Small kitchen design:
make small big

Don't be upset if the kitchen is small. Even she is able to become cozy, super-functional, it is enough to understand which design of a small kitchen to choose. Tricks, non-standard solutions, designers' tricks will help you carefully plan the space. Small Kitchen Design: Make Small Big! This is the motto chosen for today's discussion.

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Design of a small kitchen in an apartment

Not everyone is lucky to be the owner of a luxurious apartment, where it is easy to get lost even in the kitchen. We do not get upset, we accept the situation, we try to fix the situation, make the design of a small kitchen in an apartment unsurpassed. There are simple tricks for this.
1. White preference. The main rule is to bet on white. A similar color, its shades – the most successful, will revive the design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev.
2. Functional headset. Pay special attention to choosing the right headset. Ideal layout – letter G. The room is compact and comfortable.
3. Cardinal redevelopment. Are you not afraid of drastic measures? Take care of redevelopment. Nuance – the repair will be delayed, you need a work permit. The results are worth it. Redevelopment will make it possible to expand the quadrature, make the kitchen space spacious. One of the options is to combine the kitchen space with the living room. Do not add square meters, the feeling of spaciousness will appear. Do not forget: a good option is to combine the kitchen space with an adjoining loggia. If the latter is insulated, it is completely possible to move the kitchen workplace here, equip the dining room.
4. Door, windowsill. A window sill will do a good job – it can be easily built into the headset, it can serve as a bar counter, table top. Expand the space by abandoning the interior door, which “eats up” the extra space. The doorway is simply shaped into an arch, hang a curtain, install sliding doors.
5. Furniture, appliances. If the design of a very small kitchen is being set up, attention should be paid to the choice of furniture and equipment. The latter should be built-in – be surprised how much space it saves. Choose a technique that is not too large. In a small kitchenette, a 45 cm dishwasher is enough, a hob for 2 burners. Multifunctional appliances will help: oven-microwave, multi-cooker-bread maker. Give up massive furniture, it has no place in the design of a small kitchen. Transparent chairs, glass tables will do. Glass lightens space
6. Use useful centimeters. If there is little storage space, use the height. Headsets with additional, under the very ceiling, tiers will help. Here you can arrange dishes, sets, crystal, boxes.
7. Maximum coverage. In a small space, more light is needed – artificial, daylight. Replace heavy curtains with roman blinds, transparent curtains. Use lamps, pendant lamps, floor lamps, sconces. Soft light will add coziness.

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Making a small kitchen

Many are sure that 4-8 sq. m. nothing can be placed, what kind of convenience, modern design of a small kitchen can we talk about? If you make the right design of a small kitchen, it will become spacious and functional. The main reason for the lack of space is large appliances, pieces of furniture. They take up too much space. A sense of disorder can arise with an abundance of colors, textures, storage of small items, boxes in an open space. It is extremely important to strike a balance between the colors of the ceiling, walls and floor. Even the biggest disadvantages of small kitchens can be turned into pluses. The small kitchen design ideas below can be very helpful.
Design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev
Typical kitchens in Khrushchevs are no more than 6.5 sq. m. The space is small, the door is usually arranged in the corner. The room is non-standard, so the approach to design should be unusual. The design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev can be beautiful and original. But for this you have to try. It is better to refuse the door immediately. Order a corner set, change the technique to a more compact one, decorate the room in light colors – and it will immediately sparkle with new colors, become cozy, and seem larger.

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Small kitchen design 4 sq.m. with photo

The design of a small kitchen, the footage of which does not exceed 4 squares, is a rather difficult task. The tiny square dictates its own terms. To avoid problems, every centimeter of the kitchenette should be functional and useful. Calculations must be carried out correctly, accurately. Much depends on the finishing materials, their color, texture. By choosing the right building materials, you can give a couple of visual meters to the smallest space. Photo of the design of a small kitchen 4 sq.m .:

Small kitchen design 6 sq.m. with photo

Many Khrushchevs, houses of old layouts have kitchens, the size of which does not exceed 6 square meters. m. Equipping a mini-kitchenette is a challenge for the owners. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from, simple techniques will help make a real masterpiece out of a small room. Proof of this is the photo of the design of a small kitchen 6 sq. m .:

Small kitchen design 8 sq.m. with photo

There is more space here than in the previous versions, but there is no need to talk about maximum comfort. For most apartments, the kitchen is 8 sq. m. – standard, the owners make every effort to equip the room correctly. Photo of the design of a small kitchen 8 sq. m .:

Design of a small kitchen with a window

If the kitchen is small, the interior design should be chosen carefully. Many consider the window to be inappropriate, even a disturbing item. But it can be easily turned into the main advantage, it is enough to make a minimum of effort, to show imagination. In modern design, the window is an important element. It will help increase the space.

