Residential complex Poetics in Kiev

Residential quarter Poetics is different from others. It has a peculiar architecture. Its complex includes a large number of business class apartments. The Residential complex is designed for rich people who are accustomed to certain conditions.

ЖК Поэтика в Киеве

Photo ZhK Poetics

The buildings are designed in a modern style. They include light and large facades, panoramic windows. All buildings are insulated. Each house has 28 floors. The main building of the complex is located at st. Degtyarevskaya 25a . The territory of Poetics is closed and surrounded by a fence.

Features Poetica Residential complex, located on the street. Degtyarevskaya 25a

The residential area is located in a quiet and cozy area. It is surrounded by beautiful nature. There are three picturesque parks next to it. Residents of the quarter can visit them at any time.

ЖК Поэтика в Киеве

Photo Apartment in residential complex Poetics

There is a stylobate, which looks very good. Inside there are shops, restaurants, beauty salons and other establishments for a pleasant pastime. In addition, the structure visually elevates the houses.

During the construction of the residential complex Poetics, the developer has foreseen everything. On the territory there is a lot of entertainment for children and adults. The house even has a special children’s room with a changing table. There you can change clothes and feed the kids. It is forbidden to leave cars in the courtyards overnight.

If you want to find an advertisement for the purchase of an apartment in the residential complex Poetics LUN will provide you with such an opportunity. There are proposals for every taste, because in the complex all the premises differ in size, number of rooms and layout.

Repair and design of apartments ZhK Poetics

The construction company carries out renovations in new buildings and interior design in apartments. The client can order the services of the company.

  1. Employees of the organization give a guarantee for their work.
  2. If defects are identified, corrections are made at their own expense. The customer does not lose anything.
  3. An experienced and qualified team finds an individual approach to each person.

When contacting the company, specialists will go to the site to assess the situation. They will perform all the work in stages. After each stage, the client must assess the quality of the repair work, and if everything suits him, pay.

ЖК Поэтика в Киеве

Photo “Turnkey” apartment in Poetics Residential Complex

A person can go to the Residential complex Poetics forum. There you can study information about the organization, ask questions of interest, and read multiple comments. Clients speak well of the company, because it carries out repairs efficiently and quickly. Employees know what deadlines are and do not break them.

The team employs qualified designers. They will visit the premises and select an individual design, taking into account the wishes of the clients.

ЖК Поэтика в Киеве

What determines the cost of repairs in PoeticsHK

Service prices are loyal. Therefore, if a person wants to buy housing in a business-class quarter and make redevelopment, design, renovation in it, then he will be able to afford it. There is one caveat. The cost of services depends on what work will have to be done. If a global repair is ordered, it will be more expensive. Also, installation and electrical work costs a lot. After completing all the stages, the client can leave his personal review on the company’s website.

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