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Layout of apartments

Any layout begins with determining the number of rooms and their location. In one-room apartments, an important aspect is the presence of a window or balcony and the location of the entrance. The decision on the placement of furniture and its location depends on these two factors.
In a two-room apartment, among other things, it is also important to know how the rooms are arranged. They can be:
• separate;
• checkpoints.
With a split layout, the distribution of interior details is most simple. If the layout is a checkpoint, then some difficulties arise. In such a room, it is difficult to make two separate spaces without redevelopment.
Three- and four-room apartments have a large area. In them, all rooms can be separate or partially separate. For a large family, this factor plays an important role. Let’s consider in more detail the layout options.

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Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The whole package “WhiteBox” +

  • Planning solutions, plumbing and electrical wiring plan
  • All floor coverings
  • Wall painting and wallpapering
  • Installation of fine plumbing
  • Installation of electrical accessories and lighting devices
  • Plinth installation
  • Installation of entrance and interior doors

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How to legalize the redevelopment of an apartment?

Redevelopment implies construction work aimed at changing the layout of the premises after the house is delivered. Each apartment has technical documentation, which spells out its plan. Any changes must be reflected in it without fail. Redevelopment of an apartment in Ukraine implies a list of works associated with it. These include:

• increasing or decreasing the area of ​​the room;
• demolition or relocation of walls, if they are not load-bearing;
• increasing the room due to the loggia;
• combining a kitchen with a room or two rooms;
• creation of additional floors when dividing a room;
• dismantling of storage rooms or built-in wardrobes, marked on the plan.

As a result of these actions, the parameters of the real estate will be changed, in particular, the living and useful area. These works should not affect the supporting structures.

In order to legitimize the redevelopment of an apartment, the following steps are necessary:

1. Before starting work on redevelopment, the owner must obtain permission from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate. To obtain it, it is necessary to develop and submit a future project and submit a declaration on the beginning of the work.
2. After their completion, a new technical passport is made and a declaration on the completion of construction work is submitted. As a result of these actions, the property owner must have a document in which all the data must match.
3. These changes must be entered into the State Register. The owner also receives an extract from it, which is a confirmation that all actions have been performed within the framework of the law.

If the change in the parameters of the premises affects the new building, then they can be made even at the construction stage. Buying an apartment in an unfinished building, the owner knows approximately the future layout, so such actions will not be a problem. Changes to the layout of such real estate are made at the time of the production of the data sheet and are completely legal.

Failure to comply with the procedure for legalizing redevelopment entails the imposition of a fine. If, after paying it, the redevelopment was not legalized, then the owner is obliged to return everything to its original form. There is also criminal liability for violation of the rules for carrying out work. Such a measure is assigned in the event that the actions led to the appearance of a threat to the life and health of people, and also caused the emergency state of the building.
The NSDGroup company carries out all types of repair work related to both changes in layout and decoration. Clients can order a designer visit to their home to create and design exclusive projects that can emphasize the style and character of the room.

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When choosing an apartment in secondary housing or in a new building, layout is of great importance. Houses of different years of construction have their own options for the location of apartments, which are radically different from each other. Each of them has its own characteristics and exclusive design solutions. Any layout makes it possible to change the internal space by dismantling or installing walls, as well as increasing the usable area due to the balcony.

After purchasing a home, it is very important to think over to the smallest detail the arrangement of furniture, the allocation of recreation areas or the use of design solutions that can decorate and complement the interior. Let’s consider a few examples of what the redevelopment of apartments can be, and their photos.

Layout of a one-room apartment

Any person who owns a home tries to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible, regardless of square meters. In a small apartment with one room, this is quite problematic, but possible. In such rooms, zoning and competent distribution of furniture around the room will play an important role.

The layout of a 1-room apartment should be such that each person who will live in the room has his own place for work or rest. Personal space plays an important role for those living in a one-room apartment. Creating zones can greatly simplify living and delimit living space as comfortably as possible.

A one-room apartment suggests some layout rules for competent and stylish zoning:

  1. For the finishing of each zone, it is necessary to choose different building materials. The main thing is that they are all in the same style and have a common color scheme.
  2. It is best to choose light colors for the room. So the room will visually appear larger and more spacious. Light shades add lightness, and with their help the room acquires additional illumination. The most popular color is beige. It can be in both warm and cold shades. Its use will add sophistication to the room.
  3. Lighting also plays an important role. Massive chandeliers will make the room lower and visually take away some of the space. An excellent solution would be to use a lighting fixture under the ceiling or spot overhead lighting.

In apartments with one room, but with a large area, work is often carried out to redevelop it into a two-room apartment. This project is most popular with young couples after the birth of a small child.

