Renovation and finishing of turnkey apartments,
offices and cottages in Kiev

"Turnkey" from 2900 UAH / m2 for a period of 90 days

  • Free visit of the master
  • 72 qualified specialists
  • More than 2400 completed projects
  • With us you will save up to 20% on the purchase of materials!

For more than 15 years we have been engaged in complex repairs,
renovation of apartments in Kiev, exclusive turnkey tasks


Own teams of craftsmen
with experience of 5 years


Own teams of craftsmen with over 5 years of experience.


You pay in stages according to the prepared estimates and you know exactly what each dollar was spent on.


A personal experienced manager is assigned to you, who is always in touch.


7 designers with over 5 years of experience will create your unforgettable interior design

Costs and types of work that suit you

Repair of apartments
(For all)
Design project
(For connoisseurs of taste)
Design + renovation + equipment
(For those who value their time and money)

Discounts for the purchase of materials Our company has discounts in many construction hypermarkets, as a regular customer. We are happy to share this competitive advantage with our customers.
We will not only purchase, but also deliver You have the right to engage in the procurement and delivery on your own, most importantly, without delays, or completely entrust this task to us
Progress reports and purchase receipts Stay up to date on repair costs, thanks to our weekly report from our company, you will know where every penny is spent
We give 12 months warranty We will not leave any doubts about the quality of our work. To do this, we conclude a warranty agreement for a year.

The cost works
From 1000 UAH / m2
Rough cost materials
From 1400 UAH / m2
  • Dismantling work
  • Rough electrical work (cable laying, installation of undercuts, assembly of panels);
  • Plastering or leveling walls
  • Rough work on plumbing (installation of plumbing points, chasing)
  • Floor screed
The cost works
From 1000 UAH / m2
Rough cost materials
From 1400 UAH / m2
  • Rough repair
  • Tiling works
  • Wall painting
  • Floor covering device
  • Stretch ceiling installation
  • Electrical accessories device
The cost works
From 3700 UAH / m2
Rough cost materials
From 2400 UAH / m2
  • Rough repair
  • Plasterboard works
  • Underfloor heating device
  • Leveling the floor
  • Tiling works
  • Painting walls and ceilings
  • Floor covering device
  • Stretch ceiling installation
  • Electrical accessories device
  • Door installation
  • Cleaning
The cost works
From 4900 UAH / m2
Rough cost materials
From 3000 UAH / m2
  • Everything included in the "TURNKEY"
  • Decorative items under renovation
  • Natural stone installation
  • Premium materials

Calculate the preliminary cost
and terms
of the renovation of your premises

Answer 7 questions and get a guaranteed gift of your choice
Calculation passed by 75%
Question 1:
Select the type of your property
Question 2:
Where do you need help with material procurement?
(multiple options can be selected)
Question 3:
Attach the layout of your apartment
Select a file
Specify the area of the room
м 2
Question 4:
What type of repair do you need?
Question 5:
Do you already have a design project?
Choose an option from the list
Question 6:
What budget are you planning to meet?
Considering all materials and all furniture
We have already started the calculation
How is it more convenient for you to get results and bonuses?

Cost of implementation of objects turnkey

White box
от 299$
for м2
от 499$
for м2
от 700$
for м2
Premium (+all)
от 850$
for м2
от 1199$
for м2

Included in the cost of repair

  • Plumbing distribution (water and sewerage supply to end users)
  • Cable routing
  • Network engineering
  • Preparing doorways
  • Preparation for finishing walls and partitions
  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

Not included in the price

  • Floor screed device
  • Ceiling device (single-level)
  • Works and materials without redevelopment

The whole package “WhiteBox” +

  • Planning solutions, plumbing and electrical wiring plan
  • All floor coverings
  • Wall painting and wallpapering
  • Installation of fine plumbing
  • Installation of electrical accessories and lighting devices
  • Plinth installation
  • Installation of entrance and interior doors

The whole package “Typical without furniture” +

The whole package “American Standard” +

The whole package “Premium” +

Professional turnkey apartment renovation, available to everyone

NSDgroup has been providing a full range of construction and repair services since 2004. A team of professionals reliably and on time performs all types of work, depending on the wishes of the customer. Warranty for work and post-warranty service are provided.

What is a high-quality renovation?

Renovation involves a major transformation of the apartment, providing for a complex of works using modern materials and technologies in accordance with European standards.

