Restaurant design

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Restaurant design

The design of the restaurant should facilitate relaxation and enjoyment of the taste of food. Dispose to peace of mind, calm conversations with the interlocutor. It is important to create an appropriate environment so that visitors are pleased to be and want to come back again. For people, the atmosphere, mouth-watering dishes, and quality of service are important. The interior of a restaurant should reflect the peculiarity of a particular institution. The main thing is to find a zest that sets it apart from the competition. The presentation of the institution begins with the central entrance and the sign. It is important that customers immediately understand what awaits them inside. All elements in the middle and outside must follow the same concept.

When developing a project, it is necessary to build on several factors:

  • catering contingent;
  • thematic focus;
  • property location;
  • technical features;
  • financial opportunities;
  • kitchen.

Cost of implementation of objects turnkey

White box
от 299$
for м2
от 499$
for м2
от 850$
for м2
Premium (+all)
от 20$
for м2

Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Restaurant interior

Japanese food establishments should be designed in an Asian style. French – in European. Each country has its own traditions, which are reflected in the style. The interior of the restaurant overlooking the sea is light and weightless. Particular attention should be paid to lighting, the placement of objects, the comfort of the seats. Provide enough space for guests and waiters to move around. A competent color combination will help create a cozy atmosphere. The more solid the establishment, the more you need to invest in renovations. You should not save on furniture, cutlery. It is important to buy quality items, as they will be in daily use.

Restaurant design consists of several stages:

  • definition of style;
  • measurements of the room;
  • development of drawings;
  • calculation of the cost of work, building materials, furniture, decor;
  • 3D visualization;
  • registration of working documents.

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Restaurant interior design

Successful project implementation plays an important role in business development. Companies that offer restaurant interior design services provide architectural supervision at all stages of the renovation. They create a unique, inimitable design of a restaurant in Kiev. They apply special knowledge, professional techniques.

Interior items for a restaurant

Interior items for the restaurant visually complement the atmosphere. They create an atmosphere of luxury and extravagance. As a decor for a restaurant they use:

  • mirrors;
  • aquariums;
  • candlesticks;
  • coasters;
  • figurines;
  • vases;
  • clock;
  • paintings;
  • lamps;
  • Natural flowers.

The sofas are decorated with colored pillows. Such furniture looks especially welcoming. Disposable to rest, relaxation. Candles in original candelabra will create a romantic atmosphere. Correctly selected accessories, even the most ordinary room, will be transformed into an art gallery. When designing a restaurant project, you need to pay attention to every detail.

Restaurant banquet hall interior

The banquet hall is a place for various celebrations: weddings, birthdays, corporate events. The most important points are noted here. The interior of the restaurant’s banquet hall should contribute to a great mood. Suitable for any topic. Arouse the desire to return to this institution again, recommend it to friends, colleagues, acquaintances. When working on a project, it is necessary to attach importance to functionality, comfort, aesthetics. Professional designers are able to embody creative ideas, a bold flight of imagination into reality.

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