Layout of a 2 room apartment

To ensure comfort in any room, it is necessary to competently think over the layout of its space and try to hide the existing shortcomings. In most cases, the layout of a 2-room apartment in a panel house involves separate rooms. With this arrangement, it is easy enough to create a cozy space for each family member. However, if there is an adjacent layout of a 2-room apartment, you need to think about planning your personal space:

  1. If it is not possible to create partitions, then curtains made of light or dense textiles will be the best option. You can also delimit areas with stylish cabinets or shelving.
  2. You also need to decide on the area of ​​the toilet and bath. For a large family, the most comfortable option will be a separate bathroom.
  3. With a narrow and long corridor, you can make a built-in wardrobe, separating part of the passage.
  4. Interior doors with opaque frosted glass will make the room visually wider.

Layout of a 3 room apartment

The large space of such an apartment allows you to plan out and think over the design of the room as efficiently as possible. The main mistake many owners make is the use of a strong difference in style and color scheme of all rooms. The layout of a 3-room apartment in order to create a harmonious look should have the same type of palette of the main shade and be diluted with bright color accents.

To expand the space, you can partially combine several adjacent rooms. This is mainly due to the balcony. It can be added entirely to the room, or a small passage can be left. Most often, personal offices for work or a space for relaxation are made from such zones.

If you have a small kitchen, the layout of a three-room apartment will help to combine it with the living room, creating a large dining area. Studio kitchens are a stylish and modern solution when planning an apartment.

Layout of a 4 room apartment

Apartments of this type are bought for a large family. Therefore, when planning it, the functionality of the premises and the literacy of their location are important. The layout of a four-room apartment implies complex solutions. The preferences and hobbies of all family members should be taken into account.

The entrance hall should be functional and have enough space for all residents. It is better to reduce the presence of cabinets and various shelves to the maximum, since this room with such a layout cannot boast of large dimensions.

The kitchen should also be chosen based on the accommodation of guests. For a comfortable location, it would be best to choose the design of a U- or L-shaped kitchen. This leaves more room for the dining table.

The bedroom and children’s rooms also need zoning. This will allow you to do your favorite hobby or work without causing discomfort to others.

Layout of apartments. Variants

Today there are several types of planning:

  • smart apartment;
  • Studio;
  • Khrushchev;
  • stalinka;
  • Czekh;
  • American.

All these types are found in typical buildings of a certain period of construction. They differ in area of ​​premises, materials for construction, ceiling heights and arrangement of rooms.

For one reason or another, the owners of typical buildings are not satisfied with their layout. Therefore, at the stage of overhaul, various improvements are laid. Redevelopment of apartments can have several options: capital work with a decrease or increase in one or another area, or simplified, with the transfer of doorways.

Redevelopment of a one-room apartment

The most popular solution for rebuilding apartments of this kind is the redevelopment of a one-room apartment into a two-room one. This solution will help create additional space without relocation and the cost of buying a new home. After this type of work, two small rooms are obtained, however, you should be guided by some rules and tips:

  1. A one-room apartment should be large enough for such a redevelopment to be successful. Otherwise, the premises will turn out to be cramped and stuffy.
  2. Ideally, a room should have at least two windows. This will allow sunlight to enter both rooms. However, this option is quite rare.

When redeveloping, there are two options. The first includes zoning. This method will allow you to allocate part of the premises without major repairs. This can be done with furniture, textiles or a screen.

The second option includes the construction of a partition. This will make a separate room inside an existing one. In most cases, drywall is used to create such partitions. This design is easy to assemble, lightweight and inexpensive.

Redevelopment of a two-room apartment

Apartments of this plan can be both large and small. The main problem of typical buildings is the presence of walk-through rooms. With this option, the layout of a two-room apartment implies the creation of two separate premises.

For their comfortable placement, the following options are used:

  • entry transfer;
  • partial demolition of interior floors;
  • construction of a new fence for the installation of a separate doorway.

If the apartment plan allows you to make two separate rooms without serious time expenditures, then the transfer of the entrance to one of the rooms and the installation of a new floor are used. Redevelopment of a 2-room apartment should be thought out even at the initial stage of the renovation, since the process is not clean. A new floor is being erected using the following materials:

  • brick;
  • foam blocks;
  • drywall.

The first two options involve laying directly on the screed, since the structure will be heavy. Redevelopment of a 2-room apartment using drywall will become much easier, since it can be installed after laying the floor covering. The main thing is to be careful not to cause damage. Redevelopment of a 2-room apartment will give the owners the opportunity to improve the use of living and useful space.

