Shower cabin design: recommendations for arrangement

A shower is increasingly common in the modern bathroom. It saves usable space and water, and adds aesthetics to the room. If you need a shower cabinet, dimensions are very important and the design of the shower room needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. In this case, it will be possible to achieve general harmony, and it will also be possible to place other objects in the room, for example, a washing machine, bidet or wardrobe. When choosing the design of a shower room , special attention should be paid to the cabin itself – its size, design, functionality. There are different ideas for a shower room that will help turn this room into a cozy corner where you can fully relax.

Shower: design and subtleties of decoration

The design of the shower cabin can be different. Mostly designs are performed in a minimalist or modern style. The most popular colors are gray, black, white, beige. But if you wish, you can find options for sale in other colors, so that the shower cabin in the interior looks as interesting as possible, adding decoration.

When choosing a design for a room such as a shower room , take into account the features of the booth itself. It is also important to take into account the style of the interior, the total area, additional functional elements.

The device of the shower cabin and recommendations for the correct selection

The device of the shower cabin is represented by a faucet and a shower, additional elements that increase the functionality. There may be sashes with a ceiling and a pallet around. There are also products of an open type, up to a drain in the floor covering and a shower mounted on top or against a wall.

It is best if you have a closed booth. In this case, it will be possible to minimize moisture and evaporation, their effect on the finishing material. Accordingly, the design of the bathroom will retain its original features for a long time. It is convenient if there is a special door for a shower cabin . Most often, it is represented by one or two valves. There are swing, accordion and sliding doors for the shower cabin . The latter help to save space.

It is important to remember that such plumbing is intended primarily for hygiene procedures, but it is also a piece of furniture. Often there is a special shelf for a shower stall , and a hanger with hooks is also possible. This makes it possible to conveniently arrange hygiene items, hang a towel, personal belongings.

Therefore, it is important to ask the question before buying a product such as a shower stall how to choose it correctly.

  1. Pallet material. It may not be there, but for the installation of such models, improved waterproofing of the structure is required. Pallets are distinguished from the following materials: steel (durable, but noisy), cast iron (wear resistance, but prolonged heating), acrylic (ease of installation, low cost), faience (visual appeal), artificial stone (resistant to noise, durable, but expensive) …
  2. Pallet shape. It determines the shape of the product itself. A rectangle or square is in demand. There are also round and options in the form of half a circle, a triangle, a quarter of an ellipse. When choosing, be guided by the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room, the location of the plumbing, your wishes.
  3. Availability of seating. They are needed for deep pallets (from 30 cm and more). Models are divided into “seated” and “recumbent”. “Seating” in the form of protrusions and concessions increase the comfort of use. But if you plan to use the booth only for taking a shower, you can easily do without them and, thereby, save money.
  4. Opening features. Usually there are one or two doors, taking into account the size of the structure. Also, the doors can be hinged, folding (like a “book”) or sliding. It is desirable that the hinges are all-metal, the material for the rollers and “rails” are of wear-resistant and durable materials for a long service life.
  5. Door material. The most in demand are triplex, tempered glass, plexiglass, polystyrene. The first option is the safest and most durable, but its disadvantage is the high price. The classic approach is tempered glass, which looks more interesting than plastic. Plexiglas is a medium-sized option, but it scratches easily.
  6. Boxing type. There are open and closed models. They differ in functionality and price. A closed structure is more expensive, mainly it is possible to install more functional elements in it. The open model is more affordable, but requires high-quality waterproofing and ventilation for effective steam removal in order to prevent negative effects on the finishing material.
  7. Availability of additional functionality. It can be adjustable in the direction of spray nozzles, lighting, top spray, fan, electronic control, radio, telephone, Turkish bath for steam, rain shower, hydromassage, aromatherapy system, contrast shower, thermo mixers and much more. Each of the additional features increases the final price.

Please note that some of the booth functions are unnecessary. For example, if the minimum dimensions of the shower stall are chosen , then you should not choose the model with a Turkish bath or rain shower. Also, it is better to refuse them if the water is too hard.

Additionally, it is recommended to check the performance of the doors, tightness, and overall usability. In this case, the shower stall will suit you completely and will delight you during operation.

The subtleties of selecting the size of the shower

The size of the shower cubicle largely depends on the size of the pallet. They can be very different. Most often, each side of the pallet varies in length from 0.6 to 2 meters.

