Renovation and interior design in the residential complex “Thirty-eighth pearl” from NSDgroup

Have you purchased an apartment in the Residential Complex Thirty-Eighth Pearl and are planning renovation work? NSDgroup is a company you can trust. In the market of construction services, we occupy a leading position, and all this thanks to our hard work and responsibility.

Our employees are young, talented designers, builders and engineers with extensive experience. They make accurate calculations, draw up a project individually for each room, create a preliminary sketch, and then make amendments if the client does not agree with something. Such close work with our team helps the client to achieve exactly what he wants to get as a result. We will make any of your dreams come true.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖК «Тридцать восьмая жемчужина» от NSDgroup

Photo Residential complex “Thirty-eighth Pearl”

Features of the Residential complex on the street. Zhilyanskaya, 68

Residential complex “Thirty-eighth pearl”, located on Zhilyanskaya street, 68, has some distinctive features. They favorably distinguish the complex from the rest. Business class real estate was built using the technology of monolithic-frame construction with the use of energy-saving technologies.

There are apartments of different sizes and layouts. Everyone will be able to find the ideal option for themselves. Around there is a developed infrastructure with facilities necessary for a comfortable life. It is also worth noting the proximity to public transport stops and the convenient location in general.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖК «Тридцать восьмая жемчужина» от NSDgroup

Photo Residential complex “Thirty-eighth Pearl”

Repair and design of apartments in the residential complex “Thirty-eighth pearl”

NSDgroup offers a wide variety of different types of work. These include the following:

Working with us is always a perfectly executed repair and decoration, which completely suits the customer.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖК «Тридцать восьмая жемчужина» от NSDgroup

Photo Interior design of an apartment from NSDgroup

Who to entrust the repair in the residential complex “Thirty-eighth pearl” Kiev

Trust professionals to renovate your apartment. We offer complex turnkey works from the best specialists of the NSDgroup company.

The entire repair process takes place under the supervision of the author and complies with the project and established standards. Do you want your apartment to be beautiful and cozy? Our company NSDgroup offers an additional service for the development of interior design. By contacting us, you can give your home a unique style and personality.

Ремонт и дизайн интерьера в ЖК «Тридцать восьмая жемчужина» от NSDgroup

Photo Renovation of an apartment in the residential complex “Thirty-eighth Pearl”

Are you looking to make your property a source of income? We guarantee that we will increase the market value of your apartment. High-quality renovation will radically transform any room. With its help you will get:

And also repairs can be performed for personal purposes. In this case, the home will delight you with comfort, functionality and practicality. It will become as comfortable as possible and will meet personal needs. Your apartment in the residential complex ” Thirty Eighth Zhemchuzhina ” will be completely transformed and changed for the better thanks to us – the NSDgroup company.

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