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How an exclusive interior will modestly indicate your status

Elite apartment renovation is a special category of renovation work. It is very important to comply with the highest requirements not only for design but also for the quality of the tasks assigned.

The original style is a small part of all work, this category means a full-scale renovation.

Elite apartments in Kiev are distinguished by their original design project, which considers the unique technical features of individual premises. They most often fully comply with generally accepted European standards, which makes housing not only beautiful, aesthetic, but also multifunctional, comfortable for living.

Many associate elite renovations with the purchase of exclusive furniture, Venetian plaster, golden candlesticks. However, the most important thing is to carry out major work, with the replacement of outdated communications, and the complete elimination of problem areas.

Elite apartments in Kiev – stages of renovation

Premium class repair requires a special approach, careful selection of building materials that meet the highest quality, environmental friendliness, and exclusivity requirements. Also, great attention is paid to engineering communications, designer furniture, and interior items. Each design is unique.

The main stages of work that involve elite renovation:

  •         development of a design project, budgeting;
  •         redevelopment of the premises (if necessary, this includes the construction/dismantling of walls);
  •         work on the distribution of pipes for water supply, sewerage system, heating;
  •         the whole range of electrical work;
  •         dismantling of outdated windows with subsequent replacement with new ones;
  •         alignment of partitions, flooring;
  •         installation of a ceiling of any, even the most complex configuration;
  •         dismantling of old plumbing with further replacement with a new one;
  •         laying of flooring (mosaic, marble, solid wood, artistic parquet, etc.);
  •         decoration of the ceiling and walls (marble, mosaic, designer wallpaper, painting, decorative plaster, and much more);
  •         installation of lighting devices;
  •         finishing of a bathroom and a bathroom;
  •         installation of the interior, entrance, and balcony doors.

Elite apartment renovation - living room in a modern style

This is an incomplete list of works, if necessary, it is supplemented in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer. For example, it is possible to equip elite apartments in Kiev with Smart Home systems, to make custom-made fittings and interior items. The design can be supplemented with exclusive stained-glass windows, forged elements, finishing from natural stone and solid wood of elite species. For real professionals, nothing is impossible. Any customer’s idea will come true.

Cost of implementation of objects turnkey

White box
от 299$
for м2
от 499$
for м2
от 850$
for м2
Premium (+all)
от 20$
for м2

Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The main stages of repair in elite apartments in Kiev

When carrying out repairs in elite apartments in Kiev, the following stages are performed:

  •         complete replacement of outdated electrical wiring;
  •         dismantling of obsolete windows with subsequent glazing of the balcony, loggia;
  •         laying of flooring (laminate, parquet);
  •         demolition of each partition, installation of a new one (if necessary, redevelop the premises);
  •         alignment of walls, ceiling, and floor surfaces;
  •         installation of the ceiling. Elite interior design implies the presence of a stretch ceiling, in some cases, it can be multi-level;
  •         major dismantling of old plumbing equipment with further installation of new;
  •         provision of the premises with reliable, high-quality sound insulation of the walls;
  •         performance of wall cladding;
  •         major renovation works on finishing, arrangement of a bathroom, a lavatory;
  •         installation of a system with underfloor heating.

Exclusive interior design

Many property owners believe that luxury apartment renovation is a lot of gold, columns, pomp, and other luxury items. However, in practice, things are a little different. VIP design can be made in completely different styles – from baroque to minimalism or hi-tech. The main thing is high-quality materials from world brands and flawless performance of the task, as a result of which the apartment turns into a real work of art. A team of qualified specialists creates a unique atmosphere for each room, making it not only amazingly beautiful but also comfortable and functional for every family member.

There are several principles by which an elite interior design is created.

1. Individual approach to each project.

In relation to each customer, a personal approach is formed, considering his needs and wishes. These are not just expensively decorated rooms, but a combination of luxury (in the broadest sense of the term) and maximum comfort and functionality of each room.

2. Premium finishes.

The materials used for luxury designs cost an order of magnitude more than the finishes for a standard renovation. This is explained not only by the quality (solid wood of valuable species, natural stone, designer tiles) but also by the uniqueness. Wall murals, art paintings, and other items created in a single copy make the interior exceptional and inimitable. This can also include the work of sculptors, painters, wood craftsmen, and others.

The exclusive design of an elite apartment

3. Innovative technologies.

Elite apartment renovation in Kiev involves the use of the most modern technology. For example, in the kitchen, these are refrigerators and ovens of the world’s best brands. The bathroom has the latest plumbing fixtures and so on. The Smart House system completely organizes the work of all communications, electrical appliances.