Redevelopment of a 3 room apartment

Most often, in apartments of this kind, all rooms are isolated from each other. But here, too, you can find a reason for change. The layout of a 3-room apartment may have a small kitchen area, one of the rooms, a bathroom or a corridor. For such changes, the following actions apply:

  • increasing the area by combining the premises with a balcony;
  • redevelopment of a 3-room apartment by combining the kitchen and living room;
  • increasing the corridor by moving the wall in the room;
  • installation or demolition of the wall in the bathroom.

When planning a three-room apartment, it allows you to use various solutions that open up a lot of room for imagination. Some apartment owners are working to combine the living room with one of the rooms. This structure of the room allows you to make a large dining area and allocate a place to relax. For such large living rooms, a separate entrance from the kitchen is created.

Studio apartment. Layout

These apartments are popular with young couples or single people. The fact is that the layout of a studio apartment implies the separation of only a bathroom. The rest of the space in the room is one whole.

Modern housing can be large or small. Depending on the size, furniture is arranged or zones are allocated. Also, unlike “small families” and “living rooms”, you can create a full-fledged kitchen here.

The layout of a small apartment has its advantages:

  • large space with good lighting;
  • the ability to create separate areas for sleep and relaxation;
  • variety of design solutions.

The disadvantage of such an apartment is the complexity of creating personal space. But even here you can find a way out with the correct arrangement of furniture and the use of shelving.

Smart apartment layout

The main difference between a smart apartment is its layout. It differs from “small families” or studio apartments by the fact that it is located in a complex of houses or apartments, which have everything you need for a comfortable stay. These additions include:

  • bicycle parking and storage rooms for strollers;
  • laundry and drying rooms with all the necessary equipment;
  • sports and children’s playgrounds;
  • shops and more.

In rooms of such a plan, rational placement of furniture is encouraged to maximize the use of usable space. The smart apartment has a large bedroom and kitchen. With this arrangement, you can optimally think over zoning using interesting design solutions.

The bathroom can have an area of ​​3 to 5 m 2 . Usually they put a shower stall, toilet and sink in it. Most of the washing machine is taken out into the kitchen.

Stalin, layout

These houses were the first to be built according to standard designs. Their main difference is the large area of ​​all available premises. Thanks to this, such premises are classified as improved living. Apartments of this layout are of four main types:

  • nomenclature;
  • typical;
  • post-war;
  • pre-war.

Even today, the stalinka is in high demand due to its well-thought-out layout. The apartments have high ceilings, wide ceilings and excellent heat and sound insulation. Wall thickness can be up to one meter, which is an indicator of reliability. Another feature of such apartments is columns and crossbars. They provide additional support for the ceilings, so most of the walls inside the apartments are not load-bearing. This allows you to make the redevelopment of the premises to your liking.

Khrushchev, layout

Such apartments belong to the housing stock of the year 50. For their construction, panels and bricks were used. All floors are made of reinforced concrete. The apartments have been made with both one and three rooms. The most popular was the layout with two rooms, the living room in which was a walk-through.

Unlike the stalinka with large rooms, the layout of the Khrushchev had small bathrooms and small kitchens. The ceiling height is 2.5 meters, which visually makes the room even smaller. Also, noise insulation in these houses is minimal. During the cold season, panel-type apartments cool down strongly, and additional planning of the heating system is required. The situation in brick houses is a little better, but fewer of them were built at that time. The construction of such houses is due to the fact that they were intended as temporary housing for the resettlement of families from hostels and emergency houses.

Today there is a great demand for “Khrushchevs”, as they are in a moderate price category.

Layout “Czech”

The houses with these apartments were built according to Czech designs. They have a compact layout, and the area of ​​apartments located in different parts of the building may differ. The balconies in them can be either standard rectangular or beveled. Some apartments have a bay window.

The layout of a 2-room apartment “Cheshka” is liked by many owners and allows you to apply various design solutions.

Today, these premises are in demand, as they make it easy to make some types of redevelopment:

  • combine rooms with each other;
  • increase the area due to the balcony;
  • from a separate bathroom you can make a joint one;
  • expand the corridor.

It was also popular to divide the room into two zones. This became possible thanks to the appearance of the layout of a one-room apartment with a niche. A large number of styles are suitable for this type of premises, from classic to modern high-tech.

The apartment is American. Layout

This apartment layout was very popular in Ukraine. Such houses were built up in the area of ​​the Kharkov Tractor Plant. The uncommonness of the apartment and its specific layout lie in the absence of a kitchen. It is located in the corridor, and there are rooms and a bathroom on both sides of it.

The area of ​​such apartments ranged from 26 to 56 m 2 , which made it possible to choose both one-room and three-room apartments.

A large number of options for changing the layout in apartments of this type allows you to make a separate full-size kitchen. Also in these rooms, work was carried out to increase various rooms and move the doorway.

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