Renovation and interior design in the Pechersk Plaza residential complex from NSDgroup

Residential complex Pechersk Plaza – a luxury residential complex located in the heart of Kiev, Pechersk, not far from the Central Botanical Garden. The excellent location guarantees good accessibility to all infrastructure. It is made in the neoclassical style with stained glass windows, bay windows, open terraces.

The complex was built using modern European technologies. The facade is insulated with silicone plaster, basalt wool; solid ceramic bricks were used during the construction. Despite the magnificent view of the premises and the general structure, after purchasing an apartment in this complex, it is recommended to take care of the complete arrangement. The specialized company NSDgroup, which provides interior design and renovation services, will help to resolve this issue at a high level.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖК Pechersk Plaza от NSDgroup

Photo Pechersk Plaza Residential Complex

Features of the residential complex “Pechersk Plaza”

The ceilings in each apartment are up to 3-4 meters. Some dwellings have panoramic windows. Also, each apartment provides large areas of bathrooms and kitchens for maximum comfort.

The ten-section residential complex Pechersk Plaza 52 has an elegant building structure that emphasizes the special status of the apartment owner. To get possession of such real estate is an indicator of a sense of taste and prosperity.

After the delivery of the house, each apartment requires renovation, all work must be done in such a way that the customer feels as comfortable as possible and gets real pleasure from living there. In this case, our company NSDgroup is ready to come to the rescue. We will do everything quickly, efficiently, in full accordance with your preferences.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖК Pechersk Plaza от NSDgroup

Photo Repair in the Pechersk Plaza residential complex

Where to order the repair and design of apartments in the Pechersk Plaza residential complex ?

In the NSDgroup company you can order the renovation and design of the selected apartment. Competent designers will do everything professionally and competently. Moreover, all work is carried out with maximum care for quality and within the framework of the announced budget.

We are ready to make different types of repairs at the discretion of the client. It can be a regular, major repair or renovation. It all depends on the condition of the purchased apartment, the personal wishes of the customer. If necessary, you can get advice from our specialist who will tell you what basic work is required and how much it will cost.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖК Pechersk Plaza от NSDgroup

Photo Interior design in the Pechersk Plaza residential complex from NSDgroup

Why should we entrust the renovation of an apartment in RC 52 “Zhemchuzhina”?

For successful cooperation with us, we offer:

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