The smallest dimensions of the shower cabin are 60×60 and 70×70 cm. These are very modest dimensions. In such a booth, you can only go inside and stand under water. Lathering up is already more difficult, since there is no way to place your elbows.

The optimal size of the shower cabin is from 90×90 cm. This option is still affordable, but at the same time it is quite convenient – you don’t have to bump into the doors with your elbows, and you can also sit down.

If the dimensions of the shower stall are 100×100 cm or more, then even large people will be comfortable in it. When choosing, you need to be guided by your own preferences, be sure to take into account the shape of the cabin.

Shower cubicle with bathtub – for large rooms

A shower cubicle with a bath is the best solution for those who cannot decide which is better: a bath or a shower. The bowl has a good height, built-in plumbing is provided, and sealed flaps prevent water splashing. Mostly the depth of the bath is about 50 cm. There are also models with a high tray with a height of about 45 cm, which also becomes an excellent solution.

A bathtub combined with a shower stall will appeal to all household members. As a result, you will be able to comfortably bask in the water with foam, and quickly take a shower, if there is no extra time.

Shower cubicle with deep tray – the best compromise

The shower cubicle with a deep tray is perfect for bathing, showering and washing things. This is a good decision if the family has a small child. A deep pallet (the height is usually about 45 cm) is enough for the baby to comfortably swim and play in the water.

Important! Such a shower cabin is not recommended for the elderly due to the risk of injury – it will be quite difficult to choose because of the high pallet.

Glass shower enclosure – aesthetics in detail

If you want to add airiness and minimalism to the interior, then a glass shower stall will do just fine. It looks beautiful, does not complicate or burden the interior.

A glass shower cubicle will suit a room decorated in absolutely any style and color scheme. This is a harmonious solution for both classics and minimalism. The functionality of plumbing is not limited by anything. The metal fittings look the most interesting.

Shower column with overhead shower – budget and economical

The shower column with overhead shower is an open space design. It is either completely open or has only one flap. Such a move adds airiness, weightlessness and lightness to the interior. Often they choose a design such as a shower cubicle made of tiles with a drain in the floor . The option is both original and quite budgetary in embodiment. The only thing that you definitely need to think about is the presence of a separate entrance to the bathroom, so that you can easily hide from prying eyes. An interesting option is to enter directly into the bedroom.

A rain shower system is a great alternative. This is the so-called horizontal shower. With it, you can really enjoy spa treatments, as well as prolong relaxation, especially if it is difficult to get up in the morning. Of course, the design takes up a lot of space and, in fact, it is an alternative to a bath

Shower cabin without a tray or with a low tray – for shower lovers

A shower cabin without a pallet or with a low one is one of the most popular options. Its distinctive feature is its neat appearance and harmonious combination with almost any interior. Such models are suitable for people of any age, as well as for people with disabilities.

When planning the design of a shower cabin without a pallet , it is important to take care of a high-quality ventilation system and its harmonious combination with the interior. The easiest and most efficient way is to connect the plumbing hood to the ventilation duct. If you omit this simple recommendation, then there is a high probability of observing high humidity in the room. This, in turn, will lead to flaking of the finishing and cladding materials.

Shower cabin: photo and general tips

When choosing an interior for a room such as a shower room , keep in mind the classic moments. The design is changing rapidly every year. But if you are looking for a small bathroom design , you need to keep in mind that there are such classic trends that will never become outdated. They can be used no matter what style of interior you want to create in this room, and what current trends the designers have prepared for a certain period or season.

Here are some of the classic solutions that never go out of date in the bathroom.

  1. Designer tiles. There is no more simple and logical decor in the bathroom than a tiled mosaic. In fact, tiling is ideal for a small bathroom where there is not enough space for things like vases, carpets, etc. Moreover, designer tiles can be understood as any unusual and attractive tile patterns, so you don’t even need to know what is limited edition.
  2. Original lighting. Single-lamp lighting in the center of the bathroom ceiling is outdated. Designers are ready to carry out any experiments in order to find a flavor and add originality to the creation of non-standard lighting. This is why it is so common to see floor lighting in bathrooms these days, as well as Victorian chandeliers, usually found in the living room or dining room.

Choose the design of the shower room, photos of ready-made options will help you choose what you really like. The result is that the room will be effective and comfortable.

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