Toilet design: secrets of stylish furnishing

In most modern living spaces, the washroom is the smallest in the home. Often, its area does not exceed 1-2 m2. This size is quite enough for the main functional purpose, however, deciding to change the design of the toilet, many nuances arise. It would seem that it is difficult to spoil a tiny room, but it is the small area of ​​the bathroom that conceals a lot of deceit for inexperienced designers. What should you pay attention to and how to think over repairs in the toilet from A to Z?

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Toilet design - where to start

Repairing a bathroom, despite its seeming simplicity, is a very serious task, and it is worth approaching it with all responsibility. After all, when the repair of the toilet comes to an end, I want to get a cozy and comfortable room, the interior of which will please the eye every time you visit. Therefore, all stages of the repair should be carefully considered. The main issues to be solved at the preparatory stage:

  • determine the scope and scale of repair work;
  • choose the style of the toilet room interior;
  • purchase the necessary materials, furniture and plumbing.

After solving the above points, you can proceed directly to the repair and finishing work. They can be done independently, subject to the necessary knowledge and experience, or you can call a team that will repair a turnkey bathroom.

Before starting repairs, the toilet must be freed from old plumbing and cladding materials must be removed. Particular attention should be paid to pipes. Often in old houses, communications need to be replaced for a long time. If the pipes are in an unusable condition, they are definitely worth replacing, because the repair is done for more than one year. However, it is better not to mount communications tightly into the wall, in case of a leak, you will need to get to them. All kinds of drywall boxes that visually hide the pipes, but retain access to them, can be a good solution.

Wall and floor surfaces must be carefully leveled with plaster. It is also required to carry out a mandatory primer with special solutions that prevent the appearance of fungus. So, not a trace remained of the old toilet, you can safely proceed with the renovation of the interior.

Cost of implementation of objects turnkey

White box
от 299$
for м2
от 499$
for м2
от 850$
for м2
Premium (+all)
от 20$
for м2

Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

In what style to decorate the interior of the toilet?

The design of the bathroom can be made in a wide variety of stylistic solutions. Here it is worth considering only your own taste preferences and financial resources. Another important point is that the design of the toilet room should not fall out of the overall interior ensemble of the room. What styles can you use to update your washroom?


The decoration of the toilet in a classic style implies the use of traditional sanitary ware, noble calm colors, marble floor. Decorative elements can be mirrors in rich frames, fittings in gold or bronze shades with an aged effect. This style is appropriate if the overall interior of the house is made in the classics, and everything around confirms the luxury and taste of the owners.


Ideal for small washrooms. No bulky decorations and interior items, just simplicity and functionality. A laconic design, not overloaded with a large amount of furniture, a combination of warm and cold shades, a minimum of decor – all this will perfectly fit into a small toilet, the design of which needs to be changed.


An over-the-top trend that has remained unchanged in popularity in recent years. Eco-style is the embodiment of the idea of ​​the unity of man with nature. The interior implies the use of natural materials or imitation for them – stone, wood, marble, sand. The color range is as natural as possible and close to the natural environment. Live or dried plants and flower arrangements are used as decor.


This style perfectly creates an atmosphere of freedom, youth and industrialism in the room. The decoration is simple and rough, the amount of decor is minimal. Unplastered concrete or brick walls, rough shabby furniture, bare structural elements, non-standard decor items – all this will bring notes of brutality, rebelliousness and bohemianness to the interior of the bathroom.


Add lightness and space to a tiny washroom. Provence style bathrooms are performed in soft muted colors – lavender, white, light blue, light yellow. Plumbing must certainly have the effect of antiquity. Decor is especially important in this style – textile items, forged items, wicker baskets, mosaics, floral patterns. A bathroom in this style is elegance, authenticity and comfort in your bathroom.

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Repair in the toilet : choosing materials for finishing

The modern market offers a huge selection of finishing coatings. The main rules when choosing – facing materials should visually lengthen and expand the space and be moisture resistant and water resistant.