The term appeared in the early 90s when imported finishing materials became available. Unlike European interiors, the characteristic features of which are minimalism and the use of natural materials, domestic renovation had its own characteristics:

the use of decorative stone and decorative plaster;
multilevel and / or stretch ceilings;
niches in the walls, ideally with lighting;
bar counter in the form of a “branch” of the table with a metal pipe in the middle;
metal-plastic windows;
complex pattern on the floor;
rich design of curtains.

Modern renovation of apartments involves the services of an interior designer . The specialist controls and accompanies the work at all stages, including the arrangement of furniture and decor items. The repair and construction work plan is drawn up in accordance with the design project. Based on the compiled estimate, the necessary materials are selected in the right amount. Redevelopment of the apartment is carried out if necessary.

A feature of the renovation is the high level of all work performed. Walls, floors and ceilings must be ideally prepared for final finishing. The most modern high quality materials are used for cladding.

Special offers

Comprehensive solution
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6 steps how the work will proceed
over your renovation


We advise you. We ask a lot of questions and find out what kind of repair you need, as well as what you need to pay attention to first of all

Submit your application


We will make measurements, help you choose materials. We will tell you how not to overpay


We sign a contract with you and an agreed estimate


We give a 5-year warranty for all works. In case of defects, we eliminate them free of charge.


Each of our facilities undergoes a 3-level quality control system: foreman - technical supervision - technical director


We purchase materials and deliver them to the object, after which we proceed to repair work and sign acts of hidden and completed work in stages. We work according to plan and send photo reports. After the renovation, we do the cleaning and take out the garbage.


32 м2
Child’s World, a child in a country house
30 working days
32 м2
97 м2
Residential complex Cristal Park. 97sq. For a married couple
30 working days
97 м2
125 м2
Malachite. Kitchen-living room
30 working days
125 м2
125 м2
The concept of the development of a car salon in a classic style
30 working days
125 м2
25 м2
Maria. Nursery for my daughter
30 working days
25 м2
125 м2
Art Deco apartment
30 working days
125 м2
100 м2
Apartment in a loft for a girl. Str. Reunions
30 working days
100 м2
80 м2
Residential complex Central Park. 80kv for a young couple
30 working days
80 м2
117 м2
Office for an IT company
30 working days
117 м2
110 м2
Residential complex Central Park. 110sq. Apartment in bright colors
30 working days
110 м2

Frequently asked questions

Sidorov Ivan

Chief engineer of NSD group

What is a high-quality renovation?

A foreman is appointed to the facility, who takes all the trouble on himself. Post-foreman check is carried out by technical supervision and technical director

Does the cost of the Capital or Elite work package include rough materials?

The cost of the work package does not include Cosmetic, Capital and Elite materials, we conclude a contract only for the services provided.

Are you doing a design project?

We carry out a design project at a separate cost from repair and construction work. Our company is also ready to carry out repair and construction work according to your project, if any.

Do you carry out partial apartment renovation?

Our company does not perform partial work, we only carry out complex work of the entire premises, the entire apartment.

What are the payment terms?

Our company does not take an advance payment for the work, you pay according to the act of work performed under the current contract.

When do you start work?

Within 3 days from the date of signing the contract.

Do you provide draft materials?

Within 3 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract, our employees draw up a list of materials and send it for a tender to our suppliers, you will receive a list of materials with a market value. Under the contract, we undertake to provide you with a list of materials, you have the choice whether we or you will buy.

Where should the repair begin?

First of all, you need to decide what exactly you would like to remake in your apartment: change windows, doors, re-glue the wallpaper, spread parquet flooring, replace baseboards, change old tiles, put underfloor heating or install an air conditioner. Check the plumbing and pipes - they may be outdated.

have any questions?

Or leave the number, we will contact you


Download checklist Download
(PDF 3,6 Mб)

Apartment renovation is an opportunity to rebuild your home, increase functionality, presentability, and level of convenience. And also, this is a good chance, finally, to bring all ideas and wishes to life. The result of cooperation with NSDGroup is the interior of your dreams.

Turnkey repair

One of the best options is turnkey apartment renovation. The point is that specialists take care of all the work. The customer does not need to worry about anything. It is enough to say your wishes, look at the developed design project, adjust or approve it.

After that, specialists will carry out apartment renovations in Kiev in accordance with all agreements. Additionally, a service such as architectural supervision is offered. The point is that the designer will personally supervise the execution of all work. This is a guarantee that the turnkey repairs offered by NSDGroup in Kiev will be carried out in strict accordance with what is shown in the design project.

