NewDesign company announces the start of a competition for a grant in the amount of UAH 10,000. This is an ideal opportunity for university and secondary students to receive study aid. To the winner of the competition, the amount will be transferred to the training account to pay for the annual tuition.

Why are we running the program?

It is in young people that the potential is hidden, which will help develop not only the student himself, but also companies like ours. Having received financial assistance, the student will devote more time to his education, and not to solving financial issues.

As a result, we will get a highly qualified specialist who, no doubt, will benefit the society, and, possibly, our company . We do not tie the proposed grant specifically to our company, because the main task of the program is to identify potential and all its development.

After receiving the diploma, the young specialist will decide for himself where to direct his knowledge and skills.

Who is participating in the program?

Absolutely any young person who wants to be a student or student who receives his education on a paid basis can become the owner of a large financial grant. We want to help solve the material issue, stimulating learning and development. The specifics of training are not important, we are only interested in the result, that is, ready-made material on a given topic.

Conditions for participation in the grant drawing

To receive a grant, you need to become a winner in the competition. The conditions for participation in it are the creation of a unique and interesting essay, research or report on the topic of interior design in apartments, private houses and offices. You can cover any area within a topic, describe general details, or do an in-depth study in one direction.

The size of the final work can be any at the discretion of the author, but not less than 3 thousand characters. If you have talent and want to more fully disclose the topic, we do not limit you in the amount of work. To enhance the effect of reading your work, it can be accompanied by original photos, diagrams, graphs, or supported by high-quality video.

We accept all options for work, the main thing is that it is unique, of high quality and competently designed in compliance with all the rules and linguistic requirements.

How to submit your material?

Фото @nsdgroup.com.ua_: Программа

После того как работа будет готова, ее необходимо отправить нам. Для этого отошлите файл нам на почту или разместите его:

Во всех вариантах размещения обязательно делайте пометку о том, что эта статья написана в рамках проекта Scolarship.

Период проведения программы

Присылать готовые проекты вы можете до 1 июля 2020 г. После того как мы ознакомимся со всеми работами, 10 июля 2020 г. будут объявлены результаты.

Всем победителям будет предоставлен грант, который мы перечислим на учебный счет ВУЗа или иного учебного заведения.

Для участия в программе необходимо зарегистрироваться, заполнив несколько строк в форме.

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