As a rule, any  apartment renovation includes painting all surfaces, including the ceiling. Painting the ceiling with a spray gun is an excellent method of achieving a high-quality painted ceiling (even its most inaccessible surfaces) with minimal financial, nerve and time costs. However, like any other professional repair tool, the spray gun tool requires some knowledge and practical skills. If we cannot transfer practical skills and experience through the Internet, then we can share some tips and recommendations absolutely free of charge.

Advantages of painting with a spray gun

Photo Painting with a spray gun

If you have already taken up the repair of the ceiling, then it is necessary to carry out it fully and very efficiently, because such work is performed once and for many years. That is why a lot of attention should be paid to painting. Of course, you can carry out all painting work by hand, armed with a brush and roller. But if you want to get a really uniform and uniform color of the ceiling, it is better to buy or rent an electric spray gun.

The spray gun is used more and more every day, because it has the following advantages:

We can still enumerate the advantages of this device for a long time, but it has already become clear that this is a worthwhile tool.

Preparing the ceiling for painting

Before you start painting, you must first prepare the ceiling surface. The preparatory work includes:

When the preparatory work is done, you can proceed to painting.

Spray ceiling painting technology

Photo Spray painting

To achieve the most evenly painted surface, it is important to strictly follow the application technology.

  1. Switch on the device. First, keep its nozzle away from the surface until it sprays evenly.
  2. Visually divide the ceiling into squares that need to be painted in turn – first along, then across.
  3. In the process of painting, keep the device at a distance of 30-50 cm from the surface, move it at a speed of five seconds per square meter.
  4. The optimal number of layers is three. But you can get by with one, if you apply really high quality. However, this largely depends on the paint.
  5. It is recommended to apply the first and final layers in the morning and in the evening, when there are no blinding sun rays.

Spray ceiling painting technology

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in painting the ceiling with a spray gun, the main thing is to adhere to the technology and take precautions – to use a gauze bandage and a respirator. We also recommend that before starting work, free the room from all unnecessary items, cover the furniture with covers or just oilcloth so as not to stain it. The floor can also be protected with foil.

Wear a kerchief or a special hat on your head to protect your hair from getting paint on it.

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