House exterior and house facade design in detail

The exterior of a home is its exterior finish, providing aesthetics and protection. Each owner wants the house to look aesthetically pleasing, to meet modern trends, and the cost of finishing work was adequate. Facade design plays a basic role in the appearance of a home, but it also serves important practical purposes.

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What kind of exterior will decorate and protect your home

The visual perception of a home directly depends on the facade. New technologies, a variety of building and finishing materials make it possible to realize different author’s fantasies and effectively protect home ownership from the impact of the external environment, as well as, which is important, to increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Due to the design of the exterior of the house, you can solve the following tasks :

  1. Protection from external influences of the sun, vibration, precipitation, temperature extremes, wind, dust, etc. For this, natural and artificial stone, concrete compositions and other materials are used.
  2. Waterproofing. Here, the design of the facade of a private household must perform two tasks: to prevent moisture from entering the building from the outside and to bring out the inside. For this, vapor-permeable building materials are used in the design of the exterior.
  3. Soundproofing. In addition to the fact that the main building materials themselves have such an important feature, today the market offers special materials with enhanced sound insulation.
    Warming. An important criterion for the design of the modern exterior of private houses and apartments.

At the same time, it is important that the exterior of the home is in harmony with the interior decoration and is sustained in the general design style.

Exterior design

The exterior of the house is the appearance and architectural performance of the building. It can be done in a variety of styles and materials. How the facade will look like depends only on the wishes of the owner. There are several basic and commonly used finishes.

Фасад в классическом стиле с декорациями из лепнины

  1. Classical facade with stucco decorations. Classic. This exterior design will never go out of style. It is characterized by the use of light-colored materials, as well as symmetry in decorative elements.Отделка фасада в стиле минимализм
  2. Facade decoration in the style of minimalism. Minimalism and hi-tech. This style is an innovation of the last few years. Such houses are distinguished by a minimal amount of decoration, clear and straight lines, as well as a large number of glass elements. A similar design style has high-tech, but backlit options and the presence of modern technology are added here.Дом с декоративной отделкой в стиле шале
  3. House with decorative finishes in chalet style. Chalet. Such exterior of the house was influenced by Scandinavian and English styles. Such houses have sloping roofs; wood or stone is often used for cladding. The decor of the facades is extremely functional.Отделка в стиле фахверк с применением фальш-бруса
  4. Fachwerk-style decoration with false beams. Fachwerk. This style originates from the Middle Ages. A distinctive feature of such a structure is that the frame does not hide under the skin, but, on the contrary, stands out. The facade itself has light shades, and the frame is made dark. The roof is lined with tiles or their imitation.

The exterior of a private house can be absolutely anything. There are many more different types, for example, gothic or chateau. Here are presented only those options that are most often chosen for registration.

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Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The best examples of the design of the facades of private houses

On our site, you can see photos of the facades of houses made by our specialists.

For the construction of a modern and high-tech design of the facade of a private house in different styles, the NSDgroup company has in its arsenal a full range of:

  •         original, practical, creative, and exclusive ideas;
  •         modern tools and technology;
  •         experienced specialists in design, repair, construction;
  •         necessary quality materials;
  •         different design variations for both economy and premium class.

We can carry out reconstruction and create a new design of the facade of a one-story house, as well as medium-sized commercial buildings.

If you are tired of the exterior of your homeownership or it has lost its former attractiveness, welcome to NSDgroup. We will do our best to make your wishes come true.

Private house facade design

To create a facade design for a private house, it is important to determine not only the style but also the finishing options. For this, the following types of materials are used.

Пример отделки фасада деревом

An example of wood facade decoration

  1. Wood. This design is in fashion thanks to the use of only ecological material. Such decoration helps the house to breathe, is additional heat and noise insulation.Пример отделки искусственным камнем
  2. Brick or stone. The facade design of a one-story house will look great with this element. They can completely decorate the entire house and create an additional insulation layer.
  3. Siding. This is the most budgetary and common option. It is easy to clean and easy to install. It is usually used to decorate post-Soviet-style houses.
  4. Plaster. This material allows you to create a home exterior design with an interesting texture. The plaster can be applied with a trowel, creating streaks, patterns or roughness.

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House exterior and house facade design in detail

The design of the facade of the house is the face of not only the structure but also the site. They should overlap with each other in execution and create a single picture. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the exterior finish.

Cottage facade design project

The exterior of houses is an important factor in the creation of exterior finishes. By the appearance of the building, they judge not only the house but also its owner. Therefore, you need to take this very seriously.

Facade design is ordered in several cases:

  •         the house is only at the initial stages of construction;
  •         desire to update the facade of an already built house;
  •         you cannot pick up the facade materials, and the siding finish does not suit you.

In all these cases, it is better to turn to professionals who will not only prompt but also help with finishing. When choosing a facade design for a private house, photos are an irreplaceable source of inspiration. From them, you can glean different styles, colors, or options for finishing materials. Drawings are another important step in creating a project. They provide an opportunity for accurate adherence to the dimensional grid and the correct implementation of all the customer’s ideas. Also, creating the final design of the facade of the house, photo or 3D modeling will help you see how the building will look after all finishing work is completed.


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