Renovation and interior design at ChicagoCentralHouse by NSDgroup

The residential complex “Chicago” in Kiev is a business class apartment building with an ideal location. It was erected where the two central streets of the capital intersect. This is the option when the energy of the business districts and the architecture of the historic district are harmoniously combined. Everything you need to ensure a comfortable life is nearby.

What is good about the residential complex “Chicago”?

The complex is distinguished by a unique architecture, presented by a bright Chicago style, the possibility of redeveloping an apartment at your own discretion, in the public space of the house there are real masterpieces of modern art.

The object is designed for 200 apartments, there are 1, 2, 3-room, as well as two-level premises. The property is rented out without finishing, so you can arrange everything exactly the way the owner wants.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖКChicagoCentralHouse от NSDgroup

Photo Chicago Central House residential complex

Features of the Chicago residential complex

In the residential complex there are optimal solutions for the maximum comfort of any person. In this property, layouts are made taking into account the needs of customers, while using innovative technologies, a stylish interior of the halls has been carefully thought out, successfully emphasizing the overall concept.

However, in order for the Residential complex space in the Chicago Kiev apartment to meet personal needs, and to enjoy the comfort, after purchasing the real estate, you can redo everything at your discretion. For this to work in the best possible way, it is necessary that the interior design and renovation services of the apartment be carried out by a proven, well-established company. If you are looking for just such a company, then NSDgroup is the perfect option for you.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖКChicagoCentralHouse от NSDgroup

Photo Apartment in the Chicago Central House RC

Whom to entrust the renovation and design of apartments in the residential complex of Chicago?

For those who dream that everything in a new home will be done in accordance with the requirements and meet taste preferences, we recommend that you contact us. NSDgroup and its professional staff will do everything exactly the way you want. Before starting work, we work through all the details, nuances, study the wishes, find out in what style the owner wants to equip the premises, agree on everything and only then bring the planned into reality. We also develop a design project.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖКChicagoCentralHouse от NSDgroup

Photo Interior design in the residential complex Chicago

The apartment design project answers three main questions.

  1. What are the wishes of the customer? The answer will be color, style preferences, the number of tenants, the desired functionality, etc. All this is taken into account when developing a design project, and the planned budget is also taken into account.
  2. What tools will help to realize the client’s wishes? First, the designer inspects the room and takes measurements. Further, options for planning and possible redevelopment will be proposed. If the customer is satisfied with everything, the designer’s proposal is drawn up in the form of a 3D visualization for a visual presentation.
  3. What should be done? The project of the future interior includes estimates, working drawings and other documents that will be used by the repair team.
  1. Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖКChicagoCentralHouse от NSDgroup
    1. Photo “Turnkey” apartment in the residential complex of Chicago

      Why do they choose us for the arrangement of apartments in the ChicagoCentralhouse RC?

      NSDgroup company specializes in apartment design and renovation. We have been working in this area for several years, so we are ready to offer high-quality services. In our activities, we strive to introduce various innovations, we use innovative technologies, thanks to which the result exceeds expectations. Our designers control all processes from the very beginning to complete completion. Believe me, you will be glad to cooperate with us.

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