Wall and floor decoration

The most obvious and popular solution for toilet walls is ceramic tiles. For the floor, you can use porcelain stoneware. This finish has a lot of advantages: durability, practicality, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance, ease of installation. The market is represented by a wide range of collections and models of various shapes and sizes, a rich color palette, which allows you to find the optimal solution for everyone. Combinations of colors and shapes will help to visually change the size of the toilet. For example, light and dark tiles laid vertically will visually increase the height of the ceiling. Diagonally laid tiles visually expand the space. In very small bathrooms, it is better to refrain from tiles of very small or large sizes.

When buying tiles, you need to build on the chosen style. However, a universal rule for all style solutions is that you should not over complicate the design of the bathroom. The interior of the toilet should be simple. It is better to refrain from bright unnatural colors, intricate textures. Calm colors and imitation of natural materials are the most versatile option that will definitely not get bored over the years.

Tiles are the most popular choice, but not the only one. An equally interesting option for wall decoration is plastic panels. They are also moisture resistant and available in a wide variety of colors and designs. The only drawback is that the panels are attached to the frame, and this will slightly reduce the space of the toilet.

And the most budgetary and uncomplicated way of wall decoration is wallpaper. Any kind can be used – non-woven, vinyl, liquid. The main advantage of gluing wallpaper in the toilet is its cheapness and ease of repair. The plus is that the interior with wallpaper on the wall can be updated more often. You can re-glue the walls in a small bathroom at least every year, and the monotonous design will not tire the eyes.

A combination of different materials in one interior can be an original solution for repairing a toilet. The bathroom is conditionally divided into several zones, each of which is finished with a different coating: wallpaper and wood, ceramics and marble. Taste and sense of style are especially needed here for such a combination to be successful.

What about the ceiling?

A very good option for the toilet is repair with a stretch ceiling (pvc film). You can choose matte or glossy, in combination with artificial lighting, the stretch canvas will look stylish and beautiful. An alternative option is finishing with plasterboard boards with further painting.

Buying plumbing

The choice of plumbing in the toilet presupposes the choice of His Majesty’s toilet bowl. It is he who is the highlight of the program in the interior of the bathroom. Modern toilet bowls are made mainly of porcelain or earthenware. Both of these materials are durable and easy to use.

There are two main types of toilets available on the plumbing market today:

  1. floor;
  2. suspension.

Of course, suspended structures will look much more interesting in the design of the toilet. A modern appearance, a hidden cistern and communications, no joint between the floor and the toilet, which greatly simplifies cleaning, are the obvious advantages of hanging toilet bowls. But the price of such options will be much higher. In addition, the installation of hanging toilet bowls provides for a false wall that will hide everything unnecessary. And this will steal some of the space in the toilet.

If the size of the bathroom allows, you can install a small sink. Washing your hands in the toilet without going into the bathroom is convenient and practical. It is better to take a closer look at compact corner models that do not take up much space. The built-in cabinet will be a convenient place to store toilet paper, napkins, towels, cleaning products and other accessories. A small mirror can be placed above the sink. You will also need a towel holder or hand dryer.

When the area of ​​the toilet is slightly larger than the average, you can place a bidet in it – a plumbing fixture familiar to Europeans for a long time. The spacious bathrooms also have space for a washing machine or boiler.

Bathroom lighting

In a small toilet, one ceiling lamp is enough. This option is the most simple and even primitive. Decorative lighting will look much more interesting in the interior of the bathroom. It is quite possible to make it the main one, since in the toilet there is no need to look at yourself in the mirror for a long time or perform hygiene procedures. The lighting in the bathroom should not be bright or harsh, soft dim light is best.

One of the modern design ideas is to place hidden light sources at the bottom or in the middle of the bathroom. A lot of shadows will come from them, and a special feature will appear in the interior of the toilet. An equally aesthetic option is the use of LED strips. Even on 2 square meters, they can be used to create unsurpassed light and shadow effects.

Toilet room decor

Most often, a bathroom is a small room in which there is nothing superfluous. If space allows, you can add small wall shelves with decorative items or plants that do not require a lot of light. A painting not on a wall, an original rug or a towel will help to add the desired style. Basically, the decoration is created with practical necessities in the toilet – a holder for a brush, a soap dish, an organizer for towels, an unusual mirror. There is very little in the bathroom, and each, even the smallest little thing, has a lot of weight on the perception of the interior as a whole. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the choice of toiletries, a lot depends on them in design.

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