Residential complex RiverStone – ultra-modern housing on the banks of the Dnieper

RiverStone is a residential complex that has everything to make the dream of comfort come true. A number of residential buildings, stretching along the picturesque banks of the Dnieper, look like a ship rushing into the world of the water breeze.

The residential complex is convenient for living, has a developed infrastructure, an integrated approach to the organization of living space. Therefore, buying an apartment here is a good decision. And to get even more pleasure from the acquired real estate, to create a paradise for life, the specialists of the NSDgroup company will help . And then both small and spacious apartments will sparkle with new colors in the original design. We work legally, provide services under a pre-signed contract, provide guarantees for the services rendered by specialists.

Жилой комплекс RiverStone

Residential complex RiverStone – comfortable housing in an attractive location

During the construction of buildings, specialists used high design standards and the latest technologies. In total, the complex consists of 9 buildings with 23 levels and 1380 apartments of different layouts and number of rooms. Apartments for sale with a rough finish, suitable for subsequent renovation work.

Each newcomer is given a unique opportunity to embody their ideas in creating the interior of the premises , and the designers of the NSDgroup company will help to cope with this task. All finishing works will be completed on a turnkey basis, with a detailed study of every detail of the situation.

RiverStone Kiev – business-class housing in the capital

Residential complex Riverstone Kiev was built in a modern style. Located in the historical part of the city, from where you can easily get to the desired point. Nearby there are bus stops, metro (station Osokorki), entertainment and social infrastructure.

Luxury apartments have different sizes:

Modern ergonomic layouts and high ceilings (3.3 meters) make the home as comfortable as possible. Most of the apartments have panoramic windows, from where excellent views of the Vydubitsky Monastir and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra open up.

Living in the residential complex RiverStone Kiev – afford the luxury of enjoying every moment, and with a high-quality renovation it is quite natural to get what you want. Therefore, the specialists of the NSDgroup company offer within the framework of joint cooperation:

Comfortable apartments in RiverStone Kiev with premium design

RC Riverstone is an example of impeccable style combined with high quality. Luxurious apartments are created for a cozy atmosphere and pleasant pastime.

Жилой комплекс RiverStone

Renovation of a status apartment involves the implementation of original design solutions using safe materials and sophisticated techniques. The NSDgroup team has enough professional resources to brilliantly fulfill a complex customer order.

What is the price of apartments in RiverStone

The calculation of the cost of apartments in the residential complex RiverStone is made taking into account the area. The price of 1 m 2 starts from 32 350 UAH. A 1-room apartment will cost at least UAH 1,680,000, and a 3-room apartment – UAH 467,000. But we must not forget that living in a business class complex means keeping up with the trends of modern style. It is quite possible to do this already today if you use the services of the NSDgroup company. A guarantee of high quality, an orientation towards fulfilling the wishes of each customer, a detailed approach to detail – only a small part of what we are able to provide.

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Более 15 лет занимаюсь дизайном, техническим надзором. Прекрасно знаю все тонкости ремонта, ГОСТы и другие правила.


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