Living room design: popular trends, canons, fireplace introduction

The most popular and most visited room in an apartment or private house is the living room. She disposes to rest after a hard day's work, gatherings with close people (relatives, friends). Designers have clearly defined the criteria for an ideal interior. The room should be conducive to relaxation, look presentable.

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Living room interior: what to rely on

Living room design is a time consuming, responsible event that requires a lot of time and resources. The owners will have to solve several key issues:

  • general concept of the premises;
  • color spectrum;
  • selection of finishing materials;
  • purchase of furniture, decor elements, placement in the living room;
  • furnishings – style, size, quantity.

You have to flip through countless sites and magazines, because each direction is subject to certain canons. It will be extremely difficult to remember everything and compare, you will need the help of professionals. Designers, measurers, finishers from the NSD-Group will perfectly cope with all the tasks. The owner will get an amazing result.

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Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The main directions and styles for the design of the living room

There are a dozen or more styles that remain relevant for years, even centuries. Each direction has unique features that stand out favorably among others.

Choosing a living room interior from a variety of styles is an interesting and exciting activity.

Classic trend: in fashion whatever the weather

It is considered the most common style that has existed for centuries. The living room, the design of which is made in the classics, is designed to celebrate the high status of the owners, to show taste, restraint, craving for beauty.

To recreate a classic interior, every item must be considered, especially the furniture. A prerequisite and very first condition is that the structures must be made of natural wood. Sideboards, wardrobes, walls are equipped with massive fittings, decorated with hand-carving. The furniture stands on beautiful ornate legs.

It is important to maintain the color scheme. The classics use soft pastel, even restrained shades (mostly light). Bright or acidic colors are prohibited, even in decorative elements.

A lot of attention is paid to lighting. For the most part, preference is given to the natural, therefore it is desirable that the room faces the sunny side.

The classic interior will be an excellent option for rooms with a large cubic capacity. Small rooms should choose a different style: large, bulky furniture will not fit into the living room. There must be a sofa, a chest of drawers, a showcase for storing dishes, a dining group (when the living room is combined with the kitchen). You can put a couple of armchairs, a small coffee table – you get a cozy resting corner.

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The Kiev company NSD-Group specializes in creating the design of the living room and other premises. Employees develop individual projects, provide the best options to choose from. The customer can be sure: the premises are unique in their kind. The interior is beautiful, organic, and it is a pleasure to be in it.

Modern and Art Deco: an alternative to the classic style

Art Nouveau and Art Deco are considered traditional styles. They always look beautiful and fresh, no one would call them outdated. The directions are softer and more lightweight. A stunning effect is achieved thanks to smooth lines, numerous lighting fixtures, textiles. A lot of attention is paid to furniture.

Curbstones, walls, showcases are finished with glass facades, plain or with colored inserts. The doors are equipped with massive fittings, decorations, monograms and carvings.

The living room, which was renovated in the best traditions of Art Nouveau, must be kept in certain colors. Preference is given to warm colors – beige, chocolate, ivory, walnut. Furniture and decor should have smooth outlines, no fancy, asymmetrical shapes.

You can choose any jewelry – pictures in carved wooden frames, vases, figurines. The furniture is covered with blankets and pillows.

High-tech style – a way to make the living room modern and fashionable

Hi-tech always remains relevant, as if it exists outside of time and space. The direction fully reflects all the charm and wide possibilities of the modern era. Translated from Russian into English, it means “high technology”. Significantly different from the two directions described above.

Living room renovation in “space style” consists of the following features:

  • a large number of chrome and metal objects – legs, frames, lighting fixtures;
  • the introduction of LED lighting (instead of chandeliers, sconces, horns), natural does not play a significant role;
  • multifunctionality of furniture items – transforming walls (wardrobe + desks), folding sofas, armchairs.

A distinctive feature of the style is the possibility of implementation in large and small rooms. Furniture, decorative elements do not take away the last free space in the room.

Of great interest is the color design of the premises. For the most part, it is monochrome, white or gray. The main highlight of the interior is an interesting splash of colored elements. The use of bright, acidic colors such as red, orange and green is permitted.

The choice of furniture and decorations is less extensive than in traditional styles. The main subject is the wall. Additionally, you can take a small table, one or two chairs. They should look like they’ve just been transported from outer space by an alien ship.

It is difficult to maintain a high-tech style when choosing materials, decorations, furniture on your own. Employees of the construction company NSD-Group will help you decide on the color design, select the appropriate designs.

Provence – a light French spirit in an apartment or private house

Provence is a gentle and romantic destination that came from the French hinterland. He personifies the beauty of nature, the introduction of man to the beautiful.

The style appeared in the 18th century, when the nobility and the elite close to the kings built small country houses. The owners generously decorated them with medallions, ornaments, fashionable furniture.

