Residential complex jackhouse: we will select a unique design project for each apartment

The main goal in developing a design project for an apartment is to create a comfortable, convenient and stylish home. When ordering a renovation according to an artistic plan under the guidance of an experienced designer NSDgroup, you can get a unique interior without wasting extra time. It will reflect the inner world of the customer, his desires, and also delight with functionality.

The design project of the residential complex Jack House is a necessary service for complex renovation work, which will help create an exclusive and unique apartment. The complex itself is modern and comfortable for living. During the construction, new European technologies and certified materials were applied, therefore the building has high heat and sound insulation characteristics.

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Residential complex jackhouse in Kiev – comfortable apartments with luxurious finishes

There are a large number of design trends that are difficult for an ordinary person to understand. For this, a designer with the appropriate education is needed. He understands all design trends and competently adjusts them to the living conditions of a citizen.

When developing a project for an apartment, an NSDgroup specialist will take into account the customer’s lifestyle, the number of people living in the apartment, the specifics of the construction, the dimensions of the housing and the geometry of the rooms. After studying all the nuances, the style of the apartment will be chosen.

The design of apartments in the jackhouse kiev complex can be of several types:

  1. Cozy – contains a lot of textiles and decor. The decoration uses deep saturated colors. The following styles meet these parameters: classic, shabby chic, provence, chalet, vintage.
  2. Ultramodern – famous for the abundance of light, space and minimal decor. Loft, minimalism, eco, Scandinavian and American design, contemporary styles meet these standards.
  3. Creative is bright colors, stained-glass windows, fancy decor, non-standard art objects. Styles of pop art, art nouveau, fusion, constructivism are suitable for these parameters.
  4. Luxurious is an expensive finish, spacious scale, pompous architecture. These criteria are met by the Empire, Baroque, Rococo and Antique styles. Suitable for spacious apartments with high ceilings.
  5. Exotic – the design contains the spirit of China, India, the Mediterranean. Moroccan or Wild West style is suitable.

Residential complex JackHouse: modern design in the decoration of apartments

By entrusting the design of the apartments of the JackHouse complex in Kiev to a specialist from NSDgroup, the customer frees himself from the hustle and bustle. The designer is involved in the creative part, as well as coordinating the actions of workers and solving other organizational issues. Cooperation begins with a meeting between the employee and the customer, site inspection and conversation. The project is created taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer, the area of ​​the apartment and the budget.

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The designer-designer of the NSDgroup company performs the following tasks:

Residential complex jackhouse: the price of finishing and design project

Lcd JackHouse Kiev is a 31-storey building located on Lesi Ukrainka Boulevard, 7, a three-minute walk from the Kozlovskaya metro station and 10 minutes from the Pecherskaya metro station. 256 comfortable and cozy elite class apartments have been created here. The living area has a different layout, there are one-room, two-room and three-room apartments. Height from floor to ceiling 3.3 meters.

ЖК jackhouse

To make living in an apartment comfortable, it is important to take care of high-quality repair work. Do not look for different specialists on the Internet, but order services from NSDgroup. The staff employs 7 experienced designers and 94 employees who have many years of experience and are ready to perform complex work. NSDgroup employees will develop any project , taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer. Their work includes 5 stages:

NSDgroup offers the development of interior design for the residential complex JackHouse Kiev, the price of the project will depend on the amount of work entrusted to the specialist, the time of execution and the area of ​​the apartment. Also, the cost is influenced by the type of premises and the number of services required. When all stages of work are completed, the project is agreed with the client, the company’s employees begin to implement the plan. We guarantee that the deadlines will be met and the object will be commissioned at the agreed time. A one-year warranty is provided for the work performed.

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