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How the design of a four-room apartment saves time , money and nerves

The development of the design of a 4-room apartment in a panel house involves a fairly large-scale work, while this opens up ample opportunities to transform the space. The comfort of your life largely depends on the quality and professionalism of the development.

The layout of a 4-room apartment in a panel house

A large apartment with four rooms often does not suit residents precisely with the location of the premises, their shape, and size. For example, a hallway is usually made quite elongated, in this case, it can be divided into two zones and each one is decorated in its own style, but with a common line.

Renovation of a four-room apartment also includes an analysis of the communication between rooms – inconveniences may lie in the transitions from the kitchen to the living room or to the bathroom.

Correcting the layout involves making changes to the typical plan provided by the builders. The project of a 4-room apartment should be developed considering the purpose of the premises since each of them is unique and should have an individual design. Examples of apartment layouts made: Art-Deco, Classic in Loft, Zverinetsky residential complex, Zarechny residential complex, Novopecherskie Lipki residential complex.


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Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Repair of a four-room building

The creation of the interior design and layout of 4-room apartments in panel houses is carried out in stages.

  1.   After the order, the designer independently goes to the project to inspect the premises and discuss with the owners the general concept that will be used when performing the work.
  2.   After all the details have been agreed, and the project of the 4-room apartment and the plan have been approved, the contract is drawn up.
  3.   Further, the specialists are engaged in the formation of the final concept and sketches. Thanks to the creation of 3D visualization, you will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of the interior, and then, if necessary, make certain corrections.
  4.   At the final stage, the preparation of technical documentation is carried out, if redevelopment is expected.

Renovation of a four-room apartment

The layout of a 4-room apartment in a panel house has many possibilities: a large area, different premises, as well as a wide range of building, finishing, and decorative materials open up boundless scope for imagination. And designers have a lot of recommendations on this matter.

Let’s start with the hallway. This room is the first thing that guests see, so it can be called the “face” of the apartment, and it should look at the highest level. If the hallway has a long shape and stretches along with the apartment, it can be refined by dividing it into the entrance itself and a small hall behind it. At the entrance, it is worth placing a hanger, a shoe cabinet, and other necessary items, and zoning should be done not with the help of partitions, but using different finishes for the floor, walls, and ceiling. A small closet will also help separate areas. If the hallway is narrow and large furniture does not fit, it is worth making a choice in favor of multifunctional sections with or without sliding doors.

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Planning of a 4-room apartment: features and interior styles

The layout of a 4-room apartment is a crucial question because the result should be predictable and as comfortable as possible. It is pleasant to spend most of your time in cozy rooms, so you need to carefully work on the layout of your home. It is quite problematic to change it on your own – it is better to turn to professionals. It is important to choose the right materials for the construction of partitions, think over sound insulation, which is usually so lacking in a panel house, and also maintain the design decisions of each room in the same style so that the apartment looks like a complete and harmonious project. The design of a 4-room apartment in a panel house requires a specialist approach: the designer will be able to choose the most suitable layout solutions, choose shades, finishing materials, etc. in order to organize the space as conveniently as possible and create coziness in each room.

a variant of the hallway layout in a 4-room apartment

A kitchen for a four-room apartment should be functional and spacious. In such a large apartment, more than one person usually lives, therefore, a sufficient amount of furniture is needed to organize the space. Traditionally, a 4-room apartment, the layout of the premises of which does not correspond to the wishes of the client, requires a restructuring of the kitchen. The shape of the letter P will be optimal for placing everything you need. Even window sills can be used to create additional dining space. A good option for expanding the kitchen is to combine it with the living room, dividing these rooms not by a wall, but by a door – sliding or two-leaf.

kitchen layout option in a 4-room apartment

As for the living room, it is worth allocating the most space for it. This room is used for meeting guests, relatives, holding festive events, so it should be spacious, comfortable, and suitable for relaxation. It can also be zoned with furniture and small partitions.

a variant of the layout of the living room in a 4-room apartment

The bedroom can be conveniently combined with the study, and in the nursery, it is worth arranging a study area. It is convenient to separate the zones with sliding partitions. To save usable space, you can use hanging sections and cabinets. It is also important to ensure that areas for work and study are located near windows. In the children’s room, to organize the space, it is good to install multifunctional pieces of furniture – corners, shelves, beds with additional drawers, and mezzanines.

a variant of the layout of a bedroom in a 4-room apartment

Renovation of a 4-room apartment is not complete without work in the bathroom. Usually, it is immediately separate according to the plan of the builders, but in the case of old buildings, there may be options when you have to separate the bathroom and toilet yourself. So that everything you need fits in the bathroom and there is space for free movement, they use a competent approach to organizing the space. If the size of the combined bathroom is already small enough to install an additional partition, you can reconsider the size and shape of the plumbing equipment – use compact corner baths, shower cabins, wall cabinets, or shelves. It is possible to expand the area at the expense of neighboring rooms, but this is done in the most extreme cases.

If the area of ​​the bathroom is sufficient, the partitions remain in place, it remains only to think over the design of the room. For example, decoration in dark noble colors with furniture lighting with LED strip will be a good option for interior design. If there is a cabinet in the bathroom, candles can be placed on it. The multilevel zones in the bathroom look beautiful when steps lead to the bath. Despite the rich appearance, it is rather unsafe. You should also avoid various protrusions inside the room, but niches will become a practical interior solution.

If the 4-room apartment, the plan of which needs to be changed, has a loggia or balcony, this is a great option for organizing an additional place for relaxation, arranging a winter garden, or combining with other rooms. The loggia opens up room for experimentation: it can be combined with the living room if it is not large enough. However, it should be borne in mind that in some houses it is impossible to remove part of the load-bearing wall for such a maneuver since this can weaken the entire structure and endanger the residents of the apartment and the entire panel house.

Thanks to design tricks, the loggia can be made into a separate functional room – place a couch there, put chairs and a small table. With a good view from the window, this room is ideal for morning tea and privacy.

Order a design project for a country house in Kiev

Renovating a 4-room apartment is not all that we can do for you. Our experts will be able to create a project of a separate country house, think over the layout of rooms, communications, and all other nuances for the construction of a cozy home with the most convenient layout.

We provide services for the design, decoration, redevelopment, and other work in the apartment and your own house. Our specialists have the extensive practical experience and use only the best materials for construction and decoration.

How will NSDGroup design a 4-room apartment?

Apartments with four rooms are most often suitable for families with a large number of people. What matters is a functional layout that allows you to live there with comfort.

The layout of a 4-room apartment by the specialists of our company will be thought out in any form. All rooms individually will be able to reflect the character, taste preferences, and hobbies of the owners.

Professionals, developing the design of a 4-room apartment in a panel house, offer various options for redevelopment and zoning. Thanks to this, it will be possible to understand a significant number of problems encountered in everyday life.

It is recommended to select the style of the design project at the beginning of the renovation, while its implementation – at the end. The chosen style will help make the space harmonious. The composition will look great if you correctly combine colors, decor, and furniture.

Style directions are divided into groups, it is important to decide which one is most suitable.

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