Naturalness is demonstrated in every detail, even the finishing materials. When starting a project, NSD-Group designers take exclusively natural wood and fabrics (cotton and linen).

Renovation in the living room in Provence style involves the use of a strictly defined color scheme. No acid colors from modern trends! Muted colors of cold and warm palettes are allowed. Preference is given to pink, beige, mint, turquoise, lilac, white shades

Decor elements are carefully selected. Provence is ruffles, frills, lace, painting. Ornaments are represented by floral, plant compositions (there are blotches with butterflies, dragonflies).

Additionally, the following are placed in the Provence style living room:

  • vases with fresh flowers;
  • showcases with glass facades;
  • table lamps and candlesticks.

Furniture requires thoughtful selection. Designers strongly recommend bulky items, often artificially aged: dressers, wardrobes, dressing tables, dressing tables. There are ornaments on them. The fittings are graceful, ornate.

It should be remembered: old furniture found in the country or in the newspaper of advertisements does not fit Provence.

Provence can be embodied in any living room, regardless of the parameters. Furniture seems lighter, more elegant than classic items.

Living room renovation: room furnishing

Professional ergonomists of the NSD-Group company advise to divide the room into zones before renovation and furnishing. This affects the perception of the room and will allow you to calculate the usable space. The structures should occupy the allotted space, not interfere with the movements of the owners of an apartment, a private house.

Also, the owner should look: which side are the windows facing – sunny and shaded? This is important, since the area for rest and gatherings should be in the light. Walls, shelves, TV usually occupy dark corners (this is more convenient).

Employees of the construction company NSD-Group are ready to work even with non-standard living rooms. Designers will model the interior of the future living room in a three-dimensional modeling program, provide the result for the client to evaluate. In the application, furniture items, decorations will be located in the room. It will be possible to check the ratio of occupied and empty space.

Parameters (color, size, area) can be changed if necessary.

Living room with fireplace – warmth and beauty in one room

The owners of apartments and private houses are eager to make the living room cozy and attractive. They resort to various tricks, take expert advice, study specialized sites.

The design of a living room with a fireplace is a current feature that is gaining momentum. Thanks to the latest construction technologies and the creation of heating structures, it became possible to install products in a house, apartment, in the country. Today, a fireplace is considered more of a decoration than a heating unit. It serves as a decorative function, making the perception and atmosphere of the room warm.

Specialized shops offer a wide selection of fireplaces. Each hearth is compatible with any design direction. There are no restrictions on sizes and materials, the location of structures. The main thing is to focus on the concept.

The main technical points when installing a fireplace

The installation of a fireplace and other elements must be competent. The wrong location will “drown” the hearth in the room, and another object will become the main feature of the room. Therefore, you can choose devices corner, wall, central. The latter are interesting – they are ideal for styles like country, Scandinavian, eco.

The best solution would be to renovate the living room with a fireplace with a wall structure. Fewer mistakes are made this way.

  1. Fireplace and TV occupy one wall. TV (plasma) is the main part of any living room. The hearth and technology equally rive the attention of people. The ideal option is to place the device over the fireplace. The device will remain intact, you will not have to worry.
  2. The structure will take a shelf, wall cabinet. Free space can be saved. Vendors offer built-in hearths, comfortable and compact. Plasma will be located on top. The high temperature will not damage the TV.
  3. Technique and hearth occupy opposite walls. They will establish a balance in the room, the feeling of cumbersomeness can be avoided.

The material of the fireplace plays an important role. The warmth of classics, modernity, art deco will be emphasized by stone and brick structures. High-tech is beautifully emphasized by glass-metal hearths. Newfangled styles (loft) require cast iron fireplaces with rough finishes, wrought iron elements.

Types of fireplaces for the living room

A fireplace is not necessarily a brick-built structure, complemented by massive gratings. The modern market presents a number of models and designs. The kitchen-living room looks especially advantageous, the design of which assumes a wide flight of imagination.

Exhibited options:

  • imitation of a fireplace – candlestick;
  • woodpile – the logs remain intact, although there is fire;
  • false fireplace – made of plasterboard;
  • bookshelf – you can put your favorite volumes.

Tips for choosing and positioning a fireplace

Experts have highlighted the basic rules.

  1. The fireplace should occupy the wall opposite to the window.
  2. To equip a cozy corner, you can put a rocking chair, a special shelf for the legs.
  3. The fireplace is a suitable place to place the trinkets dear to the heart. You can put decorative elements, photo frames, souvenirs there.

Interior design in the living room in a famous company

The NSD-Group team will help create the interior design of the living room. Employees (designers, finishers, measurers) have experience and qualifications. We are ready to provide a portfolio.


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