Richmond residential complex: luxury housing with designer renovation

Richmond apartments belong to the business class category. The complex was erected in an elite area of ​​the capital and is distinguished by its comfort. The infrastructure of the district is developed, the main business objects of the capital are concentrated here, any type of transport is available. Living here adds status. Apartments in the residential complex are rented out without finishing, the primary task of the owner is to equip the housing, make it comfortable, convenient, meeting high requirements. Order premium repairs from NSDgroup. Experts will quickly, efficiently implement any project, develop an apartment design, carry out redevelopment, furnish the rooms with furniture, decorate the finished design.

Richmond Residential complex – interior by leading designers

Richmond Residential complex is an example of a modern comfortable business class complex. Located in the Pechersk district of Kiev, it meets the highest standards and is equipped with modern energy saving systems. The 22-storey building consists of two sections. The first two floors are reserved for commercial premises.

The apartments of the complex are presented in different layouts. There are 1, 2, 3-room apartments, duplex apartments (upper floors), luxury housing with an open terrace, studios. There are more than 200 rooms in total. Each room is distinguished by its convenience, rational planning, high ceilings (over 4 m). The apartments are bright and spacious, which makes it possible to implement different design ideas.

Apartments are rented with a rough preparation. There are plastic windows, metal entrance doors, meters, electricity is connected, a heating system is connected, a cement-sand screed is made. The owners are responsible for the final repairs.

Experts NSDgroup company will make premium quality repairs with the author’s design. The work is carried out on time, the team follows the established estimate, terms of reference. Comprehensive renovation – an advantageous offer:

  1. Saves time searching for specialists. All work is performed by employees of one company.
  2. Financially profitable. We have many years of experience, we know where to buy finishing materials, furniture, high quality decor at an affordable cost.

Richmond Kiev residential complex: order 3D apartment design

Being the owner of an apartment in the Richmond residential complex (Kiev) is prestigious, but at the same time requires full compliance with the class of housing. The luxurious apartment should have a luxurious renovation. It is better to entrust it to the professionals of NSDgroup. Projects are developed by experienced designers using 3D modeling.

Special programs help to select finishing materials, choose the most successful color scheme for an apartment. By visualizing the project, the specialist will select the most successful furniture arrangement, this will help to save the area of ​​the apartment and make it ergonomic.

Even with a limited budget, you can make a high-quality luxury renovation using the appropriate finishing materials. The main thing is to correctly distribute accents, the designer will help to do this.

The final design is agreed with the owner. At any stage of its development, you can make adjustments. This will ensure the convenience of the family, comfort, functionality. All options are provided for consideration, the layout according to the individual decision of the customer is carried out taking into account the requirements and wishes of the owners. Using volumetric modeling, you can turn the obvious disadvantages of the layout into advantages.

The final stage of turnkey repairs is the acquisition, arrangement of furniture. The list of the company’s services includes decorating the finished interior . The specialist will pick up little things, highlight accents, create coziness.

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