4. Unique furniture.

Unique furnishings are another key to success in creating an exclusive design. It is either made to order in the workshops according to the author’s sketches or bought in the stores of the world’s leading brands.

You can also add here: well-chosen lighting, arrangement of additional rooms, and much more. Together, these principles make it possible to create not just an elite interior, but a truly unique dream apartment.


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This is the main, but not complete list of steps that must be performed when carrying out repairs in residential premises. An exclusive approach implies compliance with a large number of nuances of a particular apartment. Elite apartment renovation in Kiev implies the manufacture of fittings according to an individual project plan, as well as the placement of a variety of decorative inserts, including stained-glass windows, forged products.

Recently, renovation work has been based on the use of ecological materials, as well as interior furniture that is safe for human health. This includes flooring, European quality windows made of wood, as well as natural eco wallpapers, and more.

Exclusive interior design styles

The 21st century is considered the era of various styles, the introduction of exclusive design combinations into the interior. Today, there are several design projects that are popular among modern people.

  1.   Provence. Contains the charm of French cottages with immense lavender fields and romance. Vip apartment renovation in the style of Provence is the implementation of light masonry and pastel colors.
  2.   Minimalism. The name speaks for itself – the interior consists of a minimum amount of decor, a variety of elements, and colors. It is a functional, practical style that stands out for its aesthetic pleasure. Its main feature is elegance, restraint, brevity.
  3.   Loft. The American version of the elite interior, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of industrial features, namely: unfinished wall cladding, a lot of metal, and concrete. The style is well suited for apartments of impressive size, where residents with a modern outlook on life live.

Summing up the results of the VIP repair

Many people want to transform an apartment, creating their dream home, turning ideas into reality, but they do not know how this can be done. The only way to solve the problem is to carry out an elite apartment renovation in Kiev.

Where does the start of the transformation of an apartment begin? The whole process of VIP renovation begins with drawing up a general design project, defining the main style of the room. In addition, the following points must be considered:

  •         compliance with all generally accepted norms;
  •         selection of the optimal design for creating an exclusive interior;
  •         performance of work, based on individual preferences, wishes, down to the smallest elements.

Elite apartment renovation is a rather complicated, laborious process, which implies the presence of a large number of nuances. To create the perfect design, it is necessary to draw up a competent project, acquire high-quality materials and have knowledge in carrying out repair work.

Elite apartment renovation with stage-by-stage work: features and ease of use

Elite apartment renovation is a great way to emphasize the refined taste and status of real estate owners. It is created considering the preferences, wishes, and habits of the customer. But VIP renovation is not only a unique, exclusive interior design. This implies a full-scale range of works using premium materials, modern construction technologies, and the most careful approach to performing absolutely all tasks. Elite Kiev apartments are the best place for an exclusive VIP renovation. With its help, you can fully enjoy the comfort and functionality of your own home, while demonstrating an impeccable sense of style.

VIP renovation – recommendations for creating an elite design

As mentioned earlier, VIP apartment renovation implies the use of only the best, natural finishing materials, unique furniture, and interior items.

VIP renovation - exclusive bedroom design

Here are some tips on how to highlight an exclusive interior.

  1. Living room – a room where the whole family and guests gather. It is decorated most luxuriously. And this is not necessarily stucco and gilding. If the owners of the apartment prefer a modern style, the walls can be finished with wood and decorative plaster. The color scheme of the room is important – light colors bring peace and tranquility. Warmer shades can be used to create a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, special attention should be paid to the technological “stuffing” of the room. Household appliances should be from well-known manufacturers, modern and functional.
  2. The bedroom is a space for privacy, relaxation. Solid wood or artistic parquet is perfect for flooring. For wall decoration, a combination of materials is often chosen. As a rule, the wall adjacent to the head of the bed stands out.
  3. The bathroom is another place for relaxation. VIP renovation in this room will perfectly emphasize natural marble, it can be pink, white, and any other color. The main thing is that the shade is in harmony with the general style of the apartment. Exclusive designer tiles from world brands will also look great. The mosaic will look no less interesting. But the main thing is high-quality, functional plumbing equipment.

Elite renovation - bathroom in marble

The NSDgroup company has been working in the construction market of Ukraine since 2004 and during this time it was able to prove its own decency and conscientiousness to numerous clients. If you need an elite apartment renovation in Kiev – contact us. We strictly adhere to deadlines and implement even the most daring ideas. With us, a dream apartment is a reality!

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