The height of the window sill can be a problem – it is less than the height of a modern headset. You can solve the problem, equip a beautiful design of a small kitchen with a window in the middle or on the side in such ways.

  1. Close the structure with a table top. On it you can safely cook food, cut vegetables, place utensils.
  2. Change the window height. Troubled, but effective. After dismantling, the window changes to a smaller one, respectively, the window sill also takes up less space, thus the design of a small kitchen with a window will be as functional as possible.

Design of a small kitchen with a balcony

If a balcony adjoins the kitchen, this can generally be called an ideal option. There are many solutions. Competent design of a small kitchen with a balcony can maximize the size of the room. Decide what will be placed in the additional area, think over zoning. You can consider different options:

  • arrangement on the balcony of the dining room;
  • alteration of the balcony for a working area (it is necessary to bring out communications);
  • combining balcony, kitchen.

A small kitchen with a balcony can be ultramodern in design. Bar counters are organized on additional meters. To do this, remove the window between the balcony, kitchen, equip the window sill to your taste.

Design of a small kitchen studio

The main rule for arranging studio kitchens is to zone the space. Only in this way the design of a small studio kitchen will be beautiful, practical. For this, you can use visual techniques, partitions. An excellent solution would be to equip a bar counter that separates the kitchen space from the room. In this case, you can give up the kitchen table, eat, cook on the counter. If there is not enough space, separate the kitchen space with light curtains – they will improve the design of a small studio kitchen.

Modern design of a small kitchen

There are a lot of interior designs for a small kitchen. Modern kitchens are ergonomic and functional. A small area is not at all a reason not to equip a modern design of a small kitchen. The most effective, simplest way to expand the space is visualization. Decorate the room in light colors, make the interior light, interesting, versatile. It can be adapted to suit any changes. An excellent solution is monochrome design with white shades, playing with textures will help. White goes well with any light shades. You can add a few bright accents, they should not prevail, but only be light accents.

One wall or apron can be darkened. This gap will “fall” into white and make the space deep.

You can beat the interior design of a small kitchen with finishing tricks. Paint the walls white, lay laminate on the floor, lay tiles. The solution is standard. But in order to increase the space, non-standard measures and tricks are needed. Kitchenette 6 sq. m.? Mirror cladding will help to double the space. Just decorate one of the walls with mirrors and see how much more visually the space will become.

If the decision seems too daring, limit yourself to a mirror on an apron in the dining area. Almost the same effect from photo wallpaper.

Horizontal stripes in the design increase the space. It is not necessary to buy special wallpaper, it is enough to draw stripes on the painted walls, masking tape and a building level will help. In the apron, a narrow elongated tile, a “hog” tile, can protrude in horizontal lines.

Wallpaper with depicted vertical stripes, diamond print will help to “raise” the low ceiling. But you should be careful: if the room is narrow, the patterns will narrow it more.

Small kitchen: design, photo

The design for a small kitchen should be chosen considering the size. Pay attention to the shape of the room.

  1. Square. An excellent solution would be a corner set. The working, dining area is conveniently delimited. By arranging the refrigerator, sink, stove according to the triangle principle, ensure convenience. Opposite the headset is a place for the dining table. If the family is large, a round one will fit, everyone will fit behind it. If dimensions do not allow, use a folding table – it is convenient, compact.
  2. Rectangular. It is better to arrange furniture here along the walls. Replace the table with a bar counter, arrange mirrored surfaces, decorate the window with a curtain with a large pattern. The design of a small kitchen studio will appeal to many owners.
  3. Wrong. The premises have niches, additional spaces, ledges. Use them for good, place kitchen utensils here, equip cabinets – make the most of the extra space.

There are many options for arrangement. Competent planning will help expand the space, make the room functional, beautiful, and comfortable. A photo of the design of a small kitchen can be seen below.


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