How to decorate a room for a teenager:
secrets of a stylish interior

Puberty is a stage in a child's life associated with a surge in physiological growth and changes in the psychological perception of the world around him. This is the main reason why the space surrounding the child should inspire a sense of security, coziness and comfort.

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Teenager's room: design basics and interior features

The stage of transition of a schoolchild from a junior to a middle level is associated with the need to adapt to new conditions and with the inevitability of a sharp maturation of an older student, a change in the circle of interests. Parents will not have time to come to their senses, as with the change of hobbies, the problem of replacing furniture, renovating walls and changing decor elements, in general, the design of a room for a boy / teenage girl, will arise.

Decorating a teenager’s room takes a lot of effort, time and money. Thought-out nuances of the future interior and a clear idea of ​​the design of a future room for a teenager, a girl or a guy will save resources and time considerably. A clear strategy for decoration and decoration will help to organize the optimal space for the young inhabitant, which will delight him (or her) even after adulthood.

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Fashion trends in the design of a room for a teenage girl

Over time, the bedroom of a maturing girl turns from a cute nursery into a glamorous beauty room or elegant boudoir, but it also continues to retain childlike spontaneity and romance.

Traditionally, the design of a teenage girl’s room is uninhibited country, light Provence, noble vintage, refined neoclassicism or laconic Scandinavian style.
There are no restrictions in motives and stylistic direction, the main thing in the design of a teenage girl’s room is to focus on the owner’s hobbies – hand-made, sports, dancing.

Among the fashion trends in the decor of a room for a teenage girl, design remains relevant in the spirit of a fashion series, film or an exciting book story. All that is needed is an up-to-date entourage and thematic attributes.

The tint range of wallpaper in the room for a teenage girl, like its design, should fill the room with light, lightness and tranquility. For this, soft pastels and a warm palette are perfect. Walls of different colors look original using a variety of textured techniques.

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Bedroom for several children

Reaching a certain age, every teenager seeks solitude and tranquility, a secluded corner where you can be alone, think or dream. If a family consists of two or more children, then it is better to separate them in different rooms. But if this is impossible due to limited living space, then the teenager’s room, design and interior should be made out taking into account several rules.

  1. A conditional plywood partition, curtains or shelving will help to divide the room into independent territories.
  2. You can increase the play area with a pull-out or bunk bed. Such a modification of furniture in the design of the bedroom will be optimal for one teenager: the upper platform can be equipped with a place for sleeping and rest, and in the lower part – a work table.
  3. The podium will help to effectively fill the vertical space, under which it is convenient to install a pull-out chest of drawers for toys or linen.
  4. In order to unload the floor and visually expand the narrow room, it is recommended to use rattan cocoon hanging chairs or organizers for toys that are attached to the ceiling in the design of a teenager’s bedroom.

Teen’s bedroom design: the main rules of repair

When planning the design of a room for a teenager, a guy or a girl, it is important to take into account several nuances, using which, you can competently organize the arrangement of the territory and create a healthy microclimate for classes and relaxation.

Ergonomics in the environment

The best furniture for a growing teenager is a model from the “transformer” series. The ability to adjust the height of the table and chair or the width of the bed at any time is not only convenient, but also economical. Chests of drawers, cabinets and shelves should have a reserve of free space so that in case of replenishing the wardrobe, storing new things does not cause any inconvenience.

Neutrality of the finish

When creating a design for a teenager’s room, it is recommended to take into account one feature: the tastes and preferences of the child can radically change over time. Rarely do parents have the opportunity to change the interior of the bedroom to suit the mood of their child. For such cases, it is better to give preference to a restrained, non-defiant style of design. By creating a neutral background, it will be easier for parents to adapt the room to a new hobby: hang up their favorite posters, paintings, or create a gallery of copyright photographs.

Tint palette

It is a known fact: the surrounding colors have a significant impact on the psyche of a teenager. Children react in a special way to bright colors, flashy hues and aggressive color combinations. If at a given period of his life a teenager is fond of a fashionable youth movement, such as gothic or punk, then repainting the walls in dark heavy or too bright colors is not the best idea. Decorating a teen’s room in this style can lead to behavioral changes in the child and can lead to irritability, sleep problems, and depression. Gloomy or catchy shades should be replaced with a calm palette of neutral tones.

Aesthetic content

Do not get too carried away with decorating a room for a teenager; it is better to think over the design in a minimalist style. Excessive decor, such as figurines and souvenirs that do not perform any function, only complicate the cleaning process. Especially when it comes to the design of a small room for a teenager. The same rule applies to textiles: the more curtains, bedspreads, rugs and ruffles, the more dust accumulates on them.

Another thing is when it comes to trophy cups and awards – they should be assigned a separate shelf in the most conspicuous place. Additional decorations and textiles will be appropriate if the design of a room for a teenage girl requires characteristic attributes or stylistic symbols.

Light variations

With the help of correctly installed lighting devices, you can not only correctly zone the room, but also customize the design of a room for a teenager boy or a bedroom for a girl.

An important condition is bright illumination of a desk or reading chair and dim evening light of the recreation area (bed, sofa). In accordance with fashionable youth trends, you can organize mobile light sources: stylish floor lamps, spectacular garlands of mesh, fringe, funny bulbs.

Room for a teenager: design variations, photo portfolio

Looking for a creative teen room design model – take a look at our portfolio. Here are the best works of our designers on the organization of the interior in classic variations and exclusive solutions.

It is important to involve in the process of organizing your territory and the owner of the future bedroom of his or her dreams. Their views and tastes may differ from the choice of adults, because it is this room that will become a reliable and comfortable haven for a teenager for the next few years. By participating in such an important process as the furnishings of his bedroom, a teenager learns to make independent decisions, to value order and comfort.

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