is carried out by a professional team in strict compliance with the design project.

Our design company will do everything the way the customer wants. The result is an interesting, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable one-room apartment interior.

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