Features and ideas for small studio apartment design

Apartments with no partition walls are called studios. A feature of the open space arrangement is the correct separation of each zone according to its purpose, the arrangement of furniture, taking into account the small area and subordination to one style. To create a design for a one-room studio apartment, it is worth considering a lot of details and nuances.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Designing a Small Studio Apartment

The main feature of such housing is open space, only the bathroom is separated. Any actions and movements are always in sight of all family members: cooking and eating, sleeping and resting. Therefore, this type of home is best suited for single people, a couple or a family with a small child.

The main advantages of a studio apartment and its design:

• since studio-plan housing has appeared on the real estate market relatively recently, apartments with such a layout are sold mainly in new buildings. This guarantees the serviceability of all communications, new elevators, a well-thought-out approach to the house, parking;
• area on average from sixteen to fifty square meters, therefore, the price of such real estate is affordable, which allows you to save money, and you have money for good repairs;
• the design of a studio apartment will not hit the budget either, due to the small area of ​​space;
• the developer leaves the sewer communications in a certain place, so you can distribute the free space at your discretion. The advantage of free planning is that there is any style of interior, every idea can be realized.

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Included in the cost of repair

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  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Design features of a one-room studio apartment

The design of a studio apartment can be done independently, or you can ask for the help of professionals. One of the most important points in the arrangement will be the correct division of space into work areas.

To do this, it is worth considering your individual wishes and habits: if you love to cook, then you need a kitchen with a large work surface and many compartments for storing utensils. Whether you are taking work home or studying, you need a work area with a desk for a laptop, books and documents. Each interior design of a studio apartment has a dining area where it is convenient to have breakfast and dinner, a relaxation area with a sofa and TV, and a place to sleep.

Separation of space is achieved using different screens, colors or textures. At the same time, it is important that all housing is subject to the same style, and individual zones do not fall out of context.

Textured zoning in the interior design of a studio apartment is the separation of a certain zone by decorating the walls with various materials (wallpaper, plaster, painting, etc.), finishing the floor (each zone has its own flooring color or different types of coverage). Curtains of various types, shelves, a sofa and other decorative items can be used as a screen.

One-room studio apartment with a photo of the design of various screens and types of zoning.

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Design of studio apartments, photo.

A drawback in the design of a one-room studio apartment is the need for good ventilation, new houses are warm, and therefore you need to constantly ventilate the room. The cooker hood should be of high power, since cooking can smoke the entire room, impregnate furniture and clothes with unwanted odors. Studios have to be cleaned more often, any clutter, even not significant, is visible and can annoy household members.

In the design of a studio apartment, any of the shortcomings can be easily corrected, so this option should be considered for young couples, people who often travel or live alone.

Design of a square studio apartment

The design of small studio apartments with the correct square shape is the most versatile. It can embody any idea, since the correct shape of the walls and windows does not limit the flight of imagination. In such a space, a small space is separated for the kitchen, most of it is occupied by a recreation area – a bedroom and a living room. In a square studio, these zones are parallel to each other.

Often in the design of studio apartments, the bedroom is separated by a glass, wood, fabric or decorative screen. Visually, you can separate the sleeping place with the help of an elevation – a podium. Such a podium can serve as a place for storing things and bedding. The living room, most often, is separated from the food preparation area by furniture – a sofa, a chest of drawers, a shelf.

A studio apartment looks better in a light design, since the abundance of light visually expands the space. Large windows also contribute to this. When the apartment has two or more windows, you do not need to force them with furniture. It is better to distribute all objects outside of them so that they do not burden, do not darken the apartment.

Design of a studio apartment of a rectangular layout

The design of a studio apartment with a rectangular layout should be done by professional designers. As well as an arrangement with an irregular, non-standard, non-proportional shape. The complexity of the layout lies in zoning, since in such a space the usual methods of visual expansion may not work. If you decide to independently embody the design in your small studio apartment, consider the following nuances:

  • when zoning, it is necessary to strive to give the room the correct shape. This can be achieved with various screens and furniture. It is important to fill in a piece of irregular shape, for example, make a work area in a rounded part, cut it off with a mirrored, wooden or any other screen;
  • in the design of a studio apartment with a rectangular layout, it is better to use light, warm colors when covering all surfaces;
  • curtains are better to choose light, translucent, also in light colors of the general color scheme of the apartment.

Choosing a style for the design of a studio apartment with photo examples

Studio apartment design reflects your style, views and lifestyle. The most popular interior design styles for small studio apartments are:

  • minimalism furniture with simple laconic forms, lack of decor, there are only the most necessary items. The zones are separated by a color contrasting solution, more often it is white / black. Design of a studio apartment with a photo in this style below;
  • classic style it will look better in a studio apartment in an old house with high ceilings. It features heavy furniture and an abundance of decor. To facilitate this design, light colors, a lot of additional lighting, and mirrors are used. Photo examples of the classic design of a studio apartment;
  • loft is one of the most popular destinations, combining simplicity and style of a modern city, thanks to a variety of decor items and some furniture in an industrial style. Looks more advantageous in old houses, since the apartment has been converted into a studio. A decent ceiling height allows you to highlight the second floor, where you can arrange a bedroom or work area. On the walls, you can not stylize brickwork, but simply clean them to the ground. Here are some examples of the design of a studio apartment with a photo in this style;
  • modern style is the most versatile, it combines simple furniture with bright decor, natural tones are sometimes diluted with juicy summer colors. Design of a small studio apartment with a photo in a modern style.

Even having a studio apartment with a small area, you can embody a stylish design in it.

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