Order a high-quality apartment renovation

We offer to order apartment renovation in Kiev right now in the NSDGroup company. Before contacting us, you can familiarize yourself with the finished projects. We have tremendous experience and have completed many projects. They are our pride and confirmation of professionalism, experience, and skill.

We propose to sort out the goals and priorities in advance:

  •         think about why you need repairs – just update the apartment, carry out a major redevelopment, replace the plumbing, etc.;
  •         decide on the preferred style and color scheme – or decide what is in priority (calm or bright colors, functionality or decoration, practicality or brightness, etc.), and our designers will offer possible options;
  •         calculate the estimated budget – the designer will rely on it, planning possible options;
  •         decide what you definitely want – for example, a bar counter in the kitchen, a podium under the bed in the bedroom, etc.

By contacting us, you can be sure of quality and professionalism. You can verify this if you look at the apartment renovation we performed in the photo in the gallery.

Ремонт под ключ в стиле лофт

Designer apartment renovation

It is also called elite. This includes redevelopment, major changes, renovation of premises, uniqueness of style, development of functional areas.

Designer apartment renovation is needed for:

  •         development of a unique interior;
  •         improving the microclimate to improve the quality of life;
  •         creation of functional areas.

High-quality building materials and smart technologies are used. Be sure to create a design project with visual 3D visualization. In general, an exclusive renovation is the best solution for creative, bright, high-status personalities.

Complex apartment renovation

Complex repairs are one of the subtypes of capital repairs. Most of the work is carried out either in all or in most of the premises. The main difference from other types of repairs is a complete transformation inside.

Comprehensive apartment renovation involves the following types of work:

  •         dismantling of finishes and all structures;
  •         installation of partitions at the request of the customer;
  •         installation of a suspended ceiling structure;
  •         leveling all surfaces with quality materials;
  •         fine finishing of the premises;
  •         installation of all types of water supply, sewerage, heating systems;
  •         plumbing installation;
  •         electrical work.

In fact, such a repair includes a set of both repair and finishing work. It is better to trust everything to one company. Choose NDGroup. More details at

A comprehensive renovation with a selection of furniture and accessories

Prices for apartment renovation in Kiev

If you need the average price of apartment renovation per square meter, you can contact our manager. It is important to understand that prices depend on a number of factors. These include:

  •         the chosen style – minimalism is more accessible, an empire is more expensive;
  •         the area of ​​the premises – the larger, the cheaper the cost per 1 sq. m.;
  •         type of premises;
  •         the types of work required – repairs with redevelopment are more expensive than just finishing work;
  •         the need for additional services – selection of furniture, plumbing, decor, purchase of materials, field supervision, etc.

Also, the price depends on what kind of repair is chosen by the customer.

Modern renovation

Such a concept as modern renovation implies innovation in everything. These include:

  •         laying of new communications;
  •         the use of durable and high-quality materials;
  •         choice in favor of modern styles or adapted to them;
  •         combining smart technology with functional furniture.

The design will be thought out to the smallest detail. This is the most comfortable living space for all family members. It is considered one of the most expensive.


European-quality renovation of apartments is finishing with the help of European building standards. Key features:

  •         high-quality design of all surfaces;
  •         absence of defects, cracks, deficiencies in repair;
  •         harmonious style;
  •         the presence of interesting additions – a niche in the wall, bar counter, photo wallpaper, multi-level ceiling, decorative stone trim, etc.

In general, renovation is a good major or cosmetic repair. The rates for such a service depending on the types of work.


Redecoration is a visual renovation of a home. This includes wallpapering, painting the ceiling, laying new tiles. In other words, nothing will be drastically changed.

It is also possible to replace furniture, select accessories. The price is the most affordable compared to other types of repairs.

Redecoration in blue tones in a two-room apartment with a balcony

Major overhaul

Overhaul of an apartment – a complete change of the home. May include redevelopment, replacement of windows and doors, creation of a new ceiling.

It also includes finishing works in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Renovation in a new building

Repair in a new building depends on the form in which the object is built. If there is a fine finish, in most cases cosmetic work is sufficient.

If there is only a rough finish, or it is absent, then repairs in a new building from NSDGroup in the city of Kiev are major works. They include the laying of utilities, rough and fine finishing, finishing work. You can see what you need to do here –

Комплексный ремонт с подбором мебели и аксессуаров

Finishing work

Repair and finishing work in Kiev can be ordered separately from major changes. They are aimed at updating the interior. That is, the wallpaper, flooring will be replaced, the ceiling will be transformed. There will be no other major changes.

Contact us at NSDGroup for a quality, functional and aesthetic renovation.

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