The most popular styles in interior design


The main color scheme is light. There are various chic decorative elements, including stucco moldings. The main interior styles are also modern classics. Differs in greater restraint. Modern trends in interior design offer a large number of solutions. Starting with the interior styles of apartments , familiar to many, such as a loft or chalet, to more exotic ones, such as shabby chic, kitsch and contemporary. How to understand interior styles and highlight the most popular interior styles ?

Basic interior styles for a country house

Among the directions that are more related to country houses, such styles in the interior as bungalows, country, chalets and shabby chic stand out. Each direction has characteristic features by which it is easy to distinguish it from the rest.


The main color scheme is light. There are various chic decor elements, including stucco moldings. The main interior styles are also modern classics. Differs in greater restraint.


This style of interior design is more commonly used in single story homes with low ceilings. The amount of furniture is minimal, and the zones are distributed as functionally as possible. There is a lot of natural wood in the interior.

Country and chalet

The decoration uses stone, wood, brass and textiles. There shouldn’t be anything shiny. Household appliances are hidden. Outwardly, both styles have similarities, but the point is in the details. In country style, a plastered ceiling is possible, which is never seen in a chalet.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is pastel colors, aged furniture, angels and flowers. At first glance, this is a well-known provence, but it is not. The most important difference is that this style of interior does not use wooden beams.

Interior styles of apartments: what to choose?

Interior design styles such as kitsch, pop art and contemporary are predominantly suitable for an apartment .


This style in the interior is glamorous. A large number of imitations of materials are used in the premises, there are numerous accessories that are of no value. In short, kitsch is a fake luxury.

Pop Art

It is easy to recognize by its bright colors and images from the art movement of the same name. The amount of furniture is minimal and has an unusual shape.


The style is distinguished by built-in furniture, a small set of accessories, smooth and clear surfaces. Contemporary is luxurious simplicity.

Extraordinary interior styles: photos and features

We should also pay attention to popular styles in interior design , which are met with mixed reviews.


To be in an apartment, but to feel like in nature is about eco-style. Bamboo furniture, natural materials and real stone are its features. In this style, planks, parquet, cork or even natural stone tiles are used for the floor. And the walls can be made of bricks or pasted over with wallpaper with floral patterns. An important element is decorative inserts made of silk, bamboo or wood panels. The ceilings are made using imitation of beams made of timber and white plaster.

Furniture is used only from natural materials. For the final touch, they arrange a lot of vegetation and accessories collected from nature.

Such a number of natural elements in the interior cannot be cheap. When choosing this style, you need to understand that the budget for repairs will be considerable. And whether such closeness to nature for a long time will be to your taste is also a question. Mostly the main interior styles are more accessible in implementation.


The loft is simply recognizable: open plan, no curtains, bare walls, outdoor wiring and bare engineering systems. Everything is stylized as a factory or workshop. White, brown and gray are the main colors for decoration.

Walls, floor and ceiling can be concrete, sometimes covered with white paint. Although the walls are often made of bare sand-lime bricks, the floor is also wooden. The layout is open, but glass is often used for zoning. In addition to brick walls, a recognizable feature is all kinds of metal structures, in the loft style they are used as load-bearing elements or just for decoration. Furniture in such an interior is chosen from solid wood and metal.

The open spaces and bohemian aura of this style attract people. But few people think that the artists chose such premises primarily because of the low rent, and no one wanted to live in abandoned workshops at that time. Such styles of apartment interior correspond well to the trend of modernity, but completely lose in coziness and comfort.

When choosing interior styles for an apartment , take into account personal preferences, indicators of convenience and ergonomics, and the area of ​​the room. It is convenient to look at photos on the Internet when choosing interior styles .

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