RC “Irpenskie Lipki”: apartment renovation, development of an individual design project

Since 2004, NSDgroup has been providing comprehensive repair and construction services. Our designers are masters of their craft, who are attentive to the implementation of each project. We offer a full range of services for the repair and decoration of apartments in the residential complex “Irpenskie Lipki”.

“Irpenskie Lipki”: design decoration of apartments

In Irpen RC “Irpenskie Lipki” – a new building for a comfortable life. The use of environmentally friendly materials in construction affects the quality and reliability of residential buildings. Reinforced concrete, from which the floors are made, are distinguished by their strength and durability. The comfortable microclimate in Irpenskiye Lipki in Irpen is due to the use of mineral insulation, brickwork and finishing decoration.

ЖК «Ирпенские Липки»: ремонт квартир

Sections with different number of storeys make it possible to choose the ideal option for life in all respects. The housing stock is represented by 1-, 2-, 4-room apartments , positioned as an economy class. This parameter affects the cost of housing, but does not reduce its quality.

Irpenskie Lipki: finishing features

The popularity of the residential complex “Irpenskie Lipki” is explained by the developed infrastructure. Landscaped closed courtyard, ground parking, playgrounds and sports grounds. The entire territory, divided into functional zones, is illuminated at night. Near the residential complex there is a hospital, grocery stores, pharmacies.


ЖК «Ирпенские Липки»: ремонт квартир

Buying a home in a new building is an opportunity to arrange a room according to your preferences. NSDgroup designers will help you achieve your goal. For over 15 years we have been developing and implementing design projects that turn a standard room into a cozy home corner.

“Irpenskie Lipki” photos of apartments with unusual finishes

Tired of the hustle and bustle of a multi-million dollar city? Do you want to wake up to the singing of birds, and not from the noise of passing vehicles? Residential complex “Irpenskie Lipki” is waiting for you. Lots of greenery, comfortable recreation areas, clean lake within walking distance. All the advantages of suburban life are there. An important point: residents talk about the amazing symbiosis of life outside the city and the availability of the benefits of civilization.

The ergonomic layout of apartments, taking into account progressive trends, will appeal to both young families and older people. Do you need a design project for an apartment? Masters of the NSDgroup company will help you arrange a room of any size. We readily undertake complex and non-standard projects, realizing that the main goal of our clients is to live in comfortable conditions.

ЖК «Ирпенские Липки»: ремонт квартир

Benefits of an integrated approach:

“Irpenskie Lipki” reviews about the repair and decoration of apartments

Do you want to become the owner of a comfortable home, the cost of which remains at an affordable level? The residential complex in Irpen acts as a competent solution to the issue. Don’t believe me? Residential complex “Irpenskie Lipki” reviews can convince you otherwise. Economy class apartments impress with their democratic prices. The use of durable and safe building materials, reliable thermal insulation, bright decor turn a new building outside the city into a cozy place where all the benefits of civilization are available.

It is not enough just to buy a home. You need to take care of its finishing. NSDgroup designers , thanks to many years of experience and creative approach, will decorate the living space in a stylish and non-trivial way. We guarantee strict adherence to deadlines and quality of implementation of each project.

АВТОР: Алексей Дмитриевич

Более 15 лет занимаюсь дизайном, техническим надзором. Прекрасно знаю все тонкости ремонта, ГОСТы и другие правила.


Образование высшее:
Киевский национальный университет строительства и